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CashFlow 101 & 202 Excel Spreadsheets Rich Dad Kiyosaki For Sale

CashFlow 101 & 202 Excel Spreadsheets Rich Dad Kiyosaki

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CashFlow 101 & 202 Excel Spreadsheets Rich Dad Kiyosaki:

The Original Cashflow 101 and 202 Spreadsheets

Cashflow 101 and 202 are great games that require calculations, double checks and a big eraser. With these Excel spreadsheets all that is taken care of for you. Simply enter Passive Income property info, take out a loan or pay off debt and your new cashflow is figured for you. Take out a loan in any amount not just in $1,000 increments. Pay off other debt (Car Loan, Credit Cards, etc...) in any amount also. Makes the game even more realistic. Not sure if the deal is right? Enter the figures into the "Is it worth it" section and find out. If you like what you see, then click the [Buy It] button and it is transferred to your balance sheet and your new cash flow isfigured automatically. The spreadsheets are designed so you do not need a calculator or even the paper money that comes with the game. It allows you to see if deals are right without concerning yourself whether your math is right. Let the spreadsheets work for you! This really speeds up the play of the game because all calculations are figured for you plus you do not need to count out or exchange the paper money.After using it a few times, enter your own finances to determine your own cash flow!

Takes out the work and keeps in the fun! These are must-have spreadsheets to these excellent games.

How valuable is your time? For the price of lunch (or a cheap dinner)you get these fully functional spreadsheets. Once you use these spreadsheets, even once, you will never go back to using the Balance Sheets.

Everything in the spreadsheets is updated instantly and automatically as you enter your changes. They have been reviewed by a Certified Cashflow Facilitator and hundreds of individuals and cashflow clubs worldwide use itand have provided positive response.Extreme care has been taken so that the spreadsheets match the board games in every way.

Get both spreadsheets for one low price!

These spreadsheets are the best on the market today! And to show our confidence, we are offering you to try these spreadsheets RISK FREE with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you find any formula or button the does not work seamlessly with the games or if these are not the best spreadsheets on the market today for the Cashflow 101 and 202 board games within 30 days of your purchase, we will refund your purchase price in full.

You will receive download instructions within one day of cleared payment.

Free Worldwide downloads 1 fullyear! Including any and all upgrades and enhancements.


  • Pay off debts and loans in any amount. All figured for you!
  • Find out if the deal is right in the 'Is it worth it' box. Then...
  • Click on the [Buy It] button and your property purchase is put on the Balance Sheet and updates your new cashflow!
  • Not sure if you want to sell? Check out the 'How much do I get if I sell?' section or...
  • Click the [Sell] button. The spreadsheet knows what type of property it is so it will only ask you for information for that property. The porgram will tell you what you will receive (or lose) your cashflow difference than ask if you to confirm your sale. Your Saving balance, cashflow change and everything else are updated automatically.
  • All Stocks are listed. Just enter the number of shares and the price to add themto your assets.
  • Determine how many shares you can buy quickly. Enter how much you want to invest and the price per share to find out how many shares you can buy. You can even purchase more shares then you have funds for. You determine the risk.
  • Stock splits and reverse splits are done with a the touch of a button.
  • Click the [Add] button to add a child or enter the number of children and your expenses and cash flow are updated automatically.
  • Put your money in the bank to earn a little bit of interest (not much just like in real life).
  • The [Direct Deposit] button puts your pay check right into savings.
  • The progress of all players are graphically displayed on each worksheet so you know how you are doing compared to the other players.
  • The amount neededto get out of the Rat Race is always displayed so you know your goal.
  • The interest rate for each type of loan is displayed so you know which you should pay off first.
  • The [Pay Loan] Button next to each loantakes money from Savings and Pays down that loan by the amount you indicate.
  • Sheets are protected so you don't need to worry about accidentally changing critical fields.
  • Enter Rental Property and Businesses typesfrom a Drop down Menu quickly. Then add your down payment, cost and Passive Income. Your Mortgage/Liability and ROI (Return on Investment) are calculated for you.
  • When you get out of the rat race you, everything is in the Fast Track. Just page down to see it.
  • In the Fast Track, select the business from the dropdown menu and your new Cashflow Day amount is updated. You're on the Fast Track so earning additional income should be easier!
  • Enter your own finances on 'Your Finances' worksheet to determine your own cashfow.
  • When you are ready to start a new game,click on the [Restart Game] button and you are ready to play!
  • No need to use the pad of game sheets or the paper money. Everything is in the spreadsheet.
  • Spreadsheet works in all Excel versions from '97 to 2007.
  • Every occupation is setup ready to go.
  • You can even pay another player when you buy a deal or option from them.
  • All edit fields are in Yellow.
  • Extra Feature - Keep the same payment for the life of the loan. With this feature, You keep the same payment until the loan is paid off.
  • Optional [Retire Early] Button: Afterreaching your goal to getout of the Rat Race you can choose to 'Retire Early'. Thisremoves your salary and you need to earn that amount of additional passive income. An additional challenge for the intermediate to advanced players!
  • and many more!
Cashflow 202 Additional Features:
  • Track Direct to You (D2Y) incomes easily.
  • All Royalty income choices are listed. Just enter their cashflow.
  • Track your Stock Options - both Calls and Puts quickly.
  • Track Stock Short Sales easily.
  • [Sell] Button for selling Fast Track properties (for 202 only as it is not allowed in 101).
  • [Buy] button for franchising your Fast Track businesses (not pictured).
Hundreds of the response received for this spreadsheet! This is just asample Please see other response comments!
  • GREAT spreadsheet! Makes Cashflow 101 SO much more fun! Fast Delivery! A+++!
  • Superfast delivery...thanks for making a great game even better...AAA+++
  • Excellent product! Well put together!
  • Spread sheet works wonderfully, a must have for Cashflow enthusiasts.
  • Awesome Spreadsheet! A+ Seller, Highly Recommend
  • Great Seller, system is excellent, and complete, Thanks
  • Great International Seller, Very Highly Recommended A+++

Additional information.Because of a recent change to PayPal payment policy to international purchases, I must have a shipping charge even though this is a downloaded item.
Designed for interactive use on a laptop while playing the Cashflow 101 and 202 board games.
Works well using one or two laptops.
Microsoft Excel required to use this spreadsheet.
Unfortunately the buttons will not work with Open Office norwith Excel for Mac.
We do have a version that will work with Excel for Mac (All buttons and the player progress graph has been removed).
Spreadsheets are for personal use only - They do not include resale rights.
You will receive download instructions to your accountwithin 1 business day of cleared payment.

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