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1963 Corvette Body and 1965 Frame For Sale

1963 Corvette Body and 1965 Frame

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1963 Corvette Body and 1965 Frame:

A friend of mine started this project in the 70's. This is all thatcould be found for the estate sale.

I believe it is a 63 body but is now missing the tags. Never had any paperwork but will provide Bill of Sale.

The body and frame are from twodifferent vehicles. The body has been upside down and the passenger side of the windshield is bent rearward an inch or two. The metal has surface rust but the windshield frame, rockers, and door jamb metal is full thickness and has green primer most places. The tub seems untouched but the rear decklid has a patch, the wheelwells have ugly patches and the rear valance is black while the rest of the glass is blonde. There is an incomplete patch for the passenger firewall area. Passenger decklid hinge is bent, drivers seems OK. Floor is fine.

I believe the frame is newer maybe a 1965. It has been "rebuilt" Visually that means fresh paint, new U-Joints, new rear spring, rear "Drum Brakes" have new wheel cylinders visible and fresh bolts and clean shims were used. It is a 3:73 Posi Axle, clean and painted like rest of frame. New boltsabound but probably notmany GM bolts.

Front suspension seems to have new tie rods ends and bushings but if you look at the pictures the drivers side rear A-Arm mount is bent inwards an inch. See the arrows also for the slight buckle in the frame on the passenger side. Disc brake rotors on the front, no calipers.

Not rusty anywhere but obviously needs some attention.

You will need to have the family paidbefore you pick it up minus a non refundable paypal deposit of$500

No Shipping unless you make all arrangements.

On Aug-15-11 at 10:43:21 PDT, seller added the following information:

The body will be placed back on the frame after the sale ends.

Will consider stock wheels for1960 corvette as partial payment and also a 519 block cast in sept 1959.

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