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Ascent Variometer Vario paragliding For Sale

Ascent Variometer Vario paragliding

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Ascent Variometer Vario paragliding:

The Ascent Vario brings you everything you need in an affordable package...and its small enough to wear like a watch. The Ascent variometer is not only a device for indicating an aircrafts rate of climb or descent but has many other functions as well...all designed specifically for paragliding by paraglider pilots. The Ascent Vario is light weight, intuitive, and easy to use. Features include: temperature compensated absolute and relative altitude (m or ft), vertical speed with adjustable averaging (m/s or ft/min), while flying, a single button press briefly displays: relative (or absolute) altitude / temperature, max altitude / max climb rate, time / flight duration, volume, and flight data recorded for up to 200 flights. Battery charger includes: 115/220v wall, 12v Car, and USB Computer. Battery life up to 10 hours flying time and 4 months standby. Weight only 40G.
Recorded flight log data includes: starting altitude, max altitude, ending altitude. Max Lift, Average Lift, Max Sink Rate. Flight number, date, Launch time, Flight Duration.
Very Clean, screen is in mint condition, complete nothing missing from package.very little usepaypal only
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