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Boss CS-3 CS3 Bass Mod Kit For Sale

Boss CS-3 CS3 Bass Mod Kit

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Boss CS-3 CS3 Bass Mod Kit:

Our CS-3 BassMod will take your bass guitar tone to the next level. Thedifference is immense. You will think this pedal was made for bass guitar.

The stock pedalhas a terrible lack ofbass response that makesitveryunsuitable for bass.The challenge in creating this mod was to beef up the bass response as much as possible without creating a muddy tone. The result is a mod that has to be heard to be believed. On top of this the pedal has several other problems. Theseincluding athin, snappy tone, a tone knob that's almost unusable,and a lot of noise. This mod corrects all of these problems. Here is a list of what this mod offers.

1) Improved Tone Knob - First thing this mod does is it corrects the tone knob issue. The stock tone knob goes from "muddy topainfully sharp". This mod turns the tone knob into a "dark to bright" knob. You cant find a bad tone in there.

2) Thick Full Body - Next problemwas the thin, snappy tone. A couple of resistorand capacitor changesreally opens upthe toneand givesthe pedal a huge boost in the amount of body and depth.

3) ImprovedBass Response - This is where the mod really takes off. It took a pretty dramatic change of parts to make the low endreallyshinefor bass guitar.This mod greatly improves the bass response without creating the muddy tone that increased bass usually creates.

4) Bright Blue Led - This replaces the old redLED with a bright blue LED. It does nothing for the tone, but it looks good.

5) Noise Reduction - We finished up the mod by replacing everylow quality capacitorthat we could with high end metal film capacitors to reduceexcess noise as much as possible.

Check out some of my response from previous customers:

- Again, outstanding. Customer support is second to none. THANKS!

- OUTSTANDING! Extremely helpful and absolutely a joy to deal with. Thanks!!

- Fast shipping, GREAT INSTRUCTIONS! Step by step what to do!!! A+++++++++++++++++

- Very Fast well packed Shipping and a great deal too! Will buy from again!

You will not believe the difference that this mod makesto your pedal. It's not just a compressor/sustainer anymore, but also a great way to add body and depthto your bass tone. This mod comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions complete with pictures to helpwalk you through the steps. The instructions will be e-mailed after the sale. Be sure to check out our store and see what other great mods we have available!

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