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ALIEN HYDROPONICS EASY FEED 60 Pot 16ltr System growing For Sale

ALIEN HYDROPONICS EASY FEED 60 Pot 16ltr System growing

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ALIEN HYDROPONICS EASY FEED 60 Pot 16ltr System growing :

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EasyFeed Alien 60 Pot 16ltr System

The patent pending EasyFeed™ system is brought to you by Alien® Hydroponics, the UK market leaders in hydroponic system technology.

EasyFeed™ has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the soil/coco grower.

This system does not require electricity or water pumps. It is simply gravity fed from any water butt or tank.

EasyFeed™ uses 16mm feed pipe instead of the conventional 4mm pipe, so clogging is a thing of the past.

Product Info

The EasyFeed™ Battery Operated Water Timer allows you to control the watering frequency. Choose from hourly, daily, every two or three days or even once a week watering options. Your even, consistent feeding schedule allows the substrate to partially dry between watering cycles, this combined with our breathable fabric pots drastically increases oxygen to the root zone.

Fabric Pots

The EasyFeed™ fabric pots are made of a high quality breathable fabric which allows air pruning of the roots. When a root is air pruned, it stimulates secondary roots to branch out therefore increasing root mass

The EasyFeed™ system suits the needs of any grower, whether you require a two pot system, 100 pots or more! The EasyFeed™ system is designed to grow with you as you can add extra pots to your system simply and easily. The EasyFeed™ system gives you the versatility of choosing the layout of your system. We have left the pipe uncut to allow you any configuration you may require.

Bottom Feeding

This method of feeding will give you a good indication as to how much water your plants need. Water is absorbed via the substrate and upwards towards the roots. The roots absorb water through the process of osmosis and try to reach equilibrium between the water content outside of and inside of the root. Once the roots have found their correct equilibrium water absorption will then slow down.

Feeding from the bottom encourages your roots to grow downwards in search of more water, promoting healthy root growth.


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Bank Quay Trading Estate
Slutchers Lane

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