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Browning Golden Eagle Mk III with VFO. vintage CB radio For Sale

Browning Golden Eagle Mk III with VFO. vintage CB radio

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Browning Golden Eagle Mk III with VFO. vintage CB radio:

Up for sale is a "MINT CONDITION" Browning Golden Eagle Mk III with a Siltronix Model 80 VFO that will allow you to get all 40 channels on the 11 meeter band.(The VFO has a small scratch on the front).The microphone is a Astatic D-104 with a silver eagle head and a extra SSB head to. Also a Kris Mach 3B (Needs Tubes).This rig is in great condition you can pull up the original manual on the net for all the info on the setup and use. Don't let this one pass you by! You may NEVER get the chance to have one again.

A little history:

This is the Browning Golden Eagle Mk III. This was the next in a series of high end radios from Browning Labs. First appearing around 1971, the MK III quickly assumed the role of "King of the hill" for those serious hobby users. As can be seen by the picture, this "radio" was actually housed in two separate pieces. The transmitter and receiver were each housed in its own individual box. This was a tube-type AM/SSB rig, with a multitude of user controls, including the standard essentials of Volume, Squelch, a "bandspread" (fine tune or clarifier), mode controls, and a nice large "S" meter. Tuning was accomplished by a continuously variable tuning dial which not only covered the 23 channel CB band, but included an "HF" portion as well, which covered from 27.285, up to 27.595. (This sale includes the VFO for all 40 channels) The transmitter also had a fine tune to track the receiver, and a built-in SWR meter with modulation functionality, as well as illuminated mode indicators. This rig was not cheap, as it cost over $750 in 1970's dollars, which was roughly double what a more modest SSB rig cost then. So consequently, there were not too many of them floating around our more modest neighborhoods.

The receiver was well designed and boasted an outstanding 80db advertised adjacent channel rejection, obtained not with the use of mechanical or crystal filters, but with several hi-"Q" tuned IF stages. The transmitter audio was strong and clear, with that warm "tube" sound. But by far the most notorious "feature" of the Golden Eagle was the "ping" which occurred each time the radio was keyed. It was never the same each time, but it immediately identified the radio as a Golden Eagle. Interestingly, this trademark "ping" was actually a design flaw, where the receiver was not completely muted, before the transmitter came up. The "ping" was actually caused by momentary response from the receiver, which the operator could hear as well as the people on the channel. But this "defect" actually became a selling point, so the engineers at Browning decided to leave it in. The "ping" became a signature element, something which set this rig apart from the "common" radio. In fact, there were a few companies and individual techies out there, who developed aftermarket add-on devices which attempted to copy this unique ping, but none could duplicate it exactly. The ping could be eliminated though, when it finally started grating on your nerves, or when running late at night, by simply running the squelch up to silence the receiver before keying the transmitter.

Shipping is your choice of carriers and is at the buyers expense. Feel free to email me with any questions and good luck offerding,

DON'T LET THIS ONE PASS YOU BY!!! All items listed in this sale are sold AS-IS with NO warranty. Buyer pays shipping and I'm shipping to lower 48 states only. Pay pal payment ONLY, Buyer to pay within 2 days of action ending. Will be shipped within one business day of payment being made.

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