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Custom My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Nightmare Moon Plush mlp fim plushie For Sale

Custom My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Nightmare Moon Plush mlp fim plushie

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Custom My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Nightmare Moon Plush mlp fim plushie:

Hello there!
You are looking at a handmade custom Nightmare Moon plush-ish thing. She has been completely hand-sewn from dark blue polar fleece which was then darkened with textile paint. Because of this, the fleece is just a little stiffer than it originally was, but don't worry, it's not like steel wool! ;) I like to view her more as a somewhat squishy giant fleece figure.
In case you're not interested in reading the long description I've laid out, I'm going to list the basics of this plush:
-Height: She stands at about 22 inches not including her horn and about 27 inches to the tip of her horn.
-Length: She is about 10 inches long.
-Wing Span: Her wings are about 29-30 inches across when fully spread out.
-Fabric: Polar fleece and Organza (or at least that's what I think it is)
-Eyes and cutie mark: Fabric and acrylic paint, with some Prismacolor pencils on her eyes for touchups
Now for a more detailed description!
She is stuffed with fibrefill and upholstery foam. She also has wire armature in her legs, ears, wings and neck, so she is a little posable and stands well on her own (see pictures below for test shots).
Her eyes were painted on fleece and knit fabric with acrylic and fabric paint. I also used Prismacolor pencils on her eyes for touchups. Her cutie mark was painted on using a mix of acrylic and fabric paint. The sclera of her eyes and the moon on her cutie mark glow in the dark and under a black light (I will update with photos of this in a bit).
Her mane and tail are made of beaded organza fabric, so they're somewhat translucent and flows around a little in the wind.
Her horn has a blue LED light at the end, which runs on a 3-volt button cell battery. The battery can be changed and is located between the two pieces of fabric that make up her mane. The button to turn the light on and off is located close to the base of her horn (Pictures to come soon).
Her armour is made of craft foam and some bonding/filling putty, then painted with acrylic paint. The moon on her neck piece, like her eyes and her cutie mark, glows in the dark or under a black light. Her armour is removable if needed, although I would take some caution with the neck piece and helmet (I will update this sale with images of her in her armour in a little bit as well).
Finally, she has a little Steven Magnet fleece moustache which has elastic attached so you can easily put it on her.
I really want people to know what they are receiving and would like to try and be as honest as I can about my listings. Because of this, I feel I must note a few flaws that I personally found with this plushie:

- She's actually a mix of dark blue and black since I had to use textile paint to darken the fabric. UGH. In normal room lighting, it's hard to tell, but under bright or fluorescent lighting, you can see the different colours.- Her left wing has a few rough patches from a hairdryer mishap. I wasn't aware that the setting I was using while drying and setting the textile paint was capable of reaching temperatures high enough to MELT the fleece. Well, I learned something new that day. *sigh*- Her cutie mark and her eyes are a mix of fabric paint and regular acrylics. Because of this, those parts of her are stiff and a somewhat glossy? Like I said, she's not exactly for cuddling, although the rest of her is still relatively squishy. It's not like I'd imagine that Nightmare Moon is the most "huggable" of the ponies anyway ;)- I used the reverse side of the fleece for her horn, so there is some pilling -- but not too much since the textile paint was coated on.- She is heavy because of her armour, armature, paint and the fact that she is somewhat large.- There are areas of her helmet and her neck piece that might be prone to a little cracking when stretched out, mostly because I only smoothed over a thin layer of putty. This is why I recommend a little caution with removing these pieces and putting them back on. They are also not as smooth as I'd like, but I couldn't find my sanding sponge or the proper attachments to my rotary tool =C
Those are the most notable things that I can find as of right now, and I will add more if I see them.

You will be receiving what you see pictured: Nightmare Moon plush, armour set, and moustache. MORE PICTURES TO COME!!! I just need to charge my camera...Please, please, pleeeeease, ask all questions before offerding! I really want to make sure I am able to address all concerns and will get back to you as soon as possible =)
Shipping in the contiguous United States (48 states) is FREE! If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, I will be more than happy to meet up with you. Nightmare Moon is a bit large and heavy, so I ask that buyers in Hawaii, Alaska and international buyers, please contact me before offerding for a shipping quote.

On Sep-14-11 at 02:29:48 PDT, seller added the following information:

Updating with some images of her with her armour and moustache, which also apparently doubles as a fabulous unibrow! I also have included an image to show how her size compares to the first Toys 'R' Us plushes. Below that images is a video showing the glow-in-the-dark parts of this thing =)

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