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Barber Greene Loader Doepke Model Toy 50s Construction For Sale

Barber Greene Loader Doepke Model Toy 50s Construction

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Barber Greene Loader Doepke Model Toy 50s Construction :

I will add a complete description soon.

On Feb-07-11 at 21:54:28 PST, seller added the following information:

I will ship this excellent original orange Doepke "Model Toys" Barber Greene loader anywhere in the world and I will accept any form of payment for it. This is an original "Model Toys" toy that was built in the early to mid 1950's by the Charles William Doepke Mfg. Co. Inc. of Rossmoyne, Ohio. Doepke also built very large and well detailed die-cast pre-painted assembly kit models of the Jaguar XK-120 and MG-TD sports cars and I am offering one of each now here on . Doepke also offered a Clark airport tug with two cars and a lineup of very well detailed and high quality fire trucks.

They also built superb construction toys consisting of a yellow Caterpillar D6 dozer, a yellow, light orange and dark orange Adams road grader, a red Heiliner scraper, a yellow Jaeger concrete mixer, an orange Unit crane, a yellow Wooldridge belly dump, an orange and dark green Barber Greene loader and an orange, medium green and dark green Euclid belly dump. I am offering at least one of each of these fine construction toys except for the Unit crane and the Wooldridge belly dump now here on so please check them out. There is a gorgeous magazine ad here on sale #400178935256 that shows 3 children playing with 6 of these great construction toys so please check it out to get some idea what these toys were intended to be used for. Doepke claimed that these toys were "The Finest Toys On Earth" and I think they were correct in their claim.

The Barber Greene came in this orange color as well as a dark green like the other one I am offering here on . Like all Doepke toys, this is a relatively large toy and measures 18-1/2 inches high overall. I would rate this excellent, nearly functional and all original toy as being an 8 on a scale of 10. It is the finest one I ever found of this orange color and has no problems other than the usual paint chips, some wear in a few places and the fact that the ladder type drive chain is missing. This missing chain is available from Thomas Toys for $15 plus shipping. This unit has exceptionally nice paint overall indicating that it has never been left outside in the weather very much. Most of these have rusty tracks but this unit has very nice tracks even though the black paint has worn off of them in some places. The black painted buckets on the elevator are in excellent condition as well. The Barber Greene decal on the side of the elevator shroud is perfect except for a tiny 1/32" spot missing from the bottom end of it. The pair of "Model Toys" decals on the auger covers are about 95% intact. This model has the fixed discharge chute that does not swivel either way as some of them do. This unit is ready to go to work for the young contractor or sit on a shelf in your toy collection.

I am 58 years old and my fascination for the Doepke "Model Toys" construction toys started when I was about 4 years old in 1956 or so. I was raised on a ranch east of Great Falls, Montana and the house there had an attic that was full of interesting things. It was also very hot in the summer time as well as very cold in the winter so I never spent a lot of time there. I used to go up there occasionally and check it out just to see what was new. One day I spotted a beautiful orange Doepke Unit crane that was brand new but not in any kind of a box. It was just setting there on a large box in all of it's glory begging to be played with so that is exactly what I did. I figured out it was a present to be for someone so I was very careful to only go up there and play with it when my parents were busy or out working in the field. I probably snuck up there to play with that toy at least 20 or 30 times before Christmas finally came. I pretended to be surprised and excited when I received it as a gift that year. I remember taking it out to the sand pile to play with it only once. I decided that it was way too nice of a toy to get dirty and beat up out there so I took it back to the house and hid it in the attic to keep my younger brother and sister from messing with it. I remember occasionally taking it down from the attic and supervising them while they played very carefully with that wonderful toy. That crane is still in super condition today and I plan to never sell it. My parents bought it when Sturrock's Toy Store in Great Falls were closing it out and had it on sale. No doubt it was a display piece and that is why they did not get a box with it. I am very thankful that my parents invested in this fine toy for me over 50 years ago.

About 35 years later, I was at a friend's place in Lewistown, Montana and I spotted a Doepke Caterpillar D6 dozer up high on a shelf in his garage. He collected toys so it was not for sale at any price that I at least thought might be fair. I had never seen one before so I kept after him for several months before he finally traded it to me. I had a very good 1934 Chevrolet Master 4 door sedan with twin side mount spare tires that had been made into a pickup that he wanted so I made him trade that Doepke Cat D6 to me on that deal. I treasured that Cat for several years before I found one in slightly better condition. I then sold it to a friend near Moore, Montana that had a Doepke D6 Cat when he was a boy. It has been in his collection for at least 10 or 12 years by now and he has no plans to sell it. So goes the history of two very special Doepke "Model Toys" construction toys.

This toy comes from a smoke free and pet free home and has never been cleaned because it has never been out or on display since I bought it except for taking the photos you see here. It has some very light traces of dust on it but I will leave this vintage dust to the next owner to deal with. I thought I would never sell my group of Doepke toys but I found a great deal on a very valuable early farm tractor that I can not pass up so some of my other treasures are going to pay for that next treasure that is more important to me. I will very carefully pack this toy in a sturdy box because I really appreciate such a fine piece and do no want to see it damaged in shipment. I have a lot of friends in the collectible car, truck and tractor hobbies and may be able to have it delivered depending on where you live and how soon you want this model delivered.

Please check out the other dozen or more very scarce great toy and model tractors, Doepke Model Toy construction and car models, an exceptionally nice original paint full size John Deere 2 cylinder Diesel tractor, an old Model T Ford race car body, a Model T Ford C-cab truck and other interesting items I am now offering here on . Occasionally I get an email from someone who wanted what I sold here but had problems offerding at the end of the sale or was outoffer or got "sniped" at the end of the sale. Most of the experienced buyers here on wait until the last few seconds to offer in order to pay the least possible amount for the item. This is so called "sniping" is done by placing a proxy offer for the maximum amount they can justify paying for an item and placing that offer as the latest possible time that they can reliably offer on their computer connection. The practice of "sniping" makes it hard or impossible for their competition to place a competitive offer in time on that particular item.

I use a offerding program to place "sniping" offers on almost everything I buy here. I am very happy with that program and am convinced that it saves me money as well as frees me up from being at a computer at the exact time that an sale ends. I would recommend that program to you here but to do so is against 's rules. Rather than risk having my sales shut down, I will not list the name of my favorite offerding program here. I am willing to explain more about how "sniping" works if you need to know as well as recommend my favorite sniping program if you contact me here through the email system or call me any time at 406-799-1847.

I normally charge nothing for packing very well and boxing the items I sell here. I ship the smaller items by USPS Priority Mail or parcel post, which ever is the most economical. Larger items ship by UPS or FedEx ground. I accept PayPal or any other form of payment and will ship this item anywhere in the world. Thanks a lot, Bob Woodburn - phone 406-799-1847

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