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Coco Coir SuperGrowMix TM Grow Media For Sale

Coco Coir SuperGrowMix TM Grow Media

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Coco Coir SuperGrowMix TM Grow Media:

SuperGrowMix TM Grow Media

  • Ready to Use Mix
  • Enhanced with Ionic Sea Minerals,Worm Castings, MycorrPlusTM Mycoorhizae, Organic Coco Coir, Kelp, Gypsum,Magnesium, Rock Minerals, Perlite and Humus
  • Retains up to 5X of Water versus Soil
  • Smart Alternative to Potting Mix
  • Ideal for Microgreens, Vegetables, Herbs, Seedlings and Container Growing
  • Long Lasting and Biodegradable
  • Reusable for multiple Plantings


  • Our blendedSuperGrowMix TM is designed to hold Moisture, promote Root Growth, enhanceHealthy Plants and can be used for multiple Grow Outs.
  • Can beblended with other Organic Grow Media
  • Each Ingredient was selected based on Safe Planting guidelines for Growing Food
  • HealthyRoots promote Strong Plants
  • Ready Mixis prehydrated to save a step when Planting

Free Shipping to the Continental USA
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