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Chevy 454 496 Stroker Kit BBC Crankshaft Rods Pistons For Sale

Chevy 454 496 Stroker Kit BBC Crankshaft Rods Pistons

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Chevy 454 496 Stroker Kit BBC Crankshaft Rods Pistons:

Crankshaft: New Procomp motorsport cast nodular iron(you can substitute for a Scat cast steel crank for 150.00 extra). This is a 4.250 stroke (.250 longer stroke then stock) externally balanced crankshaft 2 piece rear seal crank 1965 to 1989. You can use your stock 454 balancer and flywheel with this combination.Cranks are full .125 radius on rods and mains, you will need a454 balancer and flywheel for these cranks. These cranks are rated good to 700hp and 7000rpm.We do offer the 1990 and newer 1 piece rear seal cranks for 100.00 extra, if you want a1 piece seal crank you must request with payment only!!if no requests with payment you get 2 piece seal crank!!! We also offer this crankshaft and kitbalanced for 200.00 extra. we also offer 4340 steel cranks for 550.00 extra.

Connecting Rods: Procomp motorsport 4340 H beam Forged steel 6.385 long rods. These rods are .250 longer then stock. The longer rod produces less friction, makes more power and creates less cylinder wear. These rods are also H beam, these are good to 1000hp and 7000rpm. Many of the kits here on that are selling you much cheaper, weaker I beam rods.

Pistons: All stroker kits are supplied withProbe forged racingpistons.Probe forged pistonsare the finestforged racingpistons on the market today,(I know picture shows KB pistons but we do not us or sell any more too many issues!! you get same kit for same price but with Probe Forged racing pistons). They have a .180 dome and they yield a 10.00:1 compression with 115cc open chamber heads. The domes on these pistons will also work with closed chamber heads as well. Depending on the cc of your head you can expect between 11.00:1 and 12.00:1 with closed chamber heads. If you are running nitrous or a supercharger these Probe Forged pistons are the only way to go and have you engine live with no piston failures!!.

Rings and Bearings: All engine kits come with with King main and rod bearings and Hastings/Enginetech/Grant moly rings. These are not standard off the shelf King engine bearings. These are special bearings made by King for us to be used with the increased radius on aftermarket crankshafts. They are comparable to Clevite H series. King bearings have proven to be excellent quality and hold up to even the most severe applications. Their Acular material offers nearly twice the strength of traditional lead/copper bearings. Hastings/Enginetech rings are the highest quality rings on the market today. They offer less drag and cylinder wear then comparable less expensive rings on the market today.

If you are building a big block Chevy for your project there is no road to cheaper horsepower then increasing displacement. We have excellent dyno tested combinations and can furnish you any parts needed to complete your project. Thanks for looking and happy offerding.
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