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ADA MP-2 MIDI Tube Preamp For Sale

ADA MP-2 MIDI Tube Preamp

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ADA MP-2 MIDI Tube Preamp:

ADA MP-2 MIDI Tube Preamp

Amazing guitar tone. The perfect balance of real tubes and 100% analog signal path for tone, but MIDI control of the pre-amp and built-in effects for modern convenience. Excellent clean tones, excellent distorted tones, both mild and extremely heavy.

The MP-2 is a real tube guitar pre-amp, plus a chorus, tremolo, wah, compressor, noise gate, and graphic EQ. The entire signal path is analog, none of the effects are digital. You create a patch that includes the pre-amp settings and any effects settings, and then store and select the programs via the front panel or using MIDI from a foot controller, a computer, or other source.

As the MP-2 is a real pre-amp, you can use it with a power amp and cabinet for a traditional guitar setup. On the other hand, it also has recording outputs that include cabinet simulation and room EQ, so you can plug it directly into a mixer or recording system.

The tube tone comes from two low-noise 12AX7A tubes with ten tube voicing settings and overdrive. The ten voicings are:

  • Crystal Clean
  • Spanky Clean
  • Fat Clean
  • Vintage Brown
  • Warm Brown
  • Dynamic Vintage
  • Warm Hi Gain
  • Dynamic Hi Gain
  • Ultimate Hi Gain
  • Fat Hi Gain

For the first six voices, you can control pre-amp drive and master levels. High drive settings create overdrive or distortion. For the Hi Gain settings, there is a third overdrive setting that affects how easily the pre-amp is overdriven. For all voicings, there are also the normal low, mid, high, and presence tone controls.

Just to repeat, after the pre-amp itself, the signal goes through the following analog effects:

  • Compressor (on/off, ratio, threshold, gain)
  • Graphic EQ (9 band)
  • Wah (on/off, three modes, see below)
  • Tremolo (on/off, waveform, depth, rate)
  • Noise Gate (on/off, mode, threshold)
  • Stereo Chorus (on/off, depth, rate)

The wah has three modes: pedal controlled by a MIDI controller, touch-wah on each note, or auto-wah controlled by an oscillator.

There is also a stereo effects loop, and the effects loop settings are stored as part of a program. The dry signal stays within the MP-2, only the effected signal comes from outside.

The real-time MIDI feature allows you to control a number of parameters through MIDI. The obvious example is wah through a MIDI foot pedal, but you can also do things like use a pedal to control pre-amp drive, use MIDI switches to switch chorus or tremolo on and off, and so forth.

No wall-wart, plugs directly into AC power without a transformer.

Rack-mountable in a standard 19 inch rack. 1 RU / 1.75 inches high, 19 inches wide with rack ears, body is a little under 17.5 inches wide and just over 9 inches deep.

Front and rear input jacks, use it either way. 1/4" phone jack outputs for power amp, 1/4" phone and XLR outputs for recording. The XLR outputs are balanced with selectable mic/line level and a ground-lift switch.

The original owner's manual is included and it ships in the original packaging.

I am the original owner. This MP-2 has seen only light use in a smoke-free home studio environment. It has never been gigged with. There is on this sale.

If you are interested in other shipping options or have any questions, please contact me.

Just a reminder: awe-inspiring guitar tone, real tubes, and all analog signal path combined with the ability to save and recall all settings at the touch of a button!

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