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Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA For Sale

Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA

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Advanced Forex Auto Trading Robot - Metatrader MT4 EA:

contact@forex-unlimited-wealth.co.cc Live Results: Forex Unlimited Wealth Is The No. 1 Expert Advisor with 880 Pipsin7 days. Proof inside (Live results. Not just backtests)

You're Just 1 Click Away From The World's Number 1 Automatic Forex Trading System

From: Forex Unlimited Wealth Team

Dear Forex Traders,

Before you read any further, I have to tell you that all the results and trades given in this website are ALL from live performance of our 'Forex Unlimited Wealth' EA, and not just a backtest.

In just 2 Minutes Of Your Precious Time, I guarantee that you'll be rewarded with one of the most powerful Forex Expert Advisors of all time! I'm going to show you just how easy it is to make a little go a long way in this Trillion Dollar industry.

No BS, This Innovative 'Price Action' Technology Will Guarantee Profits For A LIFETIME! This EA Really Works & Almost 100% Of The TIME!

You are probably thinking Forex Unlimited Wealth Really: Profitable? ... No Risk? ... Guaranteed? I assure you that this is normal and I totally appreciate your concerns as so many unworthy Expert Advisor's are available on the marketplace and I can totally appreciate you selecting your advisors with extreme caution.

The LIVE statement below shows the profit power of the Unlimited Wealth Price Action Technology... Live results are from Alpari - Micro account, where 1 Pip profit = 10 Cent USD (approx).

You can see that the EA made a profit of880 pips in7 days.Starting balance is $1,000 and in just a week it made 8.9% profit.

If you run it in a standard account, this is $6,900 in 7 days. But many of theretail traders use mini or micro accounts. So we want togive you a realistic and honest picture of how much profit you can really earn, instead ofboasting an inflated profit with high initial deposits and huge leverages.

Live Results

I'm Not Here To Feed You Tons Of Marketing Waffle, giving 100% guaranteed Trades forever and ever and the usual rubbish...

The truth is, many of these so called 100% 'NO LOSS' Expert Advisors can't handle the REAL market and flop as soon as they get near to an actual LIVE trading account, not only do they lose you big money trading with the advisor but, when it's time for a refund it's nowhere to be seen.

Don't worry traders, I'm prepared to put my own money on the line to prove to you with concrete evidence that 'Forex Unlimited Wealth' is the Undisputed Price Action Automatic Forex System Of The World.

"You'll never run another Trading Day without it."

John Markson - Texas, US

Our Forex Robot Can Be Traded With ANY Account Size....BIG Or small!

For years now we have been using our successful Forex robot to place trades, day in and day out. We have mastered a system that scalps the Forex market whenever there is any price movement, and it's 100% programmed and ready to begin trading for you.

We figured that since we have already made so much money from Forex using our quality robots, that we really don't have anything to lose releasing them for public use

"It's true... The Forex Unlimited Wealth is revolutionizing the automatic Forex robot market!"

Are you ready for the most pip driven advisor in the world?

♣Runs On ALL Currency Pairs ♣Operates Using H4 Timeframes ♣Features Breath Taking FKR 'Price Action' Technology ♣Works On All Brokers (ECN Compatible)

"Essential for any level of trader..."

100% Fully Automatic. Simple 'Plug and play' technology that allows you to get going between 60 - 70 seconds. Completly 'Hands free' automatic forex trading system will give you all the freedom you want. Quick Install Perfect For Forex Traders Worldwide with a comprehensive instructional manual to get you setup ASAP.

5 Star Service.. World class lifetime email customer support. Complete Freedom.. No account restrictions or annual renewal constraints. Can Be Used Anywhere In The World with ANY Broker. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. Life time FREE Upgrades... So far 3 versions have been released in the past 4 years. Always optimized and ready for the ever changing Forex Market. NO Emotion. NO Fear. Fear is the biggest emotion to kill your profits. It is strictly business when it comes to the Forex Unlimited Wealth. This advisor will always stay in the market and keeps fighting for every last pip that it can earn for you. This advisor includes a built in Risk Management Navigation System to prevent you from any major losses.

Our Forex Unlimited Wealth EA Drives Home Winning Trades Every Day.

So why does Forex Unlimited Wealth succeed whilst it's opposition fail?

