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20L Wood Wooden Wine Rum Whiskey Liquor Barrel Beer Keg For Sale

20L Wood Wooden Wine Rum Whiskey Liquor Barrel Beer Keg

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20L Wood Wooden Wine Rum Whiskey Liquor Barrel Beer Keg:

If you prefer to establish a friendship with a craftsman who has proven integrity, a history, offering a true brand, who is careful with distribution and has a legacy that continues to grow then go to American White Oak Barrels to learn more me.

Read a guide about "The Origins of a White Oak Barrel" Verify my reputation at 9 years of response comments.

I have these barrels in several sizes, with or without outside coating and the charring of your choice go to American White Oak Barrels

Almost all of the new barrels you see on , Amazon and several of the web pages on the Internet are all made in Mexico. You will see some with brass, galvanized and what they are calling black hoops, learn why I do not sell the brass, galvanized or black hoop barrels.

This listing is for one new 20 liter / 5.2 gallon white oak wood barrel for aging and dispensing liquors, wine or beer, there is another listing for two 20 liter barrels.

This 20 liter / 5.2 gallon barrel is 12 3/4 inches diameter in the middle, and 10 3/4 inches diameter on the ends and 15 inches long. It weighs about 9.4 Kilograms / 20.8 pounds; the wood is 1 to 1 1/4 inch thick. The stand, spigot and top cork / bung are all included. They are charred on the inside with a medium char using an open fire of white oak chips, but you may order a different char. The barrels are constructed in Mexico for the tequila trade but they work for all other types of spirits which lend themselves to aging in white oak. I live in Mexico, my barrel business is in Mexico and they are shipped from Mexico.

When aging spirits the smaller the barrel the faster the process. In a 55 gallon barrel the liquor doesn't have as much contact with the wood and therefore the process takes longer. Aging 3 months in a 20 liter barrel gives the same effect as aging 3 years in a 55 gallon barrel.

The engraving / artwork can be anything you want; an artist does the more stimulating artwork and her students do the routine, if it's just your name or lettering the cost is about $10.60, artwork cost extra. You can attach a file to the email system the design you want burned onto your barrel to get a price, we prefer a JPEG file but have been able to work with just about anything. does not allow me to add my email address to the item description and since you are not allowed to contact me until after you have made a purchase you may want to buy the Care and Storage instructions for $1.99, after you have the care and storage instructions you will better understand what you’re getting into when you take the challenge of owning your own barrel and you will have my email address. Care and Storage Instructions. However when you buy a barrel the care and storage instructions come with it. The area of the drawing is about 8 3/4 inches diameter but the spigot is in the bottom of that area. To see my latest artwork in a Windows Live photo album go to White Oak Barrels

For Continental United States Overland Shipping From Guadalajara, Mexico is Included / Free, for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Other Island US Territories the barrels go by airmail and there is a small fee, choose standard shipping . To Canada and the rest of the world the barrels go by airmail and there is a shipping fee, all shipments have a tracking number.

Please inform us ASAP about your artwork to minimize the number of emails and avoid delays in shipping.

I have never lost a barrel in shipping but it’s much more work to ship from Mexico, I have to go to the post office several miles away and permit the postal clerk to inspect what I am shipping, I have to include a copy of my passport, electric and telephone bills. The postal service used to take 7 working days to anyplace in the world but since bombs have been airmailed Express International mail has now become Standard mail and takes about 14 working days.

For any reason within 30 days you may return unused barrels: I have never had a barrel returned. Returned barrels must be cared for as per the care and storage instructions which you will receive along with your tracking number.

Discounts start with orders of six.

Please allow seven to ten working days shop time, we make barrels everyday but occasionally we do not have all sizes in stock and since it’s a long trip to the post office I only go a few times a week, the overland shipping leaves Guadalajara once a week

I have been using barrels like these since 2004 to age tequila, rum and wine. On their second and subsequent orders wine and beer makers tell me they love the results they are getting from these barrels. I have recently started a discussion group so my customers can ask questions and share their experiences with the white oak barrels; it is open to the public, I hope you will join the discussion group aboutWhite Oak Barrels

Any kind of good quality liquor, wine or beer will be made better in these barrels. The more time it's inside a barrel, the darker the color and flavor changes; from herbal tones, vanilla, cinnamon, the flavor of the wood, nuts like walnut, hazelnut, etc. If you're using the barrel for alcohol that pretty much cleans it. In small barrels there is a high surface-to-wood contact ratio, they infuse the ingredients very quickly, the first time in two or three months, the second time less fast and so on for several (5) years until you notice there isn't much color and flavor left. Some experimentation, monitoring and tasting is required to get what you want.

Finished barrels are tested with water, they leak a little until the wood swells against the metal hoops, leaking water with charring from inside stains the outside of the barrel, to prevent the staining a coat of lacquer is applied. The lacquer may prevent air exchange which is desirable when aging spirits several years in larger barrels but in new small barrels the spirits cannot be left in the barrel long enough for air exchange to take place, they would impart too much color and flavor; five or six months is too long to stay in the 50 liter and smaller barrels, however after the barrels have been used a lot, the lacquer wears off and ingredients can stay longer and oxidation can take place. The barrels can be ordered without lacquer but it does not come off in the spirits neither does it affect the taste. Just before the barrels are shipped the water is poured out, when received they need to be filled with water to be sure they are still watertight, they may leak a little until the wood is rehydrated and swells against the metal hoops. We have a deep flowing well with water we can drink from the tap which is what we use for hydrating the barrels.

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