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267 Vintage Menus from 1920s – 1950s Great Graphics+++ For Sale

267 Vintage Menus from 1920s – 1950s Great Graphics+++

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267 Vintage Menus from 1920s – 1950s Great Graphics+++:

Recent Estate Find is This Collection of 267 Vintage Menus from 1920’s – 1950’s. There a Couple Earlier (1900) and a Couple Later Menus (1960’s). Many Are From The World War II Years. The Year is Typed After Each Menu Name if The Date is Present on The Menu. Some of these vintage menus have stains and/or folds/creases. However, Most of These Vintage Menus are in Excellent Condition. Many are Pristine with Outstanding B&W and Color Artwork and Really Fun Vintage Graphics. Also, Just Check The Prices For Meals, Etc.! If You Collect Vintage Menus, Do Not Miss This Great Opportunity For Some Real Gems To Add To Your Collection! Lobster Dinner - $2.00. Prime Rib - .85 cents. Hot Chocolate – 10 cents. Spaghetti and Meat Balls - .80 cents. Combination Seafood Platter $1.90. Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail - .70 cents. Half Spring Chicken on Toast - $1.50. Home Made Pies - .20 cents. Bottle Black Horse Ale - .30 cents. Boston Cream Pie - .20 cents. Chop Suey Special - .50 cents. Daily Lunch Special - .99 cents.I Have Taken Photos of Many of The Best and Most Interesting Menus To Give You A Representation of This Collection. Please Give Sufficient Time For All 200+ Photos To Load. Please Feel Free To Ask For Addition Photos on Any Specific Menu.1) Manoir Richelieu. Charlevoix County, P.Q. (Murray Bay, P.Q.) Tuesday August 3, 1954. Putting Competiton – 3:00 P.M.
2) Royal Adelaide Gallery. Grand Café – Restaurant. 436, Strand. Adelaide Street And King William Street. Adelphi Theatre. Saturday, July 14, 1900.
3) Motor Liner Kungsholm. Swedish American Line. Masonic Cruise, October 16, 1938.
4) Motor Liner Kungsholm. Swedish American Line. Masonic Cruise, October 16, 1938.
5) John G. Bicoulis Luncheonette. 703 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. 1943. Great Multi-Color Menu with Uncle Sam and “America’s Favorite Dairy Food. Ice Cream”.
6) Ubangi Club.
7) “Italia” Rivera Ligure – Paraggi. P.fo “Conte Di Savia” July 5th, 1937.
8) Postcard from The White Turkey Inn in Danbury, Conn. April 30, 1958.
9) The Charleston Garden. B. Altman & Co. Fifth Ave New York. Week of April 4th to April 10th, 1943.
10) The Northfield and Chateau. East Northfield, Massachusetts. July 23, 1944. “Keep em Flying”.
11) Hearthstone Outpost Inn. Ridgefield, Connecticut.
12) Postcard from Kay’s Restaurant 734 Main Street, Daytona Beach, Florida.
13) White Rabbit Tea Room. On Route 28 To Buzzards Bay, Mass.
14) Sea-Fare Sutton Place. 1033 First Avenue. New York City. Architect Zareh Sourian, Sculptures by Caparn Hebald Hovannes Kane Lacroix Nakian Simkhovitch Wingate. From Week of April 4 to 10, 1943.
15) Cook’s Chick Inn. 3728 North Tamiami Trail.
16) The Angus Inn. 3709 N. Trail, Sarasota, Florida. 1963.
17) Landfall. Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
18) Bernice’s Seafood Restaurant. Guilford, Conn. June 20, 1961.
19) Locke-Ober Café. Est-1875. Winter Place Boston.
20) Locke-Ober Café. Est-1875. Winter Place Boston.
21) Wianno Club. Fourth of July Dinner. Friday, July 4, 1941.
22) Farewell Dinner Menu from March 1, 1932, Cunard-Anchor West Indies Cruise on the T.S.S. Caledonia”.
