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5 tabbed rubber stamp storage binder sheets EZMount For Sale

5 tabbed rubber stamp storage binder sheets EZMount

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5 tabbed rubber stamp storage binder sheets EZMount:

One set of 5 tabbed rubber stamp storage panels for binders.
(5 panels in total)
Each panel is 8.25 x 11.75 inches, plus a 0.5 x 2.5 inch tab
5 different tab positions

Note: No stamps, binders, mounting blocks or cling foam cushion are included with this listing. We do carry cling mounted rubber stamps, EZ Mount cushion sheets so that you can mount your own plain rubber stamps, and also other sizes of acrylic stamp blocks. See our Rubber Stamp Accessories section in our shop.

The perfect way to store all of your EZMount (cling mounted) and clear polymer acrylic stamps.

The new tabbed lightweight storage panels are perfect for those who want an even higher level of organization. Just put your EZ Mount or clear stamps on the panels and then write on the tab what you stored with a permanent marker.

These new panels also have a universal hole punch, meaning they will fit into any type of binder (ie. European Style or standard U.S. 3-Ring Binder).

These pages can be put into any standard 3-ring binder. Store stamps on one or both sides. After you have filled up a page with stamps, you can use the index sheet that usually comes with the stamp sheet you buy, 3 hole punch it and put it opposite your stamps so you can find your image quickly. If you do not have an index sheet then it's easy to make one. Just stamp your images on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of cardstock and 3 hole punch it to fit into a binder.

A 2 1/2" Binder holds 4 of these sheets filled with stamps on both sides or 7 sheets if you place the stamps on only 1 side of the storage panels.

Brand new, packaged in cellophane.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Information about cling mounted stamps:
  • Cling foam mounting cushion is adhesive on one side and coated with a "cling" surface on the other. It allows you to firmly mount stamps to acrylic blocks, laminated sheets, and many other glossy surfaces and then remove when done. Cling cushioned stamps can be mounted and remounted, with no temporary adhesive to clean up. They can be stored more compactly than wood mounted stamps - they can be stuck to laminated binder sheets or even on a fridge or file cabinet.
  • You save on the cost of individually mounted stamps, extra shipping costs due to individual blocks, and you save storage space as well.
  • An assortment of sizes of acrylic blocks can be used as interchangeable mounts for many stamps. You can arrange an assortment of stamps together on one mount for a complete image/scene, and then separate them again afterwards.
  • Clear acrylic blocks allow you to see through the block while stamping for more accuracy.
  • Mounting instructions:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    R. E. T. U. R. N. S

    If your purchase arrives damaged, please hold on to all packaging materials and contact me as soon as possible so that we can try to file a claim with the post office.

    If you would like to return your purchase, please contact me within 30 days after sale end/checkout and we will start to work on a fair solution. I cannot accept returns of rubber stamps that have been cut, mounted or damaged by you. If you believe that your product was faulty,please let me know. I do stand behind our products and want customers to enjoy a great product!

    I accept PayPal or check - please see details and restrictions below.


    • PayPal payments are due within 24 hours of checkout or within 72 hours of sale end.
    • If you require a revised invoice I will send one to you and payment will be due within 24 hours of receipt of that revised invoice.
    • I will ship only to the confirmed address in your PayPal account.


    • PayPal is my preferred method of payment, but I will accept checks from within the U.S. or only, made out in U.S. dollars.
    • Select the option when you are checking out and/or send me a message letting me know that is how you intend to pay.
    • Send payment ASAP to the mailing address that will be provided so that I will receive it within 10 days of checkout or end of sale.
    • Once I have received payment in the mail, allow up to 3-4 weeks for deposit and clearance of payment.
    • Items will ship between 1-4 business days after payment clearance.

    Please note that if you pay by PayPal I will ship only to the confirmed address within your PayPal profile.

    I typically ship by First Class or Parcel Post. Priority Mail for shipments within the US is also an option. If you require even faster service, please contact me and I can get you a quote.

    I am happy to combine shipping for items. Quite a few items can fit in a Priority Flat Rate box and the savings can be significant. I can send you a revised PayPal invoice if there will be a savings for you. Payment will be due within 24 hours of new invoice receipt.

    Inklings & Imprints creates high quality deep etch red rubber stamps for paper, fabric, clay, etc. They can be used with stoneware, polymer and Precious Metal Clays. They are also appropriate for embossing velvets. See above for links to tutorials and images.

    We are an "Angel" stamp company, which means that artists and craftspeople can use our stamps to create items for resale, as long as any images are the result of stamping by hand - no photography, scanning or other digital reproduction. Copyrights are retained by us. Full details here: Usage Terms

    Cheers - happy stamping!

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