The Forex Unlimited Wealth trading Robot is built to make money no matter which way the market turns. While many of the competition's expert advisors are under performing and falling victim to new market trends, the Forex Unlimited Wealth FX Trading Team was actively adjusting the settings to the birth of Forex Unlimited Wealth V4 EA so it can profit consistantly through today's current market conditions.

The sole reason that Forex Unlimited Wealth can profit in any market is because it is constantly being updated by the professional users of Forex Unlimited Wealth, so it stays ahead of the current currency exchange conditions. If there are major changes in what is taking place in the world, the Forex Unlimited Wealth is there, automatically updating it's trading strategy to profit all year round.

The robot has been updated more than 37 times during the testing stages to guarantee all users a 100% profitable 'winning' trading experience. Forex Unlimited Wealth will come out with system improvements whenever there is a major change in the market to MAXIMIZE YOUR profits.

High Speed Trailing And Two Side Pips Extraction Are Just Two Of The Impressive Forex Unlimited Wealth Features...

Forex Unlimited Wealth FX Trading has built it's solid reputation in the Forex arena by focusing on the everyday professional Forex trader's need's and requirement's. We only provide clients with incredibly detailed strategies of improvement and install them into automated advisors to increase the profitability of their Forex returns.

You can finally take some time off from trading the market 24/5 and have the added SECURITY of a profitable HIGH quality expert advisor doing it for you! We are living in times of catastrophic need and your FINANCIAL world could be ENDANGERED without Forex Unlimited Wealth on your side.

Plus, you will be getting it at a very undervalued price, don't ask yourself can you afford it, ask yourself Can You Afford Not Too??

The sooner you act, the more chance you have of a fantastic future ahead of you.

If you don't have the Forex Unlimited Wealth driving you towards success then you may be unaware of your exposure to trading failure. With possible market fluctuation and extremely volatile periods on the way, you can now trade with the confidence of having experts at the wheel.

Why wait, when you've been waiting long enough? Ordering from Forex Unlimited Wealth is totally Risk Free, This incredible expert advisor isn't like the other nonsense out there, promising you the world and only giving you nothing.

The Advantages Of Trading FOREX Are Obvious:

♣Low Startup: You can start with as LOW as $50!

♣Huge Market: $3 TRILLION traded around the world every day Actually, the Forex market is bigger than ALL the world stock, bonds, and futures markets combined!

♣24/5: Non stop action, 24 hours a day 5 days per week (Monday through Friday)

♣Volatile: The most volatile market in the world...what does that mean? HUGE opportunity every moment of the day

♣Low Cost: While with stock trading, futures and options you pay spread plus commission, with Forex your only "cost of trade" is spread (that can add up to ALOT!)

♣No Cornering: Unlike any other markets, it is IMPOSSIBLE to corner the Forex market....and, no matter how many people trade with the same robot its efficiency and profitability will remain intact.

♣Up & Down: Profit from rising and falling prices. You won't care which way the market goes.

♣No Size Limit: Trade as BIG or as SMALL as you want! This is something that ONLY the Forex market allows you.

No sitting around in front of your PC for hours, just a few minutes a day leaving you to get on with your new improved life.

The Project Of The Century Has Begun - The Wheels Are In Motion ? "Forex Unlimited Wealth FX Trading" Has Started To Release It's Weapons Of Mass Destruction On The Forex Market...

We have analysed every single Forex robot in the market...every single Forex strategy and method available... every idea or piece of idea we could find...we read over 23 "strategy design" books and subscribed to every single Forex publication/service available.

Thats how serious we are about the Forex Unlimited Wealth project...

"Using A Professionally Developed Expert Advisor Is By Far The Best Way To Make Entrepreneur Type Money Simply, Quickly And Easily..."

We wanted to show everyone that unlike many scams and only working on paper Forex robots out there, Forex Unlimited Wealth is the REAL thing.

Billions of dollars are being made in the markets every day. Those people that say money does not buy happiness are broke... sorry to be so straight forward, but it is the truth. As we have stated already it is about taking smart actions and not working harder.

Wouldn't it be nice to take vacations, go out to nice dinners and buy new cars whenever you want? All of this can be accomplished automatically with Forex Unlimited Wealth. Unlimited Wealth even makes you money whilst you sleep! Forex Unlimited Wealth is simple and produces hard cash with no active participation on your part.

