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Caterpillar CAT Injector Setting Fuel TOOL GROUP 223-2454 128-8822 3116 3126 MUI For Sale

Caterpillar CAT Injector Setting Fuel TOOL GROUP 223-2454 128-8822 3116 3126 MUI

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Caterpillar CAT Injector Setting Fuel TOOL GROUP 223-2454 128-8822 3116 3126 MUI:

CATERPILLAR CAT 223-2454 Tool Group For sale Sale, This tool group supersedes the former CAT 128-8822 and 9U7305 tool Groups and is a direct replacement for either of those Tool Groups that might be specified in your CAT Service Manual. It is the "Essential" TOOL GROUP FOR THE 3116, 3114, 3126 MUI (Mechanical Unit Injector) ENGINES! With this kit you can accomplish: INJECTOR SYNCHRONIZATION, INJECTION TIMING, INJECTOR FUEL RACK SETTING, AND FUEL-RATIO CONTROL-SETTINGS

With this essential tool group, you can perform the replacement of one or more injectors, set them to original factory fuel delivery specifications, synchronize them to deliver smooth power and so forth. This kit is used to check and perform all on-engine fuel system adjustments. If you own a Caterpiller engine with Mechanical Unit Injectors, you cannot afford to NOT own this kit (the official CAT shop time for removing a set of injectors and re-setting the fuel system is nearly 8 hours for a CAT mechanic ...you do the math!). This is a Genuine CATERPILLAR 223-2454 Tool Group in used, but in Like-New Condition, and retails for about $2000.00 new!The case is in perfect Like-new condition as shown in the photographs: no dents, gouges, paint splotches, cracks or other defects! The kit will include a new (never used), GENUINE Caterpillar Tool Operating Manual that applies to Tool Group 223-2454 (and also applies to Tool Group 128-8822). The manual covers the use of the Tool Group for all its intended operations, and is very well written and detailed. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do all these tasks yourself, and save a bucket of money (and these days, we could all use more of that!)I am also including a NEW Duracell Replacement Battery for the Mitutoyo DigMatic digital Indicator. The DigiMatic indicator itself is 100% functional and in very nice condition.The contents of the kit have been carefully checked against the contents tabulated in the Tool Operating Manual & I guarantee that all parts are present and in perfect working condition. You will be very, very pleased with this tool kit and will have no reason to consider returning it, but offer with confidence knowing that you are, of course, still 100% covered by 's dispute-resolution process if you are not 100% satisfied.I am not in the business of renting tools, and that is the only reason why I specify that this is a "non-returnable" item.Ask Questions before offerding.
offer with confidence!
I Ship to USA and Canada only.
THANKS VERY MUCH!I have this item for sale locally and I therefore reserve the right to end offerding early.
The contents of this advertisement are Copyright C 2011--do not copy without written permission

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