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HTG Supply 600 wattComplete ORGANIC Grow Tent Kit

FREE SHIPPING when purchased through this listing!

You'll pay about $699 for JUST THE GROW LIGHT at a retail hydroponic shop - this is one heck of a value here!



So many growers starting out know they want to grow - they just don't know what they need to get started. HTGSupply has you covered! We offer this beginner grow systemspecificallyfor the new grower. This kit is complete and ready to grow, no gimmicks, no undersized, home-made or difficult to use hydroponic system - just the best of the basics. You get the AgroMax grow tent which provides the perfectenvironmentfor a growarea - no holes to dril, no lumber to buy, no tools whatsoever needed to assemble. Also included watt Digital Greenhouse ballast which providesan enormous amount of lightenergy for your plants to grow. Not only is the Digital Greehnouse 600 watt ballast and reflector (Grow Light) the right sized light for this grow tent, it's unsurpassed reliabilityandvalue has made it one of thehighestselling digital ballasts on the marketplace!The grow bags are big 7 gallon sized that will support nice, fat plants - and these grow bags will only need watered once or twice a week so constant attention is not needed (unlikemany hydroponic systems). The ROOTS ORGANICS organic SOIL and organic NUTRIENTS are safe and easy to use! Organically grown fruits, flowers and vegetables are recognized as the most healthy, most tasty and most sought after product available. Air Ventilation, Circulation and temperature are all taken care of with this kit. We want you to be successful. We want you to grow the BEST PLANTS POSSIBLE! You CAN DO IT with this kit!

TheHTG Supply 600w Complete Grow Tent Kitis designed to accommodate 6full sized organic plants. From top to bottom,everythingyou need to get growing is included in this kit for the incredible low price of only $699.95 COMPLETE AND SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR !!!You won’t believe your eyes when you see all of the equipment listed below that comes with this sweet deal!

Grow Tent:

TheAgroMax 47”x47”x79” Grow Tentis the ideal midsized, portable grow space.Save your closet for your clothes!This tent will allow you to create a micro-environment where you can precisely control temperature, humidity levels, and lighting.The AgroMax tent’s outer black Ballistic Nylon “Skin” helps to ensure that your light cycles remain undisturbed by eliminating the threat of "light leaks" that could potentially cause problems for your plants during their "night" cycle, the inner super reflective mylar shines all of the lighting right back onto the plants, is super durable, tough and easy to clean.Don’t fall for one of those cheap, flimsy tents that leaks light in and out like a sieve.The 47”x47”x79”GROW TENT is one of our best selling grow tents for good reasons: unique features, superior design, and top quality construction.

The 47”x47”x79”GROW TENT features:

* Super Sturdy Steel Frame With Locking Metal Coners
*HugeSide Access Ports

* Heavy-Duty, Light-Proof, Black Ballistic Nylon "Skin"
* Ultra-Reflective "MYLAR" interior lining for superior light reflectivity& dispersal
* FIVE 6" or 8" Vent Ports with Velcro covers
* TWO 4" Vent Ports with Velcro covers
* Three integrated Vent Flaps with Velcro seals for proper ventilation and light proofing
* Water-Proof Double Floor keeps * Easy to follow set-up instructions

The 47”x47”x79” Grow Tent can be used for start-to-finish plant growth. This unit is custom built for us, and offers extra features not foundwith other tent suppliers!The Top Quality Construction and Materials of the AgroMax GROW TENT will provide a lifetime of use.Accept nothing less than the superior design and top quality craftsmanship of AgroMax brand grow tents.Grow to theMAXwith AgroMax!


Complete 600 watt HPS DIGITAL Grow Light System!



* U.L. Listed for SAFETY and

As seen in hobby and professional growers magazines across the country!This is simply the BEST High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) Grow Light System on the market today. Digital Greenhouse lighting systems are made for growing plants; quiet, safe, powerful, and efficient.Top Quality Construction and Components combined with Outstanding Value make this light the perfect choice for your grow light needs.This 600 watt system is recommended for gardens between 4’ x 4’ (floor space) to 7’ x 7’ - NOTE: The Medium Grow Tent that comes with this systemis 4'x 4' so you are getting the MAXIMUM LIGHT OUTPUT and MAXIUMIM YIELD!The system also includes (1) specialty high output HPS grow bulb, MaxWing reflector, power cord, and socket set.Digital Greenhouse ballasts now come standard with a 5 year warranty.

Advantages of the Digital Ballast:

*More efficient:reduces energy consumption compared to “core & coil” ballasts

*UL listed!

MaxWing Reflector:

Measures: 19" long x 16.5" wide x 6 1/2" deep

This Reflector is COMPACT and POWERFUL. The MaxWing is constructed from highly reflective (95%+ reflective) polished aluminum that will not rust, corrode, chip or discolor.It is NOT made from inferior chrome which, under the intense heat of an H.I.D. lamp will chip, fade, and discolor over time. This Reflector is built to last a lifetime. It combines the high reflectivity of the mirror like finish of the polished aluminum with the excellent light dispersal qualities of a dimpled or hammer-toned surface. This is simply the BEST material to use for H.I.D. lighting reflectors. The hammer-toned surface also eliminates "hotspots" and ensures lush, even plant growth, while the horizontal configuration of the MaxWing delivers the maximum amount of light over the entire garden.