Remember how I told you how SIMPLE this is?

Well, all you need to know is how to download a program and that's it! Downloading the system is an extremely simple process. Once you have done that our instructional manual will guide you through each process step by step.

Not comfortable with new technology?

We know that many people are not very good with computers. We have simplified everything for you and have preprogrammed everything! If you still do not understand it, it is still ok, we're always here to help you.

It is as EASY as 1 - 2 - 3!

STEP 1: You set up the robot to run on your preferred broker.

STEP 2: That?s all there is to it! Forex Unlimited Wealth gets to work and automatically spits out the EXACT entry, take profit and stop prices. All you need to do then is wait for your profits to roll in.

It really is as simple as that!

Forex Unlimited Wealth - One Robot Can Make A Difference

<Limited To Serious Forex Traders ONLY - Access Forex Unlimited Wealth NOW>

The Anticipation Of Failure Is Worse Than Losing Itself...

After speaking to countless Forex traders all over the world, we discovered the one main trait that all failed Forex traders have in common is Fear!

Emotion will slow down your success and only the strong traders will keep up. If you plan to succeed at Forex you need to find a way to be confident and consistent in your decision making. If you?re scared, you?ve lost the battle before it?s even started never mind the WAR!

The Forex Unlimited Wealth cannot be diverted off track. Always on point & guaranteed to deliver!

Forex Unlimited Wealth trigger's winning trades while you are away from your computer so you will no longer feel the urge to take profits early by slamming on the brakes..

Automatic Trades Made On Your Behalf, Watch Your Forex Account ROCKET! Strike INCREDIBLE Profits TODAY! Sit Back And Smile...

YES... It?s that easy.

How do you think your friends and family will react when you tell them you make thousands every week from less than 2 minutes a week sat at your computer? Wouldn't it be great if you could

Trade Effectively With No Risk Of Losing! Go At Your Own Financial Pace! Get 1st Class Assistance From The Experts! Turn The Tables In Your Favor! End Every Day With A Bigger Bank!

Then Forex Unlimited Wealth is your answer,

"Turn your failed trades, from the last expert advisor into your final Forex winning streak that lasts a lifetime. It's ok if you say "Yes" now and decide later!"

Look what others say after testing the Forex Unlimited Wealth


Previous Customer:

Results Provided Below:

I want to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to test this incredible EA. It has made my portfolio of expert advisors ten times stronger!

I tested Forex Unlimited Wealth on a live account for 6 Weeks & made a profit of $2164 by the end of testing.

I'm absolutely over the moon!

Peterson, Clive (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Test Results

Previous Customer:

I had a couple of issues at the beginning getting started but, the support that I recieved was excellent, they told me where I was going wrong, ever since then the Forex Unlimited Wealth has been true to it's word and so far has won 100% of trade baskets. Fantastic...

After testing Forex Unlimited Wealth For 4 Weeks my account is up by $254 using minimum risk settings. Over 25% Return from a small start up, Great job!

Joey Hale (Memphis, Tennessee)

Results Provided Below:

Test Results

Don?t Stop Reading Until You Realize These Very Important Facts...

To use this proven robot, you need a willingness to break away from the typically outdated methods you are using now and embark on a new path that leads away from failure and accelarates towards success.

Here Are A Few Things You DON?T Need

♣ YOU DON?T Need to know a thing about Forex trading to profit from this, because we have designed this robot so that even a 7 year old can use it. Our next generation Unlimited Wealth software runs counter to the mainstream methods, the newer you are to the game, the better you?re likely to get on.

♣YOU DON?T Need to sit in front of your computer for hours on end, trying to get your head around charts, graphs and other complicated terminology, that only makes you want to throw the towel in before you've even started. Our next generation Forex Unlimited Wealth expert advisor software does all the work and the thinking for you... it requires a few minutes each day to push a few buttons.

♣ YOU DON?T Need a trunk full of money to start trading. You can get started for just $2000 and and you?ll make your investment back in no time.

"Forex Unlimited Wealth Provides An Effective Solution For Forex Traders In Need Of Daily Profitable Results"

♣ YOU CAN Get started within 60 seconds. Forex Unlimited Wealth works for anyone, and because I will walk you through my plug 'n play robot by the hand, there?s no excuse not to profit.