23) Sailor Tom’s. Reading, Mass., Cambridge, Mass., Saugus, Mass., West Roxbury.
24) Pekin Co. Chinese and American Restaurant. 42 Munroe Street Lynn, Massachusetts.
25) Gamsun’s All Chinese Delicacies. 21 Hudson St. Boston, Mass.
26) Ede Sea Grill and Restaurant. 38 Franklin Street.
27) Liggett’s. The Rexall Drug Stores. Fountain Items. Sandwiches – Salads. Week of April 4 to 10, 1943. Hot Chocolate 10 cents.
28) July 28, 1956. The Derby Café. South Dakota’s Finest. Chamberlain, South Dakota.
29) The Hayloft. Coventry Lake, Route 31 South Coventry, Connecticut.
30) The Highland Hotel. Springfield, Massachusetts. March 25, 1951.
31) Adajian’s 293-297 Asylum Street. Hartford, Connecticut.
32) Sullivan’s Inn. Tel. 4980 Naugatuck. Menu and Wine List. Ballentine Ale Beer Menu.
33) The Copley-Plaza Boston. Happy New Year 1943.
34) The Black Swan Inn. Boston Post Road Guilford, Conn.
35) The Warwick Philadelphia. Menu from Monday, September 26, 1955.
36) Fife & Mondo’s Restaurant Route I Waterford, Conn.
37) Snug Harbor. Route 10 Plantsville, Conn. Paper Placemat.
38) The Knife & Fork. Washington, D.C.
39) The Hub Restaurant. 84 North Street Pittsfield, Mass. 35 Main Street North Adams, Mass. Menu from Week of April 4, 1943 to April 10, 1943.
40) The Copley Plaza Boston. Easter Greetings. Sunday April 25, 1943.
41) Child’s Menu. 1943.
42) Café Rouge of Hotel Statler in Boston. Thursday, March 8, 1945. For Victory. Buy United States War Savings Bonds Stamps.
43) Zimmerman’s Hungaria. 163 West 46th Street, East of Broadway, N.Y.C.
44) Quo Adis Restaurant 26 East 63rd Street New York.
45) The Boxwood. Falmouth, Cape Cod, Mass.
46) China Clipper Restaurant. 566 Main St., Worcester, Mass.
47) Captain Joe’s Sea Food House. 44-46 Branford Place Newark 2, N. J.
48) Court of Two Sisters. 613 Rue Royal – 614 Rue Bourbon. Vieux Carre – Nouvelle Orleans. (edges torn).
49) McGinns Of Sheepshead Bay. Est. 1897. The “Roast Beef” King. 48th Street And Broadway.
50) Child’s Menu. 1944.
51) Oyster & Chop House. 145 West 45th Street, New York. Est. 1919. Sunday, July 3, 1955.
52) Roth’s Bar-Grill & Restaurant. 1599 – 1601 Broadway., Near 48th St. New York. 1929.
53) The Lobster Claw. 280 Huntington Avenue. Boston, Mass. Tuesday, June 27, 1944.
54) South Of The Border Dinner Menu. U.S. Interstate 95 – U.S. 301 – U.S. 501 at the S.C. – N.C. State Line. Dillon, South Carolina.
55) The Shack. The Shanty. W. 1301 3rd Ave. on Highway 10. Spokane, Washington.
56) Actors Colony Inn. Roosevelt Drive Seymour, Conn.
57) Frances Langford’s Outrigger Restaurant. Jensen Beach, Florida.
58) The Claridge Hotel Atlantic City. Breakfast Menu.
59) Al Amigone’s Café Continental. 212 Franklin Street Buffalo 2, New York.
60) Rector’s Times Square Broadway At 43rd Street.
61) Moore – McCormack Lines. The Good Neighbor Fleet. On Board The S. S. Brazil En Route From New York To Trinidad. Saturday, August 7th, 1954. Beautiful Colorful Artwork with Hummingbird.
