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ALL NEW Made in America:

Mammoth Size, Professional Grade, 600 watt HPS Grow Light Really Pounds Out the Light!

600 Watt systems beat the pants off 400 watt fixtures! You Get 80% more light with only 50% more energy!

It’s Because Bigger Really is Better!

And weoffer the biggest hoods for the Expert Grower!

(Reflector dimension is 3 ft x 1.5 ft x 6 inches!)

Get the most light for the dollar from us!

It features High Blue Content Metal Halide Conversion bulb that’s best for Vegetative Growth and High Red Light Content HPS for Budding and Flowering!

Plants most efficiently use red light for photosynthesis. (Plants are green because they reflect green light back!) The deep orange light of the HPS lamp contains plenty of nutritious red light. Plants can almost as efficiently use blue light. And in the early growth stages, the blue light of the metal halide bulb is imperative for natural vigorous growth.

HPS bulbs usually make more light energy than metal halide (MH) lamps. However, the orange HPS (identical to street light) spectrum is defective so that it produces unnatural lanky growth. On the other hand, natural white light metal halides produce lush compact growth with lots of leaves. So a good strategy is to start under metal halide until the plant is nearly fully grown. Then you switch to the higher light energy HPS bulb for budding, flowering, and fruiting.

It’s Cool.

Weoffer a totally different type of reflector that does not produce hot spots. Our engineered reflector directs light straight down with out focusing it to a line. Plus, because our reflector is so much more efficient, you don’t have to have the hot bulb so close to the plants. It’s Shiny! not Hammered

Look at cheap reflectors on the internet, and you that they use beat up, distressed, Hammer tone aluminum. They need to use this inferior “hammertone” finish because their conventional batwing style reflector would put burning hot strips on the floor. Inferior “hammertone” reflectors randomly scatter light, trapping light inside the reflector with multiple internal reflections.

We have designed non imagining reflectors. Our reflectors shoot light down, but at many different angles. So we don‘t have problems with reflector “kinks“ causing burning striations. Therefore we can use nice smooth shiny highly reflective materials. Our reflector lets the light out with 1 or at most 2 bounces.

Miscellaneous Shipping to Canada, AK & HI is higher. Please specify if your address is residential or commercial for shipping purposes. This fixture normally ships in two cartons because of its size. If you buy more than one we can nest reflectors so that your shipping costs will be much less.

It’s the Brightest of All because it’s a


With generous side and end deflectors, our super output excellent hood delivers more light than those crummy open ended batwings, or the lights with boxed in non-slanted ends. (See diagrams at left) The competitor’s substandard reflectors waste your light by shining it on your walls, not the plants.

Depending on number of fixtures installed, our super output fixture delivers 50% to 97% more usable light than substandard fixtures. Our deflectors are scientifically slanted to deflect light straight down on the plants in a single bounce!

Please: DON’T TRAP YOUR LIGHT IN A BOX! Box shaped lights with vertical (non slanted) end panels trap light. That’s why we designed slanted end panels to give you most light possible (Details Later) And our reflectors have no sharp corners that can trap light.

Remember: More Light = More Growth. Also: More Usable Light per fixture = Fewer and/or Lower wattage fixtures required = Electrical Savings.

Compare our excellent light to the “batwing” or “shoebox” lights that some people hawk and you will see why our reflector gives you 50% or more light for the money:

Batwings are for Bats! NOT Plants!

Look at the grow "lights" that are being cobbled together and sold here. Most of them have open ends. Light flies out the ends of these “batwings”
and hits your walls. What a waste! Do you want to light up your room or do you need to feed your plants with light?

Here’s the critical and costly error that others make: They act like light only comes off the side of a bulb. Light actually comes off of each portion of a light bulb in all possible directions. The truth is our competitors have really blown it. They need to think in 3 dimensions. The electric arc inside of an HPS or Metal Halide lamp emits light in all possible directions as shown in the picture. That’s why we offerour large, multi-faceted hoods to fully enclose the bulb. It’s what's required to fully capture and redirect light down on your plants. Low end fixtures are made by just bending corrugated aluminum in a hump. Light will fly right out the open ends over the tops of the plants. What a waste! Are you trying to light up your plants or the wall? If you want to grow plants, use our reflectors, not crummy open ended ones.

