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1966 IDEAL Batman Utility Belt and BOX All Original VG For Sale

1966 IDEAL Batman Utility Belt and BOX All Original VG

This item has been shown 0 times.

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1966 IDEAL Batman Utility Belt and BOX All Original VG:

Holy Collector's Item, Batman!!

Up For Sale Is An Original -

1966 IDEAL Batman Utility Belt AND

Box in Very Good Condition.


The photos below show the ACTUAL ITEM you are offerding on.

They are clean and sharp so you may examine the physical

condition of the item (both the good AND the bad). I want you to

know EXACTLY what you're offerding on.

CLICK the Photos for LARGER Size.

If you have any questions, Please Ask!

International buyers Please Note -

This item includes plastic toy weapons. Some countries

have import restrictions on these items. It is YOUR

responsibility to know the restrictions for your country.

There will be NO REFUND if your country impounds

the item or any of the pieces.

YES, This is an ORIGINAL Batman Utility Belt and Box... The

"Holy Grail" that Batman collectors have been willing to pay

over $20,000 for (in near-mint condition)!!

I'm the original owner of this piece and played with it as a young boy,

as dreams of being a insanely wealthy, and the famous crime fighting

"Caped Crusader" danced in my head. Unfortunately, I grew up to be

neither, and although I'm not dead yet, I fear that my days of looking

good in tights have long since passed!

I came across it in the attic last year, and never got around to looking

it up until last week. I had no idea how rare and sought after this toy

set is... You would think that I would know better by now.

This sale includes -

1) The ORIGINAL Box, in Very Good Condition. It does have some

mild water staining on the top left of the cover (noticeable, but not

terrible). The insert has some general scuffing, and some water

staining on the bottom right of the insert which is mostly hidden when

the Utility Belt is in there, and a small split on the bottom left of the

cover. A skilled restorer should be able to do something with this.

Overall, apart from the listed defects, the box is in Excellent Condition

with nice color and the corners are near perfect.

2) The Utility Belt, itself. It is in Excellent Condition, though it could use

a little cleaning. The four sizing studs, and the front stud are all there.

The glue that held the front foil label has failed, so it needs to be

re-glued, and the foil has some creases in it, but with some patience and

a careful hand, you may be able to minimize this. Also, the plastic loop

that holds the Bat-Rope, is broken off. As I understand it, some of these

belts came out of the factory with this piece removed and replaced with

a clip like the ones used for the Bat-Light and Bat-Cuffs. If you could

find the correct clip, you could do a "field modification".....

3) Bat-A-Rang in Almost New Condition

4) Bat-Gun Launcher, Batman Message Sender, and Bat Rocket Grenade

all in Almost New Condition. The projectiles load into the gun and release

when the trigger is pulled.

5) Bat-Cuffs in Almost New Condition

6) Utility Belt Instruction Sheet. This piece is in good shape BUT it has

yellowed, more on the back than on the front, and it has some small holes

and thin spots. Examine the photo below, I have circled the holes. I have

made a reproduction of the instruction sheet with age damage corrected,

and it is included with this sale.

MISSING PIECES - The Bat-Rope/Hook and the Bat-Signal Flash. You can

find reproductions or originals of these online. These pieces may still be up

in my attic. If I find them while the sale is live, I will include them in the

sale, so keep checking the revisions notice at the top of this listing.

Well, that's about it. You don't see these often on , or anywhere else.

Don't let it get away! Who knows when you'll find another?

Everything included in this sale is shown in the photos, below.

Please click on the photos below to see High Resolution photos which

will open in a new window so you can closely examine the condition

of this piece. When the new window opens, you may have to click on

its photo to have it go to FULL size.

This sale includes ONLY the pieces shown in the photos.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Item will ship via INSURED USPS Priority Mail

or UPS 3-Day and will be VERY Carefully

packed for Maximum Protection. Shipping method

will depend on the amount of insurance needed.

International Shipping will be USPS Express Mail

or UPS. Shipping method will depend on the amount

of insurance needed.

A handling charge is included in the shipping price.

I have no responsibility for damage or loss after

the package has shipped.

I will pack it for YOU as if I were packing it for ME!

This item is sold AS-IS. I have thoroughly/honestly

documented its condition.

offer With Confidence, My response Record Speaks For Itself!!

SIMPLE response POLICY - I am happy to leave Positive response for

those who buy from me. All I ask is that you acknowledge that you are

satisfied with your purchase by leaving Positive response for me.

Item will ship when funds clear my account.

Payment must be made within 5 days of the sale end. Serious buyers only.

Buy Now


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