62) Port Arthur Chinese Restaurant. 7 -9 Mott Street New York.
63) Bill Bennett’s Steak House In The Sky.
64) Towne Lyne House Lynnfield, Mass.
65) Ponzio’s Brooklawn Diner Restaurant. Crescent Boulevard, Route 130. Brooklawn, New Jersey.
66) Colonial House. 2389 Dixwell Ave. Hamden, Conn.
67) Chez Ami. 311 Delaware Ave. Buffalo 2, N.Y.
68) San Marco Room. Brown Palace Hotel. Denver, Colorado. Wednesday June 13, 1962.
69) Hackkney’s Famous Garden Of Sea Food. On The Boardwalk Near Inlet Atlantic City, N.J.
70) Hackkney’s Famous Garden Of Sea Food. On The Boardwalk Near Inlet Atlantic City, N.J.
71) Cattlemen’s Steak House. Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 1947.
72) The Oaks Inn. Epicurean Room. Since 1899. Springfield, Massachusetts. July 20, 1958. Includes “The Publick Gazette from July 1958.
73) Sheraton Hotel. Philadelphia. Town Room.
74) Bill ‘O Fare Eagle Tavern. Sheraton Motor Inn. Springfield, Massachusetts.
75) Hotel America. Hartford.
76) The Seafood Smorgasbord. Sheraton-Kimball Hotel. Springfield, Mass.
77) Carriage Drive Restaurant Inc. 2285 Whitney Ave. Hamden, Connecticut.
78) Charlie’s Café Exceptionale. Minneapolis. 1952.
79) Charlie’s Café Exceptionale. Minneapolis. 1952.
80) Blum’s. Lord & Taylor.
81) Red Coach Grill.
82) Hotel Bel-Air. Monday, November 6, 1950.
83) The Bellvue – Stratford Breakfast Menu. Philadelphia. 1956.
84) Lawrence’s Sandwich Depot. Falmouth Heights Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
85) Charpentier’s Steak and Chop House.
86) Peacock Gardens Valley Forge Room. King Of Prussia, PA.
87) Ed’s Warehouse. “If You Like Home Cooking Eat At Home”. 270 King Street West, Toronto. July 2, 1968.
88) Captain’s Room And Captain’s Locker Cocktail Lounge. Sea Grill Overlooking The Ocean On The Southern Boston Strandway. 1965.
89) Baybrook Dinners.
90) Westleigh Inn Litchfield, Connecticut November 24, 1949.
91) Wiggin’s Tavern. Northampton, Massachusetts. 1963.
92) Placer Inn Dining Room Menu. Idaho Springs, Colorado. Rocky Mountain Motor Company. 1730 Glenarm Place. Denver, Colorado. June 30, 1935.
93) Hotel Edison. New York. January 1, 1955.
94) Steuben Tavern 163 W 47th St. N.Y.C.
95) The Oasis. Branford, Conn.
96) The Copley-Plaza Boston Massachusetts. Saturday, February 12, 1944.
97) Palmehaven. Artwork by Lommer.
98) Front Page Restaurant. 20 Bank Street Exchange Place Waterbury, Connecticut.
99) The Lafayette Charcoal Steak and Seafood House. Williamsburg, Virginia. Includes Wine List and Child’s Menu.
100) Thw Wiscasset Inn. Wiscasset, Maine.
101) The Towne House. 174 – 178 Crown Street. New Haven, Connecticut.
102) Club Vasques. Ruppert Beer. 1947. “When Ordering Say: Make Mine Ruppert”.
103) The Hearthstone, Inc. 678 – 680 Maple Avenue. Hartford, Conn. Week of April 4, 1943 to April 10, 1943.
104) Historical Marlborough Tavern. Marlborough, Connecticut. Beer Menu Includes: Black Horse Stout, Black Horse Ale, Hampden Ale and Others.
