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Akai GX-635D Reel To Reel - with 15 tapes - real Nice For Sale

Akai GX-635D Reel To Reel - with 15 tapes - real Nice

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Akai GX-635D Reel To Reel - with 15 tapes - real Nice:

This is for my Akai GX-635D Reel to Reel. I dont really use it anymore so Im just gonna part with it rather than continue to just dust it. It plays great and sounds great also. Please look at the pics as they can show you how nice it is allot better than I can explain it. I will also include 15 tapes so you have something to record on or listen too. It looks pretty good as the pics show and there is only minimal blemishes from over the last 35 years or so. If you are looking for a HIGH END Reel to reel you really might consider this one. I try to answer all questions so ask away if you have any. This is heavy(65 lbs.) so shipping is gonna be up there. I will also build a wood crate for it to ship in to be sure it arrives in one piece as you can never underestimate what UPS is capable of. I will get it there safely. Thanks for looking. Auto reverse (never have to get up again to flip the tape to listen to side two); Playback and record in both forward and reverse directions (never have to flip tapes again to record and playback on side two); Records and plays in both 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 Inches Per Second (IPS) modes; Recording mute button that when depressed will record a 3 second silent recording and then stop automatically (great for silent recording between songs or selections); Accepts both 7 and 10 1/2 inch reels; Records from line input or microphone input; Two sets of standard RCA plugs for inputs and outputs (left and right channels); Recordings can be made in stereo or monaural modes; Two large lighted VU meters to monitor recording and playback inputs/outputs; Can listen to recorded material via external speakers or use of headphones; Pitch control; Real time counter displaying time in minutes and seconds; Six heads, two GX recording heads, two GX playback heads, and two erase heads; Three motors, one AC Servo Motor for Capstan Drive and two AC Eddy Current motors for Reel Drives; DIN jack Payment is due within 7 days of sale end. UPS shipping and it will be packed to survive a bomb going off. Good Luck offerding.
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