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Antique 1920s Steelcraft Pressed Steel Toy Pedal Car *Original Unrestored* For Sale

Antique 1920s Steelcraft Pressed Steel Toy Pedal Car *Original Unrestored*

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Antique 1920s Steelcraft Pressed Steel Toy Pedal Car *Original Unrestored*:

Antique 1920s Steelcraft Pressed Steel Toy Pedal Car *Original Unrestored*

…… By the style of the grill, on this antique Pressed Steel Pedal Car, it looks like the late 1920s or very early 30s. Recently found in Massachusetts cellar this car still has part of the Steelcraft decal on the front. You can see in the close-up photographs that there is some of the original maroon paint with a yellow pin stripe. The body has no dents or repairs and all four tires have their original rubber. I know in the right hands this antique Steelcraft Pedal Car can be brought back to displayable condition. To make sure some er gets a chance to restore this 29” long by 15 ¾” wide by 19 ½” tall pedal car there is .  I also guarantee 100% that the high buyer will be more than satisfied with this circa-1930s pedal car’s quality, condition and age, or I will return all their money.  

…… I am always looking for quality antique toys to list on . Please check back, every once in a while. You never know what you might find listed without any reserve.

…… Possible FREE Delivery!  I live Rhode Island and travel between southern New Hampshire and Eastern Maryland almost every week. I would gladly meet the high buyer anywhere along my route, and deliver this large Pedal Car for free. Please contact me for my scheduled route down Route 95 from Southern New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Southern New York, New Jersey (New Jersey Turnpike) into Northern Delaware and down the Eastern Side of Maryland. … If a meeting is not possible I guarantee that we can pack this pedal car properly and safely. Please send your Zip Code and I will quote you exact shipping costs by emailing us between Monday through Friday 9-5 EST for shipping particulars and my Free Delivery Route & Schedule.

All residents within our state of RI will be charged state sales tax at the time of checkout. If you have a Sales ID number, please let us know and Tax will be removed from your invoice

Payment must be received within 5 days of recieving an invoice. If payment (or contact) isn't received within 5 days, an dispute will be opened, This dispute will be closed within 4 days after being opened and the item will be re-listed. 

If this item is listed as Freight and you do not see a shipping charge on your invoice, please wait until we have figured accurate shipping and insurance costs before paying.

If this item is listed as FREIGHT: please click on "Contact the Seller" and send us your Zipcode or Country code. We will send you back an accurate shipping/packing quote before the end of the sale. Most freight items are still shipped via UPS ground however some are too large and will be shipped via SEKO Freight.

US Buyers: Shipping costs for most items can be determined by the shipping calculator in this sale and are shipped via UPS ground. If you prefer USPS this is also an option, just contact us. Any item that sells for over $250 and is paid for with paypal must be sent with Signature required.

International buyers: please be aware that you may incur a brokerage and/or customs fee upon delivery. Winning buyer is responsible for shipping & customs charges. We reserve the right to choose carrier based on shipping method selected at time of payment. Any item that sells for over $250 will be sent Express Mail with FULL insurance. We will NOT lie on customs forms if you have paid with Paypal. If you have questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us.

If you win more than one sale, that can safely be shipped together, we will send you a combined invoice

Telephone: 401 475 1190



Please contact us within 5 days of recieving your item if you have any problems or concerns. We will gladly issue a full refund, including shipping both ways, if we have made a mistake in an sale. We will also gladly come to an amicable conclusion if there is a problem with an item that can be resolved. We stand behind each of our descriptions for a lifetime.

Please contact us with any problems before leaving a response & DSR Star Rating!

About Us:

Rhode Island Internet Consignment & Sales is our Family-run Business in Lincoln RI. Bill Wolstenholme has been a New England Antique Picker for almost 50 years and has a true passion and love for Antiques. We began listing on almost 14 years ago, and have increased in size with each new year. The entire family, as well as a few close friends, are involved in our business. ...... Bill, is "The Boss." He does most of the buying, as well as receiving most of the consignment. He lists the majority of sales and takes photographs. His passion is what fuels this business and he loves his job, even though he works about 80 hrs a week! He is a true work-a-holic! ..... Lindsey, Bill's second oldest daughter, is "Second-in-Command." She goes to two sales a week to buy items and also takes pictures and lists sales. ... Lisa, Bill's youngest daughter, is the "Jack-of-all-Trades." She does anything from Customer service to photographing to listing sales and she is also the head of the Shipping Department. ... The second Lisa working here work's full-time doing nothing but E-mails and Shipping quotes. It's a tedious job, but someone's gotta do it! ... Up next is our full-time "Gopher", Richard. He is Lindsey's husband and is a huge help! He drives the truck to storage and pack & ship as well as running miscellaneous errands. He also helps out around the office wherever he is needed from cleaning & fixing items, as well as cleaning the office itself! ... Kyle, or as we call him "the Professor" is our packer who takes great care in making sure each item is properly and safely packed so that it arrives safe and sound at its new home! ... Darlene is our newest team member and is taking over all of our book-keeping and consignment. She is a great asset to the team! ..... Finally, but certainly not least, is Wendy. The Matriarch of the family, Wendy or as the kids call her, "Gida" keeps us all happy! She watches the children while we work, makes sure we are all fed and happy and has total control over all of the Money that goes in and out of the business! ...... Together, our Family Team is a close-nit Tribe and we wouldn't be able to run this company without each and every Member! 



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