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Here we have a cool item from waayback...it is the Aqua Bug Bike Bug bicycle motor! Japan made, looks to be in good shape. Here are my observations as to what it needs: Gas cap is broken, primer bulb has hardened over the years, muffler is missing, looks to be missing an exhaust manifold screw, plastic fender that goes over drive wheel is broken off, and the carb needs to be cleaned, guaranteed. Here is the upside: I was able to spin the drive wheel fast enough by hand to see spark, and it looked good and strong, and it has enough compression to take off and run! I put a shot of carb cleaner and WD40 in the spark plug hole and got on the drive wheel nut with a wrench, and tried to turn it fast enough to get a pop or 2 out of it. I didn't get a pop out of the engine, because I started thinking about all the what ifs: What if the engine fires and takes off backwards? It would have taken my hand and the wrench right into the gas tank!! What if it backfires? It would have taken out my thumb since I had a death grip on the wrench. Yes, I am a chicken. You get that way after getting your fingers pinched, cut, and slammed over the years! Aside from the above mentioned things wrong with it, I am pretty sure this has some good potential. This is the Tanaka motor, about 25cc, and they are made well and pretty tough. The drive wheel has wear on it, but i think it has plenty of miles left in it. This takes the 25:1 fuel : oil mix to take you buzzin along with a big smile on your face. I have pretty much said all I know about this item, now it is up to you! Throw down the offers! Notice how when you fuel up your car, you leave with a big ol' scowl on your face because you just dropped over $50 in your tank? Not with this! You will be grinnin ear to ear as you pass the pumps without stoppin'! Ok lets face it... is nowhere near the great website for shopping the unusual that is once was. They jacked up the fees through the roof and made sellers a slave to slaypal so they could skim even more fees from sales. Also the economy and high shipping rates is puttin the nails in the coffin that holds . Well, whatever. All I know is this has gotta go. I don't do Buy It Now, (which is another thing that is wrecking ) cuz I want this gone. It seems I have a choice...stick a high Buy It Now on with this and let it languish for months and months, or set a low opening price, get ripped off with a low final selling price. All I know is it gots to go. Sold as is as described. offer here and $ave! This is listed with , just like all my other sales, so the highest buyer wins it! Woo! That means I want it GONE!! This is the way cheapeep36 sales roll!! Bargain after bargain! This ships Fedex Ground to the 48 States only. I do not use UPS for shipping. Whatever the UPS shipping calculator shows is what you pay if you are the high buyer .. Local pickup is ok too! Why go out to find something like this?? Let the Fedex Ground driver bring it, and stay indoors! You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else, so go for it! You can’t beat the deal!! Thanks for looking, check my other sales for more cool stuff! WOW! And remember Buy China=Bye American!

On Apr-23-11 at 04:51:09 PDT, seller added the following information:

Hi, nobody has asked as yet, so I thought I would ask the question of myself, then answer it: Is the tank rusty inside?? No, the gas tank has no rust and is nice and clean inside! Thanks to myself for asking, and have a great day!

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