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BSA A10 TWIN CARB CYLINDER HEAD Super Road Rocket Gold Star RARE 67-1106 Dual For Sale

BSA A10 TWIN CARB CYLINDER HEAD Super Road Rocket Gold Star RARE 67-1106 Dual

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BSA A10 TWIN CARB CYLINDER HEAD Super Road Rocket Gold Star RARE 67-1106 Dual:

howardj27 store

Genuine BSA A10 650ccFACTORY DUAL CARBURETOR CYLINDER HEAD with COMPLETE VALVE ASSEMBLIES & CYLINDER HEAD This is the ULTRA-RAREdual carb headavailable back in the day from BSA, originallyfactory-fitted onthe RoadRocket models in 1954-55 and then maufactured againas a high-performance option for BSA's later 650cc pre-unit A10 twins!BSA part number 67-1106 cast-in between inlet ports, with "AM" under the part number. I think this particular head is an original Road Rocket version - not really sure WHYI think this, other than the fact that it has 15/16" inlet ports,the single carburetor inlet manifold mountingstuds are in place and there are no numbers stamped on the sides of the inlet rocker box stud bosses, which most of the other twin carb heads I have seen seem to have...

As shown in the photos below, this head is inEXCELLENT in fact I would even say NEAR-PERFECTcondition... VERY clean, NO cracked, chipped orbroken fins,GOOD threads throughout, including spark plug holes andall 5 copper-bronze inserts for rocker box bolts/studs, NOugly weld repairs...That said, it has hada professional repair doneto the top front fin on the right side above the exhaust port, where front section hadbroken off - there is a weld seam visible on the underside of the fin (as shown in the photos below), but from above the repair is completely invisible.All four valve guides are cast iron and are very likely original, NO cracks or chips, valve seatsare all in EXCELLENT condition, NOThammered, grooved orsunken at all,combustion chambers are smooth&flawless, head gasketsurface likewise smooth &flawless! TheONLYflaws I can see anywhere are a couple of small nicks on the rear edge of the inlet rocker box joint face - easily smoothed with some careful file work... That's IT, other than that this dual carb A10 head is truly FLAWLESS! Inlet port ID is unmodified factory Road Rocket spec at 15/16". Exhaust port ID is 1 1/2", both ports are clean and in greatshape, NOT worn or ovalled at all. All 9 original cylinder head mounting bolts are included - the outer 4 have been chrome plated as shown, and all of them have some degree of wear on the hex headsinflicted by previous owner(s)who apparently couldnotcome up with a 1/4 Whitworth socket... The complete valve assemblies are also included, withall springs, collars &keepers, one of theinlet valves is factory BSA withpart number 67-968 stamped on the face along with "IN" and "G2". The other 3are stamped "JAMESKES3263" near thetop of the stems. The valves &springsare in good enough condition tobe re-used if you are so inclined, and the collars &keepers are all ingreat shape.

OK, now before you read any further, just take a moment and visualize this head on your bike, set up witha pair of 1 5/32" GP carbs withmatchbox float... Ooooh EXCELLENT not to mention RARE AS ROCKING HORSEPOOPoriginal BSA factory 67-1106 dual carb A10 head, with complete valve assemblies and alloriginal fasteners- PERFECT for your BSA A10 restoration project,Rocket Gold Star replica, cafe racer, chopper, bobberor special!


Payment by Paypal, Paypal E-Check (PREFERRED!)or email me forother payment options. International buyers welcome!Shipping cost will vary by country (LESSto CANADA, MOREto AUSTRALIA)so PLEASEemail for international shipping quote. Domestic U.S. shipping by UPS Ground at FLATRATE, including insurance. Will combine multiple items for lowest shipping cost!

Check my other listings for many more BSAA10, Gold Star &B33 parts, plus TONS of other vintage motorcycle goodies...

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