Shoe boxes are for shoes!

Other lights are built like shoe boxes. That is the ends are boxed in with flat vertical end panels. As shown on the diagram at the side, light bounces back and forth between the end panels, losing intensity with each bounce. The optical efficiency of these shoe box lights is terrible! The best shoe box light I could find still loses 22% of the light internally. The worst photometric report I’ve ever seen showed just under a 50% loss.

Don’t Box Your Light In!

The truth is that our products are truly engineered and give premium performance. They are not just slapped together by a guy in China. A common feature of the Chinese products our competitors markup and resell is that they use a cheaper manufacturing technique. This technique forces part of the reflector walls to be vertical. That is the fixture they are importing is a “shoebox” light. And as I just described and as just shown on the diagrams to the left, this wrecks the fixture’s optical efficiency.

There are certain slopes that reflectors must have to direct light down. Otherwise, the light flies over the tops of the plants and hits the walls. An incorrectly sloped reflector may reflect light from some, but not all angles . On the other hand, our products have uniformly sloped end and side walls. So our fixtures don’t trap light like a shoe box.

Our Reflectors have no corners to trap light!

Sharp corners can kill light. Our Mammoth reflector is unique in the industry, in that the side and end reflectors don’t make a sharp corner. There is a nice smooth transition that prevents light from making extra bounces to get out of the reflector.

Our Flat Top Reflector Beats those with “V” Bends.

We also work hard tooffer the most efficient fixtures, even if we can only add half a percent to your reflector’s optical efficiency. The “V” creases put into nearly everyone else’s reflectors actually cause more harm than good. That’s why our the tops of our reflectors are flat. (We discuss this issue at length under the section titled grow light myths.)


MAMMOTH REFLECTOR HOOD: 3 Feet Long X 18 inches wide!

This is the secret: The larger reflector, the easier it is to capture light that would be wasted lighting up your ceilings and walls. This otherwise wasted light is redirected down on your plants. The reflector has 9 facets that capture and redirect the light shed off of the bulb.

The reflector is made of lighting grade anodized high reflectivity aluminum - not a laminated product that can peel. Total reflectivity is 95%. It is so shiny that you can see your reflection, just like a mirror. This is what the real lighting grade specular aluminum looks like. It’s not dull sheet aluminum. Be careful: without treatment, aluminum is not very reflective- as low as 30%. The aluminum is perfectly smooth to reflect light out in 0 to 2 bounces. That is, it is not Hammer toned.

We are not taking used, scrapped lights out of a factory, cleaning them and calling them “refurbished”. You are getting a brand new, factory made fixture which includes:

New Ballast, Igniter, Capacitor. All three electrical components are new, not half worn out.

Quality Capacitor The capacitor is very large so it can easily dissipate heat. There are cheap mini-capacitors that maybe called "high temperature", but because they are so small, they actually heat up enough to exceed their ratings. Tricky offshore manufacturers often take two such small capacitors and put them in a big case. Not so here, this is a solid capacitor all the way through.

Better, High Efficiency Ballast The Low Heat600 watt HPS Core (Generates the same light but uses 5 watts less energy than competitive ballasts.) This ballast’s laminations are vacuum impregnated with insulation to optimize cooling and generate about lowest sound rating in the industry. Cheaper cores are just slopped full of orange varnish that’s prone to have air bubbles.

Reliable Igniter High Temperature (105 C) igniter is the big bottle type, not the little bolt on type that can cause problems.

NewSocket. Not something used pulled out of the scrap heap. So the socket is sure to be good.

Remote Mounting Hardware. The giant reflector hangs from chain bails. An approximate 10’ power supply cord connects the ballast enclosure to the reflector. There are two reasons to use a remotely mounted ballast: (1) It’s easier to hang a lightweight reflector, and (2) The heat of the lamp is kept away from the ballast and capacitor. The ballast enclosure and reflector can be stored separately. Reusable quick connectors make disassembly a snap.

