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1999-2003 JAGUAR S-Type (X200) Workshop Service Repair Manual V6 V8+S-Type 'R' For Sale

1999-2003 JAGUAR S-Type (X200) Workshop Service Repair Manual V6 V8+S-Type 'R'

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1999-2003 JAGUAR S-Type (X200) Workshop Service Repair Manual V6 V8+S-Type 'R' :

1999 - 2003


Workshop Manual in PDF (PC+MAC)


Covers all models and includes major updates introduced for 2002.5/2003 Model Year

Contains the service and repair Information provided by JAGUAR to assist their

factory trained Dealership technicians throughout the world in the repair and maintenance of the S-Type.

Covers procedures for the efficient diagnosis and rectification of problems associated

with all areas of theX200 family of vehicles.

Provides clear & complete step-by-step procedures with illustrations to

help you understand, care for and repair your vehicle.



2.5L V6 (AJ-V6)

3.0L V6 (AJ-V6/60)

3.0L V6 (AJ-V6/62)

4.0L V8 (AJ-V8/28)

4.2L V8 (AJ-33) Normally Aspirated

4.2L V8 (AJ-33) Supercharged ‘R’ Variant

5 Speed Manual Transmission (Getrag 221)

5 Speed Automatic Transmission (5R55N)

6 Speed Automatic Transmission (ZF 6HP26)

Unlike other manuals available on this is NOT the JTIS version.

JTIS third party software can be difficult to install on PC’s and was not available for the Apple Mac

These manuals are in PDF format which use Adobe Reader, a free program.


ANDAPPLE MAC, iPod, iPad etc.


1: General Information

100-00: General Information

100-01: Identification Codes

100-02: Jacking and Lifting

100-04 Noise, Vibration and Harshness Exhaust System Neutralizing

2: Chassis

204: Suspension

204-01: Front Suspension

204-02: Rear Suspension

204-04: Wheels and Tires

204-05: Vehicle Dynamic Suspension

205: Driveline System

205-01: Driveshaft

205-02: Rear Drive Axle

206: Brake System

206-03: Front Disc Brake

206-04: Rear Disc Brake

206-05: Parking Brake and Actuation

206-06: Hydraulic Brake Actuation

206-07: Power Brake Actuation

206-09: Anti-Lock Control

211: Steering System

211-02: Power Steering

211-04: Steering Column

211-05: Steering Column Switches

3: Powertrain

303: Engine

303-01A: Engine 3.0l V6

303-01B: Engine 4.0l V8

303-01C: Engine 2.5l+3.0l V6

303-01D: Engine 4.2l V8

303-03A: Engine Cooling

303-03B: Engine Cooling

303-03C: Supercharger Cooling

303-04: Fuel Charging and Controls

303-04A: Fuel Charging and Controls 2.5l+3.0l V6

303-04B: Fuel Charging and Controls 4.2l V8

303-05: Accessory Drive

303-06: Starting System

303-07A: Engine Ignition 3.0l V6

303-07B: Engine Ignition 4.0l V8

303-07C: Engine Ignition 2.5l+3.0l V6

303-07D: Engine Ignition 4.2l V8

303-08: Engine Emission Control

303-12A: Intake Air Distribution and Filtering 3.0l V6

303-12B: Intake Air Distribution and Filtering 4.0l V8

303-12C: Intake Air Distribution and Filtering 2.5l+3.0l V6

303-12D: Intake Air Distribution and Filtering 4.2l V8

303-13: Evaporative Emissions

303-14: Electronic Engine Controls 3.0l V6

303-14: Electronic Engine Controls 4.0l V8

303-14: Electronic Engine Controls 2.5l+3.0l V6

303-14: Electronic Engine Controls 4.2l V8

307-00: Automatic Transmission

307-02: Transmission Cooling

307-05: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle External Controls

308-00: Manual Transmission Transaxle and Clutch

308-01: Clutch

308-02: Clutch Controls

308-03: Manual Transmission Transaxle

308-06: Manual Transmission Transaxle- External Controls

309: Exhaust System

310: Fuel System

310-01: Fuel Tank and Lines

310-02: Acceleration Control

310-03: Speed Control

4: Electrical

412: Climate Control System

412-01: Air Distribution and Filtering

412-02: Heating and Ventilation

412-03: Air Conditioning

412-04: Control Components

413-00: Instrumentation and Warning Systems

413-01: Instrument Cluster

413-06: Horn

413-08: Information and Message Center

413-09: Warning Devices

413-13: Parking Aid

414-00: Battery and Charging System

414-02: Generator and Regulator

415-01: Audio System

415-02: Antenna

415-03: Speakers

417-01: Exterior Lighting

417-02: Interior Lighting

417-04: Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)

418-00: Communications Network

418-01: Module Configuration

419-01A: Anti-Theft-Active

419-01B: Anti-Theft-Passive

419-02 Remote Convenience

419-05 Telematics

419-10 Multifunction Electronic Modules

5: Body and Paint

501-02: Front End Body Panels

501-03: Body Closures

501-05: Interior Trim and Ornamentation

501-08: Exterior Trim and Ornamentation

501-09: Rear View Mirrors

501-10: Seating

501-11: Glass, Frames and Mechanisms

501-12: Instrument Panel and Console

501-14: Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems

501-16: Wipers and Washers

501-17: Roof Opening Panel

501-19: Bumpers

501-20A: Safety Belt System

501-20B: Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

501-25: Body Repairs

502-00: Frame and Mounting


*Low resolution example of an actual page showing illustrationsandchapter bookmarks.

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