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Antique Mira Music Box #167 Duplex Harp-Zither w/ 29 Tune Sheets- For Sale

Antique Mira Music Box #167 Duplex Harp-Zither w/ 29 Tune Sheets-

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Antique Mira Music Box #167 Duplex Harp-Zither w/ 29 Tune Sheets- :

The Reeded Edge is one of the oldest and most established rare coin and collectible firms on the internet. Everyone who works here is a collector, and all of our items are acquired as if we were buying them for ourselves. We do not handle reproductions, restored, or modified items. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service; Just read our response!Everything that we sell (including this music box) comes with our 100% iron-clad guarantee; you must be satisfied, or you may return it for a no-questions-asked refund. It's that simple!

With that said, this is a Mira Music Box No. 167 Duplex Harp-Zither w/29 Tune Sheets. This circa-1900 music box is manufactured from mahogony; the finish is 100% original, and virtually as-made. Only some trivial surface imperfections are noted for accuracy, but in no way detract from its "minty" appeal. The box measures 21 3/4" x 19" on the base, 18 1/2" x 15 3/4" in the center and 19 3/4" x 17" on the top. It is 11" high. This box was designed to play 12" tune sheets, of which 29 are included. This was an inherited heirloom from a local family, and has been with this family from the time it was purchased new. Also included with the box, is an original Mira Music Catalog/Manual (the first that we have ever seen) along with the original instruction sheet. We see the words "fresh", "original" and "unmolested" used liberally with antiquities, but in the case of this music box, it is all of the above. This is a completely functional and 100% original music box with beautiful tones, and in excellent-near mint condition. A finer example would be hard to imagine!

Historical Background - The disc music box was introduced in the mid 1890s. These machines, which involved little hand workmanship, were mass produced in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Made by Mermod Freres, a Swiss timepiece manufacturer founded in 1816, the Mira is known for its brilliant tone and resonant bass. The Mira was introduced in 1903 as a more affordable alternative to the projectionless disc Stella, also sold by Mermod Freres. This particular model, the Mira 167 features a double comb, plays 12” star discs, and measures 21"W x 11"H x 18"D. Included with the music box are 29 discs along with a Mira catalogue and operating instructions. The double comb music boxes were prized over their single comb counterparts for their superior and rich sound quality.

Included with the box, are the following 12" original tune sheets:1) Song - Heinie, Waltz-Song

Composer - Ted Snyder

2) Song - Hear me, Norma

Composer - Bellini

3) Song - Moonlight Serenade

Composer - Neil Morel

4) Song - My Sweatheart Lamante Feinsliebchen

Composer - Komzak

5) Song - Violetta

Composer - Strauss

6) Song - Love's Last Word

Composer - O. Cremieux

7) Song - Back to our Mountains Trouvere

Composer - Verdi

8) Song - In the Good Old Summer Time

Ccomposer - George Evans

9) Song - Wedding of the Winds

Composer - T. Hall

10) Song - The Chocolate Soldier

Composer - O. Strauss

11) Song - Waltzing with the Girl You Love

Composer - George Evans

12) Song - La Czarine

Composer - Louis Ganne

13) Song - Funiculi Funicula

Composer - Denze

14) Song - Romeo et Juliette

Composer - Gounod

15) Song - Frau Luna

Composer - P. Lincke

16) Song - A. Frangesa

Composer - Marie Costa

17) Song - Imperial Edward, Military March

Composer - Souse

18) Song - La Cachuca

Composer - Hani

19) Song - Martha

Composer - Flolow

20) Song - Carmen

Composer - Bizel

21) Song - Somebody's Waiting for You

Composer - Al. Gumble

22) Song - In My Merry Oldsmobile

Composer - G. Edwards

23) Song - Der Troubadour

Composer - Verdi

24) Lazarre, Waltzes

Composer - H.B. Blanke

25) Song - La Traviata

Composer - Trinkhed

26) Song - Santa Lucia

Composer - Cottrau

27) Song - Return of Love

Composer - E.P. Snider

28) Song - Funeral March

Composer - Cnopin

29) Song - Popularity March

Composer - Geo. M. Cohan

The photos includedwith the sale are part of the description. Please review them carefully. If you have any specific questions whatsoever, please feel free to call either Rob or Robbie @ 301-724-0400.

PLEASE NOTE - This is a heavy item, and will require considerable packing to insure its safe delivery. Domestic shipping and insurance, via Fedex Ground/Home Deliverywill be $50.00. Non-U.S. buyers will need to contact us for a specific shipping quote.

Good luck with the sale!

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