♣YOU CAN Clone my exact blueprint. Forex Unlimited Wealth is not about some academic theory or following complicated charts.The robot you will have in a few minutes is the exact same robot that has been dominating Forex for us.

♣YOU CAN Profit full-time, working only a few minutes each day. You choose when you want to trade, the market is open 24 hours, 5 days a week. It?s your life, and with money as a non-issue you can finally start to enjoy it...

♣ YOU CAN Relax! No decision making or intense thinking of any kind is required from you.This robot has been completely set-up to be a ?plug 'n play? way of profiting from Forex.

♣ YOU CAN Have 60 days 100% risk free trial. Our world class lifetime email support team will pick you up and carry you through the whole process.

♣YOU CAN Achieve real Forex success

Got Anymore Questions?... Let?s Answer Them Right Now.

1. What are the recommended pairs?

The EA works well with all low spread pairs. Normally I recommend to start with the relatively stable pairs that does not trend too much. You can quickly glance your daily charts to find out what pairs are approximately trending, and what pairs are approximately ranging between a 500 - 1000 pip range in a month. The ranging pairs are more profitable.

2. What is the minimum account balance needed?

Some Brokers like IBFX allow Nano accounts (0.001 lots). You can start with $500. For a micro account (0.01 lots), you would need about $2000.
You can start with one pair and as your capital grows, you can expand it to other pairs.

3. What is your refund policy? How can I get my money back? Do you want me to show you the results from a real account?

We offer 60 days full money back guarantee. If you send me the forward testing results (from a demo account), for 3 to 4 weeks, I will not ask any questions.
But NO backtesting results please.

4. My broker is having 5 digits. Will the EA work with them?
My broker has a different currency name like EURUSDgfx or EURUSDm. Will the EA work with them?
My broker has a different timezone. Will the EA work with them?

Yes. The EA works with any currency name, any number of digits, and any timezone.

5. Is it a Martingale EA?

No. The EA uses a lot of methods to time the market, identify the trend, convert losses to profits, avoid the dangerous loss making situations, protect account from blowouts etc. A martingale EA will blowout your account if there is a 200 pip swing or gap opening. This EA manages the situation and restricts the unwanted increase in lotsize and also time the entries such that the gaps or sudden market movements are avoided. The maximum loss is limited, and cannot blow out your account. There is no 'unlimited loss' possibility

6. Why is that there is no stop loss for every trade?

Stoploss is hidden and is managed by the EA. You can configure it at a currency level. When this stoploss is hit, all the open orders are closed. This avoids the brokers from manipulating the price.

7. What timeframes should I use?

H4 is the best for all currencies.

8. Should I close all the open orders on Friday?

The EA has an option to help you close all the open trades. You just have to set the time to let the EA close all open trades. If you do not want to close, then you can turn the feature off. But I recommend closing all open orders on Fridays.

9. Why does the test results show less % of profits?

It is because all baskets are closed only in profits. The trades are accumulated in terms of the basket (per currency, per trading direction), and not the individual trades. No basket is closed in loss. It means that, one trade in a basket will be in profit and the other will be in loss. But the overall basket will be in profit, before all open trades in that basket are closed. This ensure that your equity constantly keeps growing, irrespective of the percentage of loss

10. I did a backtesting and the EA is losing money. Why is that?

Yes. The EA will not perform well in backtesting. If you analyze your results to check when the EA had started losing, you will find a few hundred pips and a few hours gap. This will never happen in real time.

11. Should I run this EA 24 hrs a day?

Yes. Traditionally Mondays mornings and Fridays are more volatile. So running the EA for 24 hours between Monday evening and Friday morning is better. If you want to turnoff your computer, please close all the open trades and then close it. This will avoid any sudden swings when you start it again.

12. My broker does not allow hedging. Will the EA work with them?

The EA has an option, using which you can turn on / off the hedging mode.

13. Is the EA compatible with the latest FIFO rule?

Yes. When you turn off hedging in the EA, it is compatible with the new First In First Out rule.