HTGSupply 600w HPS Lamp:

This Brand New HIGH OUTPUT 600 watt HPS bulb emits 95,000 lumens!Standard 600w HPS bulbs emit only 72,000 lumens… The difference is clear!The HTG Supply 600 watt HPS bulb is an extremely popular bulb amongst growers who seek both quality and value.It has been developed with all of the enhancements of much higher priced bulbs in order to meet the performance expectations of today’s hobbyist indoor grower.

Socket / Cord Set:

The detachable Plug Cord Set features a 16 gauge, 15’ heavy duty cord that plugs into your ballast andattaches to the reflector. Cord set fits major brand reflectors including High Yield Lighting brand and other popular brand reflectors. If you ever desire to UPGRADE to a different reflector, this Cord set allows you to do so!


The warranty coverage for this system is 5 years on the digital electronic ballast and components, and 1 year for the bulbs. We stand behind our products 100%, and will personally take care of any warranty issues you may have.

Adjustable Hi-Low Reflector Hangers:

The 600 Watt Complete Grow Kit includes ONE PAIR ofSunrise Hi-Low Reflector Hangers.These hangers are simply GREAT! Just attach to your reflector and adjust the tension and you can quickly and easily adjust the height of your reflector. No more banging your head on the reflector during garden inspections!

*Max weight is about 24 lbs for the pair

6 Pack Seed Starter:

The 6 Pack Seed Starter includes(6) Seed Starter Plugs, a Styrofoam holder, and drip tray. Using this seed starter kit is the easiest way to start seeds. The Styrofoam holder keeps delicate roots insulated from sudden temperature changes and holds the Seed Starter Plugs perfectly. The Drip Tray simply catches runoffwhen watering. The super easy to use Seed Starter Plugs come with pre-made planting holes for easy planting. The Seed Starter Plugs are made of earth friendly 100% natural compressed tree bark, whichholds the optimum air-to-water ratio for seed starting.Thisamazing material is permeable enough to allow roots to grow directly into andpenetrate throughit, but also super tough and will not break apart during transplanting into soil or hydroponic gardens. The SeedStarter plugs have a small "charge" of nutrients that will help feed your plant during the critical first week of sprouting. These plugs are great and make transplanting very easy and safe for your delicate plants and their roots.

HTG Supply 7 Gallon Grow Bags:

These areThickPoly Grow Bags!The sixdurable grow bags included with this kit are easy to handle and work great for any growing medium, including soil and coco peat.

* !!! 6 Mil Thickness !!!
* STRONGER and BETTER than other grow bags!
* Black Interior and White Exterior for superior performance!
* Reflects light back into garden (unlike black grow bags) and black interior does not allow algae growth!


Roots Organic Potting Soil!!

Don't PANIC! It's ORGANIC! The soil included with this kit is a truly exceptional, ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil.Each of the THREE LARGE BAGS contains 1.5 cubic feet/10 gallons of soil. This soil is amended with only the highest quality organic ingredients including bat guano, premium earth worm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal, green sand, mycorrhizae, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and many more. Also, it is already blended with correct proportions of perlite and pumice for excellent drainage and a vigorous root system. This is PREMIUM ORGANIC SOIL from a quality supplier. Again, these are THREE LARGE BAGS of PREMIUM ORGANIC SOIL, no cutting corners with this kit, this is the real deal!

ORGANIC Nutrients:

You are what you eat - and so are your plants! We provide your plants with the BEST small batch 100% ORGANIC NUTIRIENTS that money can buy! Auro Innovations created the Roots Organic line for growers who are serious about having the best, all organic product possible. Buddha Grow & Bloom is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients specifically created to promote vigor, increase yields and enhance quality in potting soil grown plants throughout their life. Worldwide sourcing and deliberate design extracted and condensed into an exceptional liquid blend targeted to encourage excellence from your plants. You get two 32 ounce (Quart) sized bottles - which is a lot - and they will last well beyond your first harvest with this system.

Circulation Fan:

Proper air circulation is critical to proper plant growth - no breeze and the plants can't breathe! The GrowBright 6” clip-on fan is whisper quiet!It also features a fully adjustable vertical tilt, two speed operation, a 10 foot power cord, and a 360 degree pivot. UL Listed for safety, this is a quality fan. This fan works perfectly in our grow tents. It will clip on to any of the supports and pivot into any position.


You gotta let out the heat and get some fresh air moving into your garden for healthy plant growth. The Ventilation Kit included with the 400w Complete Grow Kit contains tried and true tools for the heating and cooling trade, wisely adapted for cooling grow light reflectors. The 6” Inline Duct Fan included is a reliable and cost effective way to keep temperature in the indoor garden under control.As well as cooling grow lights, it can also be used to increase the efficiency of an exhaust system containing another fan. Using thisventilation fan is very easy - just attach the included 6" flange to the top vent of your grow tent and drop the fan in so it is blowing air out to thetop of the tent - just like a chimney.This single smallfan willkeep your grow tent temperatures in check andpull in enough fresh air to keep your plants happy!

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer/Hygrometer:

The GrowBright Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer is ideal for indoor gardening applications.Two of most vital factors in the garden are the temperature and humidity.With precise measurements supplied by this monitor you’ll know when adjustments are required, allowing you to be a master of your environment!


* Remote sensor probe on a 6 foot wire
* min-max memory functions for temperature
* Min-max memory functions for humidity
* Temperature and Humidity Alarms

* o -14°F ~ o -10°C ~ 50°C
* o -58°F ~ o -50°~ 70°C

* 25%RH to 90%RH

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