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Budweiser Parade Carousel Clydesdale Horse Carriage Dalmation Light Motion Sign+ For Sale

Budweiser Parade Carousel Clydesdale Horse Carriage Dalmation Light Motion Sign+

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Budweiser Parade Carousel Clydesdale Horse Carriage Dalmation Light Motion Sign+:

Budweiser Parade Clydesdale Carousel Light from the 60s This is the 1960s original Budweiser Carousel Clydesday Parade Light with motion. When I purchased this, here is the description of this unit. It does work, lights up and revolves. It is hanging in the corner of my room right now, there is some scuffs on the plastic but its not in that bad of shape, please see the pictures. This is not a fake like some out there, own a piece of history with this one. Please see my pictures on here, just taken today. It is in good condtion and you don't notice and of the blemshes when it is hung and the lid is on it. Here is the original ownerse description.

"It has a tag on the inside of the bottom that is dated 1969. It works and lights up & rotates about 40 seconds per revolution. The light woud be perfect to display and is a great conversation piece.

It would be a great addition to a pool room, or for a gift. There are only a limited number of these light available since they were distrubted by Budweiser to only the fine or higher selling bars for beer. They were not intended for resale, not availabe to the public for purchase.

The draft horse Clydesdales, Dalmatians dogs, the 2 drivers and beer wagon and the sing Budweiser King Of Beer are in good condition. The light consists of:

Eight Clydesdale horses with beautiful exquisite detail including red & white bows/poms in their tails. I think but not sure these are made of celluloid. If not they are plastic, but due to the sound, feel and date I think celluloid. One Mother Dalmatian on the beer wagon coxing her litter on the ground behind the wagon. Five Dalmatian puppies walking behind the beer wagon with large black spots. Two beer wagon drivers attired in blue suits and blue hats. Drivers are made of metal / iron. Beer Wagon carrying cases of Budweiser (paper labels) and two hanging buckets under each side of the wagon. Two hanging lanterns (one on each side near the drivers). Beer wagon is labeled "Budweiser Anheuser - Busch Inc". Sign inside the light that reads: Budweiser King Of Beer.

On the outside bottom of the Light in two places in raised gold letters is "WORLD CHAMPION CLYDESDALE TEAM" and in between them on the bottom are raised intricate Anheuser company logos. There is only one logo, the other one is missing. The plastic globe has some scuffing and scratches which is normal for an over 40 year old item. The gold colored bands on the plastice globe shows wear as well because of the years. The bottom simulated wood also has minor scuffs which is visible in the photo, as the top as well.

Overall as you can see by the photos it in not distracting or ugly. It is a beautiful and rare light / sign. I am probably over describing the light, as I do not want to misrepesent it in any way. I want you to know what you are offerding on and buying.

The Light weighs about 19.5 pounds and is approximately 24 inches wide and 17 inches high including the hanging ring. The Light was difficult to photograph because of the glare from the light and the plastic -- it looks better in person. As I said when you see it in real life, all you see it the beauty and detail of such a magnificant piece of art.

To be an honest seller, I opened this light to report to you my findings. It has a date stamp inside of 1969. Also a date date of July 1992 on the electrical part. The top part of the bubble glass (plastic) is broken under where the top screws onto it in 4 places. A little cowboy magic was applied over the years, as there is some baling wire used to repair it. As you can tell by the photos you can't see it, but I did want to call it to your attention. One washer and screw is not able to be used since the plastic is broke and nothing to screw to. I put a piece of clear tape on it, and it works just fine. All of this is under the top cover and cannot be seen unless you remove the top...and why would you? There is no reason to except to replace the bulb in time to come."

It works great lights up and rotates. There is a switch on the bottom of the unit to turn it off and on. Winner please add $75 to ship offer on other sales to save on shipping. Email for rates outside of US. Thank you and Good Luck.

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