14. Should I pay for any upgrades?

All future upgrades are absolutely FREE Here is a quick summary of what you are going to get Forex Unlimited Wealth comes fully tuned with a 'concrete' 60 day RISK FREE trial. If,at any point during the next2 months, you aren't absolutely thrilled with the amount of money you are making using the Forex Unlimited Wealth Software and you think it didn'tlive up to expectations, simply sendan email saying "No Thanks Forex Unlimited Wealth " and We?ll promptly refund your money. You pay only ONCE for access to this incredible software, no subscriptions or fees or hidden charges... period! Lifetime 24/7 Forex Unlimited Wealth email support, with personal responses from the Unlimited Wealth developers and our world class expert support team. The most powerful expert advisor on the planet available LEGALLY. It out races the competition in the way that counts most - RESULTS! It?s going to change the world of Forex as you know it. And it can be yours in less than minutes.

The Forex Unlimited Wealth team is driven by your success. We will send you Valuable Updates & New Features For FREE! so you are always up to date with all the 'action packed' information and stay one step ahead of the competition forever.

Now That You've Read This Far, You Have 2 Decisions To Make... Decision #1: Carry on with your life the same way you have to date, keep getting ripped off by those useless EA's which show you how to Lose Money quicker then you can blink...

Decision #2: Say yes! for the price of a meal for two, can you afford to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to join a successful trading team guaranteed to Make You Money!

Congratulations, You Have Just Made A Very Wise Decision!..

Are you ready for the 5 Star Expert Advisor of All Times?

Profitable Results: From minimum time and effort. A One Way Ticket: To Financial Freedom. A Fully Protected: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee..

"The Most Profitable Expert Advisor Of all times..."


If,at any point during the next2 months, you aren't absolutely thrilled with the amount of money you are making using this system and you think it didn'tlive up to expectations, simply sendan email to support saying "No Thanks I am out" and We?ll promptly refund your money.

NO questions asked, you get backevery single penny, as simple as that.

You don?t have to take my word for it...Forex Unlimited Wealth comes with a RISK FREE 100% money back guarantee andthere?s absolutely no risk in giving it a try, you have 60 days to test the expert advisor software at my expense!

The Days Of Losing Your Money Are Officially Over!!!......

This is an extremely competitive industry and only the strongest traders survive.

Our Forex Unlimited Wealth EA Provides unlimited profits at the click of a button. You will instantly feel turbo-charged and start a fast and furious run of consistent success Guaranteed.

With Forex Unlimited Wealth in your possesion, you will witness incredible results instantly. Go at your own pace and before you know it you will be profiting well, living life in the fast lane.

Included in the low price is a remarkable 24/7 service, no problem too big or too small. My expert team is on hand anytime of the day to help you get started or even answer questions years after you have purchased. I feel that customer service has to be as good as the product itself and believe me, the service included in this great deal is second to none.

YES...You now have the opportunity knocking...

The question now is whether you are ready to open the door to
Unlimited Wealth...

$89.99 Only

This Offer Is Limited To SERIOUS FOREX Traders ONLY...

You can get behind the wheel RIGHT NOW and make QUICK CASH with secure Forex automatic trading. With our guidance and dedication; you can become one of the super-charged Forex Traders of today?s generation.

There's zero risk to you (my 100% Money Back Guarantee proves that). Lock in your spot, take Forex Unlimited Wealth for a test drive and see if you account doesn't step up a gear or two.

If for some wierd reason you don't, then simply ask for your money back and you won't have paid me a dime for the amazing Forex Unlimited Wealth experience.

Don't miss out on this. Join the elite traders Using 'Forex Unlimited Wealth' NOW

To Your Continued Success...

P.S. You can secure your financial future and not only yours but your loved ones too. It really is a no brainer my friend. Considering there is no risk whatsoever involved you really have nothing to lose. $97 for the chance to break free from your employers vice like grip, is an amazing value.

P.P.S. Give it a try or you will be forever wishing what if? what ifs are for LOSERS! dont leave it untill it's too late.

If you are interested to know if what I'm saying is true then there is no better way than to purchase the Forex Unlimited Wealth expert advisor risk-free, simply use its 'plug and play' technology to fire up a trade and watch your balance swell in addition to your neighbours envious looks.

You Might Miss Out If You Don't Act Fast!..

Past performance is not an indication of future performance. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold Forex Unlimited Wealth and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways.

The use of this system constitutes acceptance of our user agreement.

Buy Now


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