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Adj Link V-Belt 1/2" x 4' Replacement Atlas/Craftsman Metal Lathe, Drill Press M For Sale

Adj Link V-Belt 1/2

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Adj Link V-Belt 1/2" x 4' Replacement Atlas/Craftsman Metal Lathe, Drill Press M:

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The BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belt is a high-performance linking V-belt that reduces vibration on tools and machines, and easier to replace than conventional v-belts. It can replace the standard V-belt to any length without having to take the machine apart. What's more, you can easily add or subtract links to get optimal tension on almost any A Link V-Belt 4 ft L x 1/2in W Click Here to
Buy it by the Foot

Check out the features why professionals and craftsman choose BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts over others.Product Features
    Easy to install, quick to replace for conventional V-belt
  • Made of interlocking segments of micro-milled urethane

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See why BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts may be the perfect belts for your application!High Performance and Quality
BDH DuroDrive cannot be outperformed! BDH DuroDrive sets the standard for link V-belt durability and longevity. Link v-belts wear better than conventional v-belts. BDH is the only totally U.S. owned manufacturer of link-v-belts. They're made of a custom-designed, premium micro-milled urethane composite, BDH DuroDrive V-belts won't fail you when others may. Other brands don’t come close. The result is less downtime, more productivity, and reduced maintenance costs.Save Money with Less Inventory
The right belt at the right time! Instead of trying to carry all the different V-belt sizes you might need, with BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts , you will save space by only stocking the most common cross sections. You will also reduce the money you have tied up in your replacement V-belts inventory and still have instant availability.
Reduce Conducted Vibrations.
All traditional V-belts with a continuous internal single tension cord transmit vibrations from the motor to other components of the machine; these vibrations can cause decrease machine tolerances and can shorten bearing life. The segmented twist-lock design of BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts actually dampens vibrations. Vibration may enter a single link but it cannot be conducted because there is no continuous cord tension. Save your bearings and your machine - get BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts today!
BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts are ideal for:

I recommend these belts over Fenner PowerTwist and Jason Industrial Accu-Link belts.


I have collected this information for many years and have found the information they contain to be priceless in using and setting up the machines properly. I believe this manual will be a valuable resource of knowledge that will provide a lot of helpful information that is often hard to find. My manuals are not photocopies. I maintain a high standard of quality in my reproductions. Most of the manuals I reproduce look better than their originals. I have professionally digitally edited every page, and removed stains, wrinkles and handwriting. All of the manuals are printed on thick white paper to withstand shop wear and tear. Click here to see other work I do, and pictures of my shop.

From our shop to yours.

We get But you get this!

Why settle for anything less?

Check out my other manuals.



Contact Us:

I may be running machinery, or I may be mailing manuals, and can't hear the phone.
If so, please leave a voicemail and I guarantee that I will get back with you.

Click here to see other work I do, and pictures of my shop.

Be sure to add me to your favorites list, and

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I may have more than one manual that covers your machine,
and I am adding new manuals all the time.

I do not carry additional parts for machinery, except for what is listed.

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