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1X30 Surgi-Sharp Leather Honing Belt Strop Sharpening For Sale

1X30 Surgi-Sharp Leather Honing Belt Strop Sharpening

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1X30 Surgi-Sharp Leather Honing Belt Strop Sharpening:

Surgi-Sharp 1” X 30” Leather Honing Belt WITH Abrasive Compound INCLUDED.

A Revolutionary Method of Sharpening!

Welcome to a new way of putting an edge on your tools and knives. The Surgi-Sharp method takes you light years beyond a standard edge. Whether you are sharpening knives, cutting tools, chisels or ax heads, the Surgi-Sharp system can make them cut like you never thought possible. The Surgi-Sharp honing process is much like that of a barber’s strop; except a motor provides the power.

There are other more expensive and more complicated systems for sharpening edge tools, but none that work better. This system is simple, easy to use, inexpensive to set up, and extremely effective at sharpening chisels, knives, plane blades, or anything else that needs an edge. It makes use of a 1"x 30" benchtop belt sander. If you don't already have one of these very useful tools, both Harbor Freight Tools and Grizzly Industrial, Inc. have them at very reasonable prices.

Surgi-Sharp Leather Honing Belts are manufactured from top quality shoulder leather. The joints are smooth, and stronger than the surrounding leather. buffing compound is applied to the belt according to the instructions on the package. buffing compound is included with the belt, or you can use one that suits your specific needs.

Since leather stretches, the belts are manufactured slightly smaller than sanding belts of the same size in order to provide for the natural stretching that will occur with use. Thus, the leather belts will fit very snugly when initially installed.

Initial shaping of the knife or tool should be with a sanding belt; then it can be honed to a surgical, hair-popping edge with the leather honing belt. In addition to honing, these belts are also well-suited for a variety of other polishing jobs.

We also sell a Universal Angle Guide that can be attached to most 1" benchtop belt sanders. Please check our other items for sale if you are interested in this useful accessory. The angle guide is not meant to be used with leather or cloth belts.....ONLY with abrasive sanding belts.

Do you need abrasive belts? check our other items.......We are an authorized dealer of high quality KLINGSPOR belts.

***Please Note, the color of the packaging varies......

Below, is a video produced by J. Neilson, an ABS Mastersmith who makes custom knives (Mountain Hollow Custom Knives). As you may know, attaining the Mastersmith level in knifemaking is no easy accomplishment! Mr. Neilson produced the video to teach people his methods for sharpening knives using a belt sander. He hasgraciously allowed us to provide a link to his video in order to show you how to use these products. If you get the opportunity, please google Mountain Hollow Knives and check out Mr. Neilson's beautifulcreations.

Be sure to add me to your favorites list!

Now, a little bit about us.......everything thatwe sellwe have physically in hand.......we do not utilize dropshippers. What that means for you is better, and quicker service. No worries about "out of stock" items or "backorders."We will get youritem in the mail, in most cases, the next business day after your payment clears. To us, there is nothing more annoying than someone taking your money for an itemwhen they don't really have any control over whether it is in stock or when it gets shipped.We refuse to treat people that way.

The difference betweenus and some of the others out there is thatwe treat people the way thatwe want to be treated.We don’t get all hung up on “policies,” legal disclaimers and small print…..we just provide good, honest service, and strive to make sure that everyone who buys fromus is happy with their purchase. For that reason, if any issues come up, please contactus ASAP and we will do whatever we can to remedy the situation to your satisfaction. Seriously!

Wedo accept returns; however, the buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

Wyoming Buyers to pay 5% sales tax.

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