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Reading all of this listing may take a little longer than most and while I have been accused by some of going on a bit long I feel it is important to tell you a little bit about who you are dealing with and the most I can about what you are buying. A lot of sellers have only a line or two about the item they are selling and 6 long paragraphs about how they expect to be paid, when they expect it and what they'll do if they are not. I want you to compare not only this machinery but also the type of seller you are about to trust with your hard earned money to deliver what is promised and I want you to make an educated decision in every sense of the word. Only then can you feel right about the transaction.

If it seems like you've seen this beautiful set of ovens before you're almost right. We sold a set very similar to these last week to a great guy out in San Francisco is in the process of opening a second location. The only difference is that this one has a lot morestainless steel.

Thisis one oftwo setsthatwe received from a local school board and the last of them for the foreseeable future. With all of the layoffs and cutbacks the schools now are required to make their equipt. last as long as possible. They now will only let machinery go if it is un-safe or too expensive to repair. Thishigh end, new condition equipment from school systems will soon be a thing of the past. If you have heard about this sort offood service equipment from schools or have seen our listings in the past and have let it go by- you should think long and hard about this one before you make that same mistake. You may not get another chance.

This sale is for a Blodgett, very commercial grade double stack set of convection ovens models Mark V. These ovens specialize in baking and roasting. Blodgett ovens arebuilt by Americans in Burlington, Vermont and sold all over the world. Their products have earned their reputation for ease of operation, long lasting reliability and high performance. If you have been in the commercial food service industry for more than 10 minutes - you already know that Blodgett is the only choice for the serious professional Baker or Chef when it come to convection ovens.

This is the same set of ovens you will find at the more high demand restaurants across the country like Craker Barrel, Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbasand Dennys. As you know they could have boughtany ovens they wanted – they chose these because of the long lasting durability, no brainer operation and the ability to turn out a perfect product every time. Blodgett convection ovens are what all others are compared to.

Voltage options...

After the sale the winning buyer will have the option of having these ovens set up for whatever voltage they choose. We will wire and install the necessary parts for 208 / 240 single or 3 phase electric or we can step them up to the most efficient -480 volt 3 phase at no charge to you.

(This is the only place you will get thatas a free service!)

Glass versus solid doors...

If you look closely at the inside of the oven doors you will see very smalldents put there by the lunch room ladies that used them. People sometimes get in a hurry and close the doors forgetting to first push in the pans or oven racks. If you were using an oven with glass doors any one of those dents you see may have resulted in an explosion of hot glass all over the inside of the oven and the floor. The result is an instant halt to productionthat may last for days, a costlyrepair billand most likely the loss of employment for the operator. My opinion is that glass doors are pretty to look at but if you have ever have onebreak - you won't ever want them in your kitchen again.

These ovens are far and away the nicest used ovens you will find on-line...

Please take just a minute and enlarge the pictures. I'd like you to compare these ovens to any of the others on . Aside from a few extremely minor dings put there by the custodians that moved them the ovens are flawless. The center pull doors open and close with a nice solid snap and there isn't many signs of use. The stainless steel has a mirror like shine to it. As you can see the inside porcelain looks like black chrome. The 2 speedfan motors come on fast, run strong and are almost silent with the doors closed. We hooked it up to 208 volt, 3 phase to see ifthey worked as good asthey looked and we were very impressed. They went from room temp to 350extremely fast!

Some simple measurements are: Rack size 21"D x 28"W (5 racks ea - chrome on steel) Oven cavity height 20" Outside dimensions 38"W x 37D" x 72”H

The only difference between these ovens and a new set is the invoice. If you are out in the market place looking for a new, top of the line set ofconvection ovens but you'd like to pay a used price then you have found your ovens. These ovens will kick your production through the roof!

I’ve done some research on the internet for you. For the Blodgett web site and the detailed specs on this oven please click on the link below.

For new internet discount pricing (anywhere from 12 to 13 thousand dollars) click on this link:

About us...

can be the best place in the world to get a great deal but only if you are dealing with a reputable seller. As I'm sure you've heard it can also be a place to get taken. We are not food service equipment dealers. We’re not here to dump our trade in junk off onto un-suspecting ers. We deal with government agencies and school systems and we buy only clean, high quality machinery that has had little or no use. We have been doing business here on now for about 10 years and we intend to stay here. The only way to be successful here is to be honest and do our very best to please our buyers after the sale. With all of the scams on the internet these days it becomes very hard to believe any seller and I have to tell you - I'm just as skeptical as you. We try extremely hard to stand out from that crowd and hopefully you too will find that to be the case. Given the chance - we will do our best to earn your trust.

When your schedule allows you should come by our shop in St. Pete FL and see these beautiful ovens. The pictures don't really conveythe new conditionthis machinery is innor how great it works. Your inspection at our shop is both recommended and always welcomed.

No worries warranty...

OK – I hear you grumbling something like “Talk is cheap” so how about I backthem up with a no worries warranty?

If this beautiful double stack fails to live up to what I have described then we will, at your option pay to have a service company come to your location and fixthem at no cost to you whatsoever or you can shipthem back to us for a full refund. We'll even pay the freight to sendthem back!

(Nobody on backs up what they sell like we do - Nobody!)


We will deliver up to 100 miles for 200.00. We will palletize and load for 150.00 - buyer to pay freight from 33716 or of course we will load it onto your truck or trailer at no charge. You can click the ask the seller link and email me for an exact freight quote. I'll need your zip code and I'll need to know if it is going to a business or residence and if you need a lift gate delivery. These will be shipped seperately on two pallets. We ship everything with damage insurance.

Please understand....

Often time people call or email me with an offer to buy it "right now" and when I politely decline they will get offended. I very much appreciate their offers however I don't want the reputation as the seller who ends his sales early. Why would anyone bother to offer when they know that the sale will disappear in a day or two? After all - It is an sale and whether it sells for 300.00 or 13,000.00 that's the way it has to be. Its part of the fun - part of the experience right? That's why you you're here.


We will see this sale through to the end - there is no "Buy It Now" price and only a 200.00 reserve. Also check our response to see what others have experienced when buying from us. We've earned our good reputation and we know that keeping you happy is the best way to keep it so offer with confidence.

When you offer a offer for these ovens you will be offerding for the best built, most efficiently designed ovenson the market as well as great looking machinery from the best name in the businessthat will enhance the look and feel of any professional kitchen or bakery. They really make a statement!

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to look. If you offer a offer for these beautiful ovens,

Thank you for your trust.

Questions? Please call Tim @ 727-540-9090 or click the ask the seller link.

On Jun-02-11 at 08:46:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

Wanted to let you know that I will be on the road and away from my sales on Monday and Tuesday. If you have any questions regarding these ovens as far as a freight quote or whatever it would be a good idea to ask it before Monday as the sale ends Monday evening at 10:00 EST.

Also I have been asked by three or four possible buyers if the ovens in the pictures are the same ovens that we are selling. The answer of course is yes. The beautiful set of ovens that you see in the pictures are the same set of ovens that will show up at your door should you wind up being the successful winning buyer. We have not up-loaded pictures from a web site selling new ovens - though you wouild be very hard pressed to find any difference.

Good Luck -

Tim -

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