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1970's International Harvester 3616 Backhoe/Loader NR For Sale

1970's International Harvester 3616 Backhoe/Loader NR

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1970's International Harvester 3616 Backhoe/Loader NR:

This sale is for my International Harvester backhoe/loader.I'm not sure what year it is.My best guess is 1970 ish.I bought the machine about 12 years ago.Over the years I have changed one of the rear tires and most all of the hydraulic hoses.I change the oil every year with Rotella 20-50 whether she needs it or not.I had no business buying such a large machine because I only own 2 acres.I bought it simply because I wanted it.I dug up my nieghbors septic system and another neighbors waterline.I pushed a handful of trees over on my property.I used it to pick up a car and set it on a trailer.A couple years ago I took it over to another neighbors yard and picked up 2 boats and threw themin a ditch and back filled them.The pattern here is the machine has seen light duty since I've owned it.I bought it from a really old guy and he used it about as much as I did.I'm not a farmer,mechanic or a heavy equipment operator so I have to listen to other people and guess the rest.I'm going to be painfully honest in my descrition.I'm sorry I probably wont have the proper terminology but I should be able to get my point across.The machine is a IH backhoe/loader model 3616.It is equipped with one large loader bucket it measures 6 1/2 ft long 2 1/2 ft tall and 2 1/2 ft deep.It strikes me odd that its a Missouri machine thatits only missing one tooth.All the hydraulic hoses on the loader end are new and the hydraulics work flawlessly and the pivot pins are tight.As seen in some of the pics the loader bucket effortlessly pushes the machine off the ground.Not pictured is when I picked up a car.It didn't think twice about it either.Its equipped with a factory installed front end weight kit.The front tires are just 10 ply truck tires.When the original front tires dry rotted I just put used truck tires on it and the front left one is a slow leaker(2 weeks maybe)I had the hydraulics steering cylinder rebuilt 4 years ago.It was leaking at the hydraulic hose so I just pulled it off and had a professional go threw it and install new seals and a fitting.The radiator is super thick and does not leak.The engine is a 6 cylinder diesel.There is a 12 volt GM alternator installed(I heard thats an upgrade from stock)All I know is it charges the battery and has never given me any problems.Other then changing the oil I have not touched the engine.The engine has glow plugs.It purrs like a kitten and never burns oil but when its cold out it doesnt like to start(me neither)I gave it a spritz of starting fluid but somebody said thats not good on a diesel so I quit doing it.So your buying it and its winter here in MO so we will have to start it that way.When it first starts it smokes out of the exhaust but stops when it warms up.An old timer told me that normal for such an old machine.It never bothered me because once shes warmed up all is good.Tons of power both on the engine and hydraulic pump.The engine has a factory installed dual fuel filter system.My neighbor installed what he called a fuel saver system in exchange for some hoe work.Its a big red metal thing that the antifreeze and the fuel runs threw.His explanation was that semis used to install them because hotdiesel fuel burns more efficiently(whatever).It has an electrical cord running out of it which I believe would be a preheater if plugged into an outlet.Seems to me I tried that one winter but it tripped a breaker in my garage.Maybe because I had about 500ft of thin extension cord.Oh-well mind over matter concider that plug in option non functioning.The tachometer is missing.The oil pressure and temp guages work fine but are aftermarket.The volt meter is aftermarket andquit working several years ago.It has a manual transmission and the clutchworks perfect.It has two brake pedals.You can lock them together or use them individually.(kinda fun to play with)She whips a mean turn if you turn the steering wheel and step on the corrisponding pedal.Brakes are good,I had them adjusted a couple years ago and the guy said they were fine.There are 2 loader bucket controls.one for tilt and one for up and down.The up and down one has a position called float or floater.Somebody told me thats a good option to have(whatever).The drivers seat is from an old Ford Mustang.It has a couple tears in it.Dont sit on it if you forgot to cover the machine and it rains.Its got old school controls.Each stick does a single movement.(not joy sticks)The arms that hold the machine from flipping work perfect and dont leak.All the hydraulic valves got rebuilt about 8 years ago and work perfect.The hydraulic pump that works everything has not been touched since I've owned it and seems to work just fine.The backhoe had a new pivot thing put on it before I bought it(see pics)Its the red part where the hoe swings left and right.The backhoe has a extendable hoe feature.That is one sweet option.It works with a foot pedal on the right hand side of the floorboard.It makes the hoe poke out about 5-7 ft without having to move the machine forward.Most of the hydraulic lines on the hoe have been replaced but there are still a handful of old ones.The pivot points on the hoe bucket are a bit sloopy.I think thats called loose.I have 2 buckets that come with it.The one thats on her is 18 inches and the one pictured hanging off the loader bucket is 24 inches.Both buckets are definetly not from Missouri because they have all their teeth.I hope I have taken the time to explain the machine the best I can.I have a bunch more pictures of it and if you have any questions please feel free to call me on my cell#573-216-7662.Ill answer the questions the best to my knowledge.I dont want anybody to feel mislead.I would rather down play it and you be excited when you pick it up opposed to being dissapointed.I have no trailer nor do I have a way to haul it so you will be responsable for pick up. I would be glad to drive it up on a trailer for a hauling co.Thanks for looking and good luck offerding.Please provide a $200.00 down payment within 24hr to my paypal account but dont pay for the whole thing wiith paypal if you can avoid it.(pay pal fees)I will gladly except that form of payment if neccesaryNo personal checks unless pre sent and cleared my bank prior to pick up.

On Jan-28-11 at 15:02:11 PST, seller added the following information:

Rebuit starter and new solenoid and one new battery installed today.

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