New 600 watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium Bulb)

and 600w Metal Halide Conversion =>

New Die Cast Aluminum Electrical Enclosure

The aluminum enclosure is a massive heat sink with cooling fins. It is designed to wick heat out of the ballast.There is a ventilation shaft to exhaust warm air. Again it has factory new finish. So the fixture you’ll get will be nice, just like it is in the picture. We don’t cheapen the product by using the more common sheet metal enclosures that leave the ballast exterior exposed.

It Mounts two ways!

(1) Hangs by Cast hook from Ceiling. Heavy duty cast aluminum hook is included.

(2) Floor Mount Pedestal. Unscrew the mounting hook, and the die formed box serves as a floor support.

NOTE: We will be making a running production change on this fixture to use the shown high quality gearbox. It features a high voltage cord & fuse! The new gearbox will be shipped as existing stocks are depleted.

Pre-wired 120 volt Power Cord. Cord length is approximately 6’. This can be rewired for 208, 240, or 277 volt. The power cord to the lamp is approximately 10'.

Quality Workmanship. There are no sharp edges to cut your self on because any exposed edge is neatly rolled over. We fabricate complicated over folds and reinforcing seams using dozens of hand placements in our machines.

Sure, it's more work and takes craftsmanship to build. But the result is an unusually strong, lightweight optics that does not trap light like a shoebox light, or waste it like a batwing. Stiff structural aluminum is also used to support the hangers and socket. Two chain bails are provided to hang the reflector by. The reflector ships with a protective quick release film. (not shown)

The ballast is not low quality import from china that can not take the heat.

When to use a 600 watt system

The problem with 400 watt HPS grow lights is that it’s difficult to achieve the recommended 2000 to 3000+ foot-candles to get robust growth of subtropical plants. It takes a lot of light to compete with the Sun. That’s where the 600 watt HPS comes in. This horticultural grade 600 watt bulb combined with our super output high efficiency reflector can really pound out the light. So you can get more production out of a smaller surface area.

Higher wattage HPS bulbs are more energy efficient too. A 600 watt bulb makes 80% more light than a 400 watt HPSbulb, but it’s only using 50% more energy to do it. Growth rates are roughly proportional to light level. (Twice the light gives about Twice the growth).

So this means you can get higher yield with fewer kilowatt hours.

Six hundred watt HPS systems have practically the same energy efficiency (lumens of light per watt consumed) as the 1000 watt HPS systems. We currently offer this 600 watt system with the same giant full size hood as our famous 1000 watt Super Output system. So the fixture costs are close to the same. So, if given a choice I‘d buy a 1000 watt system instead, particularly if you are using it in a green house. The best applications for 600 watt units are single fixture set ups where you desire more light than what a 400 watt generates or if you have long rectangular grow areas. In a rectangular space, two 600 watt fixtures can give you more even illumination than a single 1000 watt fixture.

You wouldn’t buy used spark plugs, would you?…. So why buy a discarded light fixture that someone “refurbished” into a grow light?

Light fixtures don’t last forever. Eventually the ballasts blow out. That’s why we use all new ballasts, lamps, and electricals of the highest quality. Yet some guys, looking for the quick buck, buy up discarded industrial light fixtures and convert them into grow lights-- calling them "refurbished".

In general, you are looking for trouble if you buy a grow light made from discarded HPS fixture parts. The high voltage pulsing created when starting HPS lamps is very hard on the ballasts, especially since industrial lights are most often used in hot high ceilings.

Consider where these discarded light fixtures come from. As ballasts fail, it reaches a point where it’s cheaper to buy all new light fixtures than fix the old. As many customers complain, it’s often cheaper to buy a whole new light fixture than to buy a replacement ballast. It is simply not cost effective to hire high priced electrical contractors or rent lifts to maintain fixtures.

Savvy building owners often evade waste disposal regulations by dumping their old light fixtures for cheap rather than recycle them. So there is a ready supply of nearly burned out light fixtures available for you to buy as "refurbished" grow lights.