105) Green Light Restaurant. Brewsrwe-Carmel U.S. Route 6.
106) Simpson’s-in-the-Strand. Grand Divan Tavern. Established 1828. The Famous Old English Eating House. Tuesday August, 9, 1966.
107) Capt. Clark’s Chowder House. Mystic, Connecticut.
108) Emma’s Restaurant and Candy Shop. 249 Main Street Berlin, New Hampshire.
109) The Veneto Restaurant. 389 Bay (at Mason) San Francisco.
110) Thompson’s Restaurant. 263 Park Avenue. Worcester, Massachusetts.
111) Forest Bar And Restaurant. 466 Farmington Avenue. Hartford, Connecticut.
112) Log Cabin Farms. Armonk, N.Y.
113) Turcotte’s Café. Skowegan, Maine. “All Home Cooking”.
114) Kingston Tea Garden. 298 Wall Street. Kingston, N.Y.
115) Cooke’s Tavern. Plainville, Connecticut. Founded in 1789.
116) The Oronoka Hotel And Restaurant. Orono, Maine.
117) Publick House. Sturbridge, Mass.
118) The House of Scarpelli’s. 865 Migeon Ave. Route. Torrington, Conn.
119) The Sheraton. New Britain, Connecticut. Lounge and Men’s Bar.
120) Bickford’s Original Pancake House. 1953.
121) Bickford’s Original Pancake House. 1953.
122) Valle’s Famous Steak House. “Steak Fit For A King”. Menu Doubles as a Postcard.
123) The Down East Motel in Down East Village. Route I, Yarmouth, Maine.
124) The Worcester Mayflower Shop.
125) Hollywood Restaurant and Sea Grill. 74 Parker Street. Gardner, Mass.
126) The Crown Luncheonette. 106 Front Street Worcester, Mass. Oct. 22, 1943. “Buy War Bonds and Stamps”.
127) The Eastland Danish Tea Room. Portland, Maine.
128) Welton’s. 532 Main Street 13 Pleasant Street. Worcester, Mass.
129) Prouse’s Depot Lunch. Rutland Raileway Station. Rutland Vermont. “Not Merely Good But Delicious”.
130) Tatnuck House 1125 Plasant Worcester, Mass.
131) The Mayflower Restaurants. Worcester, Mass.
132) Hotel Astor. Grand Ballroom. New York City. Thursday, June 15, 1939.
133) Menu. Perfect Host To A Host Of Friends. Budweiser.
134) The Copley-Plaza Boston, Massachusetts. 1942.
135) Roller’s Restaurant. 926 Boston Post Road. Milford, Connecticut.
136) Trapp Family Lodge.
137) Firecliff Lodge. Palm Desert, California.
138) Durgin-Park Market Dining Rooms. Boston, Massachusetts.
139) Toffenetti Restaurants.
140) Iceland Restaurant. 1943.
141) The Royal York Hotel Toronto. Dinner. Monday, July 5th, 1948.
142) Colonial Pines Inn. 2 Miles South of Brewster, New York on Route 22.
143) Balestri’s. 1700 So. Mac Arthur. Springfield, Ill.
144) Fanny’s. “Society and Celebrity Center”. 1948.
145) The Beachcomber. Heilman’s Restaurants, Inc. Clearwater Beach, Florida. Doubles as a Large Postcard. Has a 3 cent Stamp.
146) Honiss Oyster House. “The Oldest Eating Place in Hartford”. 22 State Street, Hartford, Conn. March 11, 1950.
147) Twin Mountain Hotel. August 7, 1949.
148) Ken’s Steak House. Worcester Road. Framingham, Mass. “To Eat And To Drink”.
149) The Incomparable Milwaukee Inn. Overlooking Lake Michigan.
150) The Copley Plaza Boston. Breakfast Menu. 12-16-43.
