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From the Campbell Estate, up for sale is this Military Sword from the Spanish American War. It is in good condition for its age, with some scratches and chips on the blade as well as rust spots. The blade edge has a green tarnish color on parts of it. On the side opposite the blade edge is the mark “FAD TOLEDO 1869”. The sheath is made of silver (I think) with two bands that hold rings. There is a lot of rust or tarnish on the sheath. The handle feels like it is wrapped in leather with silver wire wrapped around it so that it is carved into it. The rest of the handle is very tarnished silver. There is a tassel of some sort tied to the handle, and not knowing what it might be, I left it in place.

Scabbard (Sheath) = 34 inches

Hilt (handle) = 6 inches

Blade length = 34inches

Blade width = 1 ¾ inches

Overall = 40 inches

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about this, so I’m not sure if I am giving enough information.

See pictures for more details and other items from this collection.

Also I have included as much historical information about Captain Campbell, (below) which may help you figure out more about this piece.

This is a sale. Thanks for checking out this sale.

Captain George A. Campbell of Woburn, Massachusetts started his military career in 1890 with “The Battle of Wounded Knee Massacre” in South Dakota. Following the killing of Chief Sitting Bull, Chief Big Foot took over the command of the final band of fighting Lakota/Sioux. They were trapped at the Wounded Knee Creek where they were destroyed by the U. S. Army. This marked the beginning of Campbell’s collection of war trophies.

Here are more highlights of Captain Campbell’s military career:

July 1st, 1898 – as a member of the 10th Company of Rough Riders, Campbell was involved in “The Battle of San Juan Hill”, a decisive battle of the Spanish-American War.

July 3rd 1898 – Campbell was involved in “The Night Battle of Santiago de Cuba” where he found a Spanish Toledo Sword and many other items that he took as war trophies.

June 1900 – Campbell was sent to Tientsin, China for the “Boxer Insurrection”

August 14th, 1900 – Campbell was involved in capturing Beijing where he procured and eventually sent home many Chinese trophies.

In the early 1900’s – Campbell was sent to the Philippine Islands during the Philippine-American War. He spent time in Mindanao, and other islands and villages until the beginning of WWI. During this time he acquired numerous trophies and artifacts that he sent back to the states.

1914 – Campbell is sent to France.

November 25, 1918 – Campbell was killed in action in France.

Captain Campbell’s body was buried in France, but his legacy lives on in Massachusetts. The Woburn, MA American Legion Club is named after him, and his uniform and medals are on display there. There is also a street named after him, and a memorial stone in Woburn’s Center.

Captain Campbell had a fastidious approach to his collecting, labeling each item with date and origin. He never married, and his belongings have been stored in the family homestead since his death.

I will be selling Captain George A. Campbell’s wonderful collection with , including Civil War items, a large sea shell collection, clothing, jewelry, and other war paraphernalia. (See pictures for group shots of parts of the collection)

Please bookmark my site and in the event you purchase more than one item, I will combine shipping.

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