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YOUR VIEWING A WONDERFUL OLD PIECE OF HISTORY MADE BY THE ESTATE STOVE CO. A CAST IRON RAILROAD STOVE THAT CAME FROM A CABOOSE HERE IN OHIO. IT HAS THE DATES ON IT 1905 AND 1912. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE CAST IRON STOVE AND A PIECE OF RAILROAD HISTORY. STILL IN VERY NICE CONDITION. HAS WONDERFUL EMBOSSED WRITING ON IT AND FANCY WORKMANSHIP. IT IS SAID THAT THESE SPECIAL STOVES WERE THE TOP OF THE LINE IN THEIR TIME. EVEN HAS BROIL AND MORE WORDKING ( SEE PHOTOS) WRITTEN ON DOOR ABOVE FIRE POT.ESTATE COMPANY STOVES HAVEQUITEA HISTORY. LOCATED IN OHIO THEY HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE 1881. HERE IS SOME HISTORY INFO ON ESTATE STOVE CO: Estate Stove Company -- which operated in Hamilton for 77 years -- originated in 1842 in Hanging Rock, Ohio. It was known as Martin, Henderson and Company when acquired Feb. 21, 1881, by the Kahn brothers, Lazard, Felix and Saul. After a disastrous Ohio River flood in 1884, the Kahn brothers began moving operations to Hamilton, and renamed the firm F. & L. Kahn and Brothers. Production started in a new factory on East Avenue in Hamilton Feb. 23, 1885. By 1891, it was a five-story factory on a five-acre site, employing 200 workers who produced 2,400 tons of coal, wood and gas stoves that were sold in Great Britain, France, Spain, Japan and China as well as across the United States. Employment reached 500 by 1901 and Dec. 31, 1905, the business was incorporated as the Estate Stove Co., reflecting the popular name of its stoves. Expansion continued through the 1920s with its Hamilton facilities covering 12 acres. Its products included coal, wood, gas and electric Estate stoves and coal, oil and electric Heatrola heaters for domestic and commercial customers and specially designed stoves for railroad cabooses. From the Spanish-American War of 1898 through two world wars and the Korean War, Estate manufactured stoves and heaters for a variety of military uses. During World War II, the Hamilton plant's military products included shell and cartridge containers, anti-tank mines and parts for tanks and airplanes. Dec. 28, 1945, Estate was purchased by the Noma Electric Co. Sept. 22, 1952, the company was sold to RCA. July 18, 1955, the RCA Estate Appliance Corp. of Hamilton was merged with Seeger Refrigeration Co., St. Paul, Minn.; Sears Roebuck and Co. and the Whirlpool Corp., St. Joseph, Mich., with the new firm known as the Whirlpool-Seeger Corp. Feb. 21, 1961, Whirlpool announced it would end production at the Hamilton plant by the end of June, 1961. At the time of the closure announcement, 750 people were employed in Hamilton, down from the 804 working there a year earlier. As of 2000, Whirlpool continued to market gas and electric ranges with the Estate name. SO DON`T MISS OUT ON THIS WONDERFUL ANTIQUE RAILROAD STOVE UP FOR sale SELLING WITH AND STARTING MODERATELY LOW. ON A WEBSITE SELLING THESE RAILRAOD ESTATE STOVES I SAW ONELIKE THIS ESTATECABOOSE STOVE SELLINGFOR 1200.00 . SO THIS IS A GREAT CHANCE TO OWN THIS COLLECTIBLE STOVE AND THIS IS A LOCAL PICKUP ONLY PLEASE. WE LIVE IN NORTH EAST OHIO 44047 FOR A MAPQUEST LOOKUP. MEASURES APROX. 27" HIGH X 24" . FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS AND GOOD LUCK WINNING THIS EXCELLENT ANTIQUE ESTATE CO. TRAIN STOVE. AGAIN THIS IS A LOCAL PICKUP ITEM.
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