Reused HPS fixtures are especially troublesome because they are so old. HPS was a very common industrial light source about 15 years ago. It’s very efficient but makes an orange light. Eventually people have recognized that you just can’t see as good and concentrate as well under orange light as you can under white light, and very high energy efficiency white light sources were developed. So, around these parts, factories stopped installing these lights about 10 years ago. To me it seems likely that if you buy a refurbished (reused) HPS grow light, you are likely getting something that has had at least a decade of hard industrial use.

Grow light myths

You need a “V Bend” under the Bulb. What we discovered is that the competitor’s V Bends do more harm than good. Our “flat top” reflectors actually offer higher light levels. This result may seem counter intuitive and surprising.

Many people have guessed it - that a significant amount of light shines straight up from a bulb and bounces straight back, hitting the bulb.

What they don’t consider is that a V bend actually causes light rays to deflect to the side, away from the plants. The light no longer bounces straight down on the plants, instead it rattles around inside the reflector, losing output on each bounce. So Putting a large V down the entire spine of a reflector wrecks it’s efficiency.

Real engineers use calculus. The amount of light bouncing back at a 400 w HPS arc tube 1.75 inches above a flat plane reflector is just 28/100ths of 1%. And just because a light ray hits an arc tube does not mean it’s lost. The light came from the center of the arc tube, so it can go right back through. Or it can reflect off. The arc tube of metal halide lamps is largely crystal clear. So with metal halide lamps, it’s not much of an issue.

If you do the math with the reflector profile used by our competitors, you’ll find that all the extra internal extra bounces caused by their V bend diminish the bulbs effective output by about .66% when the fixture is clean. However, all fixtures will load up with a thin film of dust. And the more bounces that a light ray is forced to make in a reflector, the more chances dust will stop it. On average a fixture in a clean room will degrade 11% due to dust. If an individual surface degrades by just 5% , A “V Bend” induces an extra 1.67% light loss.

So as you can see, attacks against us for not using a the “V Bend” are just sales hype.

This is not to say that V bends could not be effective, but they would have to be small, about the same size as an arc tube. That is, the bend would not run the entire length of the reflector. The extra cost to fabricate such an indentation would largely outweigh the marginal possible .28% improvement with some lamp types.

Air Cooled Heat Screening Lens - Click below!

Terms of Sale:

Payment Options:

  • PayPal Credit Card (see logo's at bottom of listing for the cards we accept.)
  • PayPal Balance - funded by an existing balance in your PayPal account.
  • PayPal e-Check - funded by the bank account associated with your PayPal account. Please remember that PayPal will hold the clearance of the payment for at least 5 business days. When they clear the payment, we are allowed to ship.

Shipping Options:

Domestic Shipments -

  • Fedex Ground Home Delivery- Fedex site states this service takes from 4-6 days (dependent on weekends & holidays), in the Continental US. This includes a tracking number. (We use either Fedex or USPS - our choice.)
  • USPS - includes delivery confirmation. The USPS website states this takes 2-9 days in the Continental US and up to 11 days for AK/HI - on average. (We only ship AK/HI via USPS services.) (We use either Fedex or USPS - our choice.)

International Shipments - (CANADA)

  • USPSFirst Class InternationalMail - The USPS site doesn't state a delivery time frame for this method. It is safe to say that you would be able to expect anywhere from 7-21 days minimum. (Only available for packages weighing 4 lbs or less).
  • USPS International Priority Mail - The USPS site states that the delivery time on this service is 6-10 days.
  • All International Shipments via USPS have no tracking capability.
  • For International Shipments - we do combine your purchases to save you money on shipping. See item listing for more details.

Handling Time -

  • Our normal turnaround time is 1-2 business days, however, per rules - and due to unforeseen circumstances-such as hidden damage - handling time may be up to 2-3 weeks on this item - depending on demand.
  • We don't often have a long turnaround time - as can be seen from our response - though it is just good business to let you know it is a possibility, on occasion.
  • For more details about our policies - please see our about me page.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions - use the link at the top of the page or email greatlights4less@yahoo.com

Visit My store: Great Lights 4 Less

We'll leave the light on for you!

May God Bless All You Do!

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