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WWJD Breyer & Collectible Horses

"Wild at Heart"

Please Slow Down It's in your best interest to read this entire page!

Below you will find all the information you need from item description to photos as well as our combined shipping cost, payment policies, response and buyer satisfaction guarantee.

Icollect Breyer horses for the love of the hobby. I do not show these beauties nor am I an expert on any part of them. Igather my information from the Breyer Animal Collector's Guide (Fifth Edition) and a website for the newer models. All horses are stored in a cool room away from sunlight, kids and animals . Please consider these horses have been previously owned and are in various conditions. All pictures are takenclose up, in good lighting and in clear focus in the hope of letting the pictures speak for themselves. I do not use the words "Mint Condition" as it is my experience that every Breyer is apt to have some small imperfection more than likely from the factory. I have taken horses out of their original box to find a small rub or scratch. KEEP IN MIND: Every horse is handled by more than 20 artisans during the creative process. I personally scrutinize each horse in bright light tofind any flaws or defects but please realize that I am human and I might inadvertently miss some minor flaw. I honestly do my very best to describe them as accurately as possible. I also maintain apretty high standard for these Breyers in hopes of exceeding any buyers expectation in listing what I feel are their condition rating.All items in the photo except for the horse and anything additionally listed are props and not for sale.



Item Description:

"Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron"

Size: Traditional 12 x 9 inch size Condition:Fair conditionItem Details: Here is "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron" in the original Spirit mold. He is a stunnning model of the Stallion in the 2002 movie Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron. Hand painted matte buckskin withbrown lowerlegs, dorsal stripe, black mane & tail, tan hooves, dark shaded muzzle and eye whites for a moreauthentic look. He is baring a silver "stamp", emblem of a running horse on the inside of his right rear leg. This guy is in fair condition. He has several tiny white specks on areas of his left hip & leg (visible in the3rd photo). He also has a finesplit seam line downhis back from the withers to hiships.Finally he has several small white specks on his right side front leg, shoulder and hip (visible in the1st photo). I took the 5th picture in the house after it had gotten dark outside so it shows a little different because of the flash. In my opinion he is probably not a verygood candidate for a collector's display model. Please look vey closely at all photos provdided and you make up your own mind about his condition. I think he's better suited as an awesome toy for any Breyer enthusiast. He will fit very well into any herd or

Click once on the photo to get the super-sized version, click again to minimize

U.S. Shipping Policy

You can choose between US Priority or US Parcel Post. We prefer to ship US Priority as it has faster delivery time and we've see consistentlythat it is often only pennies more (if not less)to choose this method. Please look closely at both options before paying your invoice. Wealso offer combined shipping at a cost of $1.50 foreach additional horse won after the first.

Allpackages are shipped with tracking anddelivery confirmation.

International Shipping Information

We ship International 2 different ways. US First Class Mail International is the least expensiveBUT there are limitations. The package has to be no more than a total of 36” (length, width, height) and 4 pounds. If you are purchasing multiple items and choose US First Class Mail International we may have to use more than one box to meet these limitations and it may take up to 5 days to ship. US Priority MailInternational offers tracking, and larger maximum box and weight size. Shipping International is a more extensive process therefore a handling fee of $6.50 will be added to your shipping charge for time, extra padding and materials.

Delivery confirmation & tracking are unavailable with First Class Mail International so choose this option at your own risk. Payment Policy

sale CLOSE
Payment must be PayPal. Due to policy we no longer accept checks or

response & Our Guarantee

We strive for exceptional buyer satisfaction and to achieve a 5 star response on every single one ofour listings. We leave response for you as soon as your item is paid for and TRUST that response will be given by you after the item is received

We back every one of our items with 100% customer satisfaction. When your item arrives and you have chance to thoroughly look it over ifit does not present an accurate description or is not safely packaged and shipped in a timely manner please contact us before leaving any response.

Any and all justifiable complaints will be resolved to the buyers and sellers satisfaction

About Us

We don't run this business to make a profit

I have been around horses for most of my life. At 16 my first job was working at Los Alamitos Race Track taking care of Quarter horses. From there I moved on to riding Thoroughbred race horses on a ranch in Riverside Ca. In 1990 I moved to Minden, NV. which is where I still reside. I have bred and raised Quarter horse paints. I was a Farrier (Horseshoer) for 7 years until a skiing accident in Mammoth messed up my neck and back. After many difficult and positive experiences in my life in 2006 I came to work and live on a 20 acre ranch working with and taking care of Morgan horses.

In 2005 I met and married the man that God decided would be my husband. He is patient and compassionate and is the one who takes care of most everything from invoicing to the fantastic packaging of your purchases. If it weren't for Barton and his constant support and encouragement, I'm quite certain that this "business" would not be as successful as it is. His love for Jesus, his wife (that would be me), and our two dogs is by far God's greatest gift to me. He walks with me through life's trials, always putting himself aside in order to meet my needs. And as you read further, you'll see that this can be quite a challenge.

In the summer of 2007 at 41 years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My symptoms became debilitating to the point that for safety reasons I had to stop being around horses all together. I lost my ability to walk normally (often times I cannot drive) and am in constant pain due to disruption of the nerves in both legs sending my brain wrong signals. Multiple Sclerosis has radically changed my life, but I know that Jesus is still in control and He loves me.

I came upon this business when one day I wanted to buy a Breyer horse to go with the 20+ I have had since I was a child. When I saw on how active the Breyer horse world is I was drawn in. God opened doors for me in every way and this love for Breyers became a business that I am able to do from home. I figure it as my way of being able to still be around horses, but just in model form, not the real one's. God has given me this business as a blessing and an expression of His love for me.

I have sold a few horses that I repainted in oils. I also custom make bridles and halters.

So that's pretty much where I'm at in this season of my life. I am loved by Jesus and my wonderful husband. I love this business and make every effort to always give it 100%. Making a profit has zero priority. I do this because I love the Breyers, and I get to interact with fellow Breyer horse lovers world wide.

Photos by Cari Cline

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