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1957 chevy chevorlet BelAir 4dr HT 57 For Sale

1957 chevy chevorlet BelAir 4dr HT 57

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1957 chevy chevorlet BelAir 4dr HT 57 :

Hello:for taking a peek at my sale. REAL busy this summer, but I'm back with tons to list. I'm a single Dad w/9yo girl having fun on as a hobby passing along good deals. Cleaning out the basement, attic, and almost built garage of sale and yard sale extras, gifts, and stuffI don't need. Have a pretty good tree business of 18 years. Not making anything on shipping, just trying to CMA.HAVE ???'sjust ask!!! Good Luck offerding.

* * * * * ITEM DESCRIPTION * * * * *

Okay what's up forgrabs and for sale in the 21161 zip code which would close sale early(ONLY) if someone give me the BUY NOW price CASH!!.....

Given arrangements up front before offerding I can deliver this car up to300-350? miles.($2/ mile first 200, $2.50/mile rest of the way PLUS all Toll cost) 100% of sale and delivery paid up front before I pull out of the driveway!!...milage by MapQuest. I will work with you, but #2. You must put250 dollars in my paypal or in my mailbox within2 business days. This will buy youtime to talk out the rest of the details of sale transfer.

1957 Chevy Bel Air 4DR HT GREAT WINTER PROJECT!! What I have here is a project that is one too many for me at the moment. This is in nice shape for a 55 year old car.If you are looking to put together a head turner for the spring then you are well on your way there. If you are looking to make a "show car", then honestly you are going toneed deep pockets. I wanted to take this back to close to original condition, but not that happy with the last person who started the work. These 57 belair's are getting harder and harder to find This is a serious project if you want to take it back to original condition. A car that could easily be worth well over 60,000.....However you'd have to put a lot of time and money into to get that. Maybe sit it up on a 4X4 frame.. Have been toying with that idea myself. Maybe a few thousand and throw it together for a head turner for a smaller number of years. I brought this from New York backa year ago, and has been in storage since. I'm sure I paid to much for it, but am looking to get rid of it. Could easily get my 4,500 back out parting it on . The trim alone will bring several thousand. (parted out 2 57's on in 2007-2008) That said, I'd rather see this in someone else garage. THE GOOD,BAD,&UGLY GOOD: 4dr BelAir hardtop. American icon. Doesn't show signs of being in a serious accident. Has been recently painted black w/silver top. (last owner said 2 years ago,08?78)Seems all outside body work was down before painting. All glass except drivers door is good. Doors are 100% solid no rust repair.Back quarters are all solid. Front splash pan solid.If you weren't trying to take it back to original, all the outside body work and paint is done.It will clean up good didn't notice any runs,peels, orange peel,cracks,etc. Original rear is tight. BAD: No motor/trans driveshaft, rad, and a good handfull of other mechanical stuff, Interior needs a 100% complete go over and dash trim and some of the dash is missing. UGLY: This is NOT a one weekend project. The floor boards andbody mountsneed to be done right.You do NOT need to replace the floor pan. I'd say 85-90% is really soild. The rockers were done by a weekender, not a professional nor with the original steel replacements. This is the end of the description for my GOOD family I love(Read my response and other sales)If you are bored,lonely,a squirrel,a nut case in Fremont,a dreamer, an moron( you know the 2-3% of you that I have no idea how the hel* you even use a keyboard) read on.
No the car is not inspected. No there is no money owned on it. No I will not finance it.No I don't think it can be driven ____________(fill in the blank)to, which also means NO I won't pick you up at the airport or bus station .No I'm not trading it for your 1/2 done project. Also NO answer to screw ball questions. AND N-O shipping at all unless(read above) if not contacted me before offerding.


Payment: $250 within 48 hours, or overnight for deposit. NON-REFUNDABLE. Balance due within 2 weeks, or another $250 NON-REFUNDABLE if you want me to hold for up to42 days.

Feed Back: Upon receiving item and satisfaction leave positive feed back as I will do the same. If you are considering leaving something else...contact me first. I like to keep my e-bay family happy and run my hobby as I do my business.(Read all my Feed-back) Here is the legal mumbo-jumbo for the fine folks that bring you this ad..... This is a salvage vehicle and is being sold for parts only. It is not operational or street legal. Therefore, upon purchase, it will need to be either towed or put on a trailer. This item is NOT eligible for the Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection Program.
Thanks Again.......BDJ
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