151) Skipper’s Dock. Noank, Connecticut. Wednesday July 7, 1948.
152) Hofbrau Restaurant. 245a – 247 Tremont Street. Boston, Mass.
153) The Ugly Duckling. 82 W 3rd St. Huge Fold Out Menu.
154) Luigi’s Gondola Room. 699 Washington Street. Boston.
155) Reubens Westchester. Route 202 At Taconic State Parkway. Yorktown Heights, New York.
156) Hollywood Café Brewster, N.Y.
157) New York Athletic Club. October 4th, 1952.
158) Vincent’s Steak House. West Springfield, Massachusetts. 4th Annual Gourmet Dinner. Wednesday November 18, 1964.
159) Hackney’s. On the Boardwalk Near Inlet Atlantic City, N.J. 1946.
160) S.S. Uruguay. Moore – McCormack Lines. Thursday, March 27, 1942 Dinner Menu.
161) The Nineteenth Hole Menu.
162) Reaps on Route 7. “The Fish Net”. New Milford, Connecticut. A Sea Food Restaurant.
163) Paradise Inn. Ruppert Beer. 1947.
164) Griswold Inn. Essex, Connecticut. July 12, 1952.
165) Bird Cage. Lord & Taylor.
166) Colony Restaurant. 149 Gramatan Avenue. Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
167) Marie’s Soda Bar and Restaurant. “Where You Meet Your Friends”. 1 Salem Square Worcester, Mass.
168) Hotel Wendell. Pittsfield, Massachusetts.
169) Menu. Ballantine Ale Beer, “Ask for Ruppert Beer and Ale”. Feb. 4th, 1943.
170) The Sheraton Hotel. The Restaurant. Selective Dinners. 1943.
171) Hicks’ Dairy Menu. Route 122A In Holden, Mass.
172) Tasillo’s Farmington, Conn.
173) Montrose Dairy. Massachusetts.
174) Dinty Moore’s. “a famous Boston eating place”. Monday, August 24, 1942.
175) Prouse’s Restaurant. Twenty Two Center Street Rutland, Vermont. “Good Food Always”. September 19, 1943.
176) The Little Red Schoolhouse. Near Lake Cochicewick North Andover, Mass. Route 125. “It’s The Food”.
177) Fountain Menu. Fro-Joy Ice Cream. Written Inside: Drug Store West Brookfield. Jan 2, 1943.
178) The Copley Plaza. Boston Massachusetts. Thanksgiving. November 25, 1943. $4.00 Per Person.
179) Café Royal. Hotel Touaine Boston. Sunday, December 27, 1942.
180) The Good Earth. 5 Tyler Street. Boston, Mass.
181) Clover Hill Restaurant. King’s Corner. Leominster. August 25, 1942.
182) Williamsburg Lodge. Friday, November 16, 1951.
183) Lee’s River Lodge. Route 6. Somerset, Mass.
184) Union Oyster House. Boston, Massachusetts.
185) Paddy’s Clam House. 215 West 34th Street. New York, N.Y.
186) Peterson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Shop.
187) Wivel. 254 W. 54th Street. New York.
188) G. Fox & Co. Hartford, Connecticut. Luncheon Menu. Saturday, April 24, 1954.
189) G. Fox & Co. Hartford. Establshed 1847. Luncheonette. Saturday December 9, 1944.
190) The Jefferson. Richmond, Virginia. Saturday, July 18th, 1936.
191) Valle’s Steak House. Portland, Kittery, Scarborough, Maine.
192) The Glebe House. Woodbury, Connecticut. Postcard.
193) Breakfast in the Grille Room. Hotel Touraine Boston, Mass.
194) Central Kitchen. 332 Main Street. 9/12/42.
195) The Aurora Hotel. Sunday. January 6, 1944.
196) Orange Grill. 13 East Main St. Orange, Mass. Sandwiches and Dinners.
197) The Old Chase House. West Harwich By-The-Sea, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 1953.
