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Clinton Anderson's Intermediate For Sale

Clinton Anderson's Intermediate

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Clinton Anderson's Intermediate:

Clinton Anderson'sIntermediate DVD training program DVD's: Totalingover 18 hours of training. 33 Exercises bothGroundwork and Riding.Filled with information! Clinton uses a finished horse to demonstrate whateach exercise should look likeon atrainedhorse andthen he uses a horse that does not know the exercises so you can see how to handle the horse problems or mistakesyou mayencounterwhile trainingyour own horse. Each DVD covers the Exercises completely including:Goal, Why, Teaching Stage, Handler Mistakes, Horse Problems, Troubleshooting, Success Tips and Practical Purpose.

  • 15 Arena Mates:Detailed booklets that you can carryout to the barn or arena so you will not forget any exercises when you get to the barn!They include information from theDVD'S including: Detailing each exercise, Ways to avoid common handler and horse mistakes, Troubleshooting,and Success Tips.
  • Laminated Exercise Reference Sheet
  • Carrying Case
  • Clinton Anderson'sIntermediate kit is the 2nd level of theMethod. .The Intermediate kitisfilled withtraininginformation that is presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. If you are ready to take your horse to the next level this is the kit for you. This is a complete step-by step program.

    The retail price to purchase this kit new through Clinton Anderson is $599.00 (as a No Worries Club Member $399.00).

    The dvd's have onlybeen viewed once each and the arena mates have not left the house and have only been opened one time, everything is like new.

    I am heartbroken that I have to sell these kits. My dog is very ill and I need the money to pay the vet. If you have any questions aboutthis set please contact me.

    The Fundamentals kit is the 1st level, I currently have it listed for sale on also.

    Please watch for the other kit as I will be listingit soon.

    I know thatyou will be happy with theIntermediate kit and that both you and your horse will benefit from the knowledge included whether you are trail riding for fun or showing competitively.

    Thank you and good luck offerding!

    Buy Now


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