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2011 Tonner Conv - Winkin' 16" Antoinette Doll OUTFIT For Sale

2011 Tonner Conv - Winkin' 16

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2011 Tonner Conv - Winkin' 16" Antoinette Doll OUTFIT:

2011 Tonner Convention

Collector Doll

Thissale is fora Winkin'Doll OUTFIT produced by the Robert TonnerDoll Company -fits 16" Antoinette/Cami & Jonbody sculpt dolls andis in new condition - This was a part of the centerpiece setfor the"Fantasy Masquerade Ball" event at this year's annual convention,limited to125.

Item(s) sold in this sale are sold AS IS. If you have any questions about the item(s) – PLEASE contact me first before offerding. Please read through item description carefully for details about the item(s). All Dolls have been storedin a clean, smoke free home.For picturing taking purposes only, hair nets may have been lifted to take a close-up photo of doll's face and make-up. I am not willing to removeNRFB dolls from their boxes to further examine their condition. I am not willing to remove clothing from dressed dolls to check for staining.

Here's where I would normally talk about all those little details including: payment, shipping, combined shipping, etc. But, I wonder.......does it really even matter? Does anyone ever really take the time to read this fine print? It's long and boring, I wouldn't blame one for not wanting to read it.....it's usually all the same legal mumbo-jumbo.Unless, of course, it is the fine print warning "Caution Hot Beverage" that is written on the side of your disposable coffee cup.....this should be heeded by everyone! But most of us never take the time to read the fine print - we just checkmark the "Yes, I Agree" box and click the submit button; 99% of the time this is never an issue and everthing works out just fine.However, for those of you who would like to read the details, I will provide thatnow and try to make it as short, simpleand painless as possible.

Paypal paymentsonly - Nolayways or partial payments....don't ask!

Payment is due within 5 days after sale ends - If you ain't got the money, don't offer! I WILL open a non-paying dispute on day 7.

Why yes, I do combine shipping - Request an invoice when you are done sniping up all the goodies of your choice!

I ship worldwide - Filling out customs forms is fun, and it has perfected my autograph!

If you takea look at the Shipping and Payments tab (it's located right next to the Description tab) you will find all of the shipping options and costs for your neck of the woods - This info is correct......if there isn't a First Class shipping option listed, it doesn't ship First Class!

International buyers please don't ask me to reduce the value of the item or mark as a gift - This is against the law!

Domestic packages include Delivery Confirmation; insurance is included if the value is$150 or more......or extremely fragile and I'm too lazy to package it correctly!

This was all written in a format to make you laugh - If you took the time to read it, I hope it at least made you chuckle!

Please Check Out My Other sales, Too!

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