198) The Colony. Greentree & Cochran Roads. Pittsburgh 20, PA. 1958.
199) Haymarket. Statler Hilton. New York.
200) Capri. 1523
201) Sheehan’s Restaurant. Main Street Falmouth, Mass. Menu For Children. Humpty Dumpty Lunch. Bo-Peep Lunch. Tommy Tucker Dinner. Jack and Jill Dinner. 202) John Sheehan Red Horse Inn. Falmouth Heights Road. Falmouth Heights, Massachusetts. Telephone Connection Falmouth 271.
203) Poland Spring House. Poland Spring, Maine. September 20, 1941.
204) Ladies’ Luncheon. Massachusetts Co-operative Bank League. New Ocean Home, Swampscott, Massachusetts. Thursday, September 25, 1941. Guest Speaker: His Excellency – Governor Leverett Saltonstall.
205) Schrafft’s. Frank G. Shattuck Company. Dinner Menu.
206) Dutch Treat. Macy’s. Saturday, August 15, 1959.
207) Otto Nasser’s Pink Pig. Sherman Oaks.
208) Mammoth Cave Hotel. Mammoth Cave National Park. Kentucky. National Park Concessions, Inc.
209) The Brass Rail. Brooklyn, N.Y. 1948.
210) The Conley Inn. Torrington, Connecticut. The Nutmeg Room. The Yankee Pedlar. 1948.
211) Reaps On Route 7. “The Fish Net”. New Milford, Connecticut. A Sea Food Restaurant.
212) The Royal House. 826 Grant Ave. San Francisco, Calif.
213) Hotel Touraine. Boston, Mass.
214) Hamburg Heaven. “The Gates Of Heaven Never Close”. 696 Madison Ave.
215) Peterson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Shop.
216) Parker House. School and Tremont Streets. Boston, Mass. 1940.
217) The English Tea Room. 31 Newbury Street. Boston. 1943.
218) Feast of St. John the Evangelist. Masonic Temple, Boston, Mass. John Cutler Grand Master. December 28, 1942.
219) Middlebury Inn. Middlebury, Vermont. Thanksgiving. November 22, 1945.
220) Alpha Cafeteria Menu. 436 Main Street. Worcester, Mass. Typed on Inside of Menu: “Uncle Sam Needs Nurses” Enroll now at Red Cross Chapter House, 61Harvard Street. Graduate 21-40 years old.
221) White House Dairy. 632 Park Avenue. Worcester, Mass.
222) The New Yorker. 698 – 700 – 702 Main St., Worcester, Mass.
223) The China Clipper. Dine & Dance. 566 Main St. Worcester, Mass. March 20, 1943.
224) The New Berkshire Restaurant. 141 – 143 – 145 West Street. Pittsfield, Mass. 1942.
225) The Wendell Sheraton Hotel. Pittsfield, Mass. 1942.
226) The Crown Luncheonette. 106 Front Street Worcester, Mass. “Buy War Bonds and Stamps. 1943.
227) Maple Hill Restaurants. 316 + 971 Farmington Avenues. Saturday July 20, 1956.
228) Westleigh Inn. Litchfield, Connecticut. Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. November 25, 1954.
229) Fisher’s Restaurant. 206 Parkside Avenue. Brooklyn, N.Y. Complimentary Dinner to Supervisors and Managers of Ray’s and Bick’s Food Shops. Monday, March 14, 1938. 7p.m.
230) Treadway Inns. Royal Park Inn. Vero Beach, Florida. Luncheon Menu. October 7, 1944.
231) Treadway Inns. Royal Park Inn. Vero Beach, Florida.Breakfast A La Carte Menu. October 7, 1944.
232) The Country Plate. 195 Tremont Street. Boston. 1944.
233) Wiggins Tavern Northampton, Massachusetts. Autumn 1962.
234) The Hanover Inn. Thanksgiving Dinner November 25, 1943.
235) Alumni Luncheon. Tilton School and Junior College. Tilton, New Hampshire. May 15, 1943. 12:20 P.M.
236) The Hanover Inn At Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire. Saturday November 27, 1943.
237) Skipper’s Dock. Noank, Connecticut. Folded and Can Be Mail as a Postcard.
238) Durgin-Park. Market Dining Rooms. Boston, Massachusetts.
239) Restaurant Antoine. 713 – 717 St. Louis Street. New Orleans, LA. Fonde En 1840.
240) Patten Restaurant. 41 Court Street at City Hall Annex. Boston, Mass. Friday, April 19, 1940.
241) The Hungry Pilgrim. The Statler Hilton. Boston, Mass. Dinner Menu.
242) A&W Root Beer. Tri-Fold Laminated Menu from Lake George A&W Root Beer Drive-In.
243) Black Horse Inn. Orange, Conn. Saturday November 11, 1940’s.
244) Wayside. West Springfield, Mass. 1944.
245) Wright’s College Highway, Plainville, Conn.
246) Old Riverton Inn. Riverton, Connecticut.
247) Snapper Inn. “ON The Water”. Connetquot River. Idle Hour. Oakdale, Long Island.
248) Marques House. 583 Main St. Hartford, Conn.
249) Skipper’s Dock. Noank, Connecticut. Tri-Fold Menu Can Be Mailed as a Postcard.
250) Smith’s Old Surrey Room. 696 Main Street. Falmouth, Mass.
251) China Inn. 41 Harrison Avenue. Waterbury, Conn.
252) Log Cabin Farms. Armonk, N.Y.
253) The Vagabondia. The “Traqvelogue” Room. 41 Myrtle Street, New Britain, Conn.
254) The Red Jacket Restaurant. “Dancing. Every Saturday Night To A Popular Orchestra”. “Television Your Favorite Programs Every Night.”
255) Cattlemen’s Steak House. Fort Worth, Texas.
256) Hotel Northampton & Wiggins Tavern. 1964.
257) Parker House. School and Tremont Street. Boston, Mass.
258) Parker House. School and Tremont Street. Boston, Mass.
259) Chowning’s Tavern. In Market Square near the Court House in Williamsburg.
260) Cee-Der Restaurant. “We serve only the best”. 147 North Main Street Bristol, Connecticut. Inslde a Hull’s Ale and Beer Menu Page.
261) Fireplace Inn. College Highway Route 10 Southington, Connecticut. Telephone 1778.
262) Davy Jones Sea Food. 1279 Sixth Avenue Opposite Radio City. New York City, N.Y.
263) King Neptue Seafood Restaurant on Route 7 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
264) Donat’s Town-Ho Inn. Milford Turnpike Milford, Conn.
265) Rainbow Club Ballroom. Bolton, Connecticut.
266) Christie’s Off Thames Street. Newport, RI. Folds To Postcard That Can Be Mailed.
267) Durgin-Park Market Dining Rooms. Boston, Read Before offerding*** · I Will Gladly Sell and Ship Worldwide. Buyer Is To Pay Shipping. $4.00 Does Not Cover Shipping Costs on Multiple LP Record Purchases.International Rates Vary, However I Definitely Combine Shipping. As Requires A Shipping Charge To List An Item, Quoted Shipping Charges Are Only An Educated Estimate, As Shipping Cost is Dependent On International Shipping Destination. Inside USA, Insurance (see below) and Delivery Confirmation (.80cents) Always Recommended. Insurance Fees Inside USA: $50.00 - $1.75., $100.00 - $2.25., $200.00 - $2.75., $300.00 - $4.70., $400.00 - $5.70., $500.00 - $6.70., $600.00 - $7.70.Seller Not Responsible For Uninsured Items Or Items Shipped Without Delivery Confirmation. Paypal Accepted. Discuss Other Forms Of Payment With Seller.
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