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Customize Your Modified Nerf Stampede ECS 50 modded mod For Sale

Customize Your Modified Nerf Stampede ECS 50 modded mod

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Customize Your Modified Nerf Stampede ECS 50 modded mod:

If ordering Internationally, please confirm before buying.

Think of it as a new car dealership, but for Nerf guns. I have an entire stock of guns, accessories, and anything Nerf related. You name it, I have it.

We'll start with the base gun, the Stampede and work our way to what you exactly want. Each option either saves you money, or adds a cost to the final bill.

The base gun is a Stampede with 36 darts and two 18 round clips; we'll build from that. I will put down all of the options that I can make available to you.

Please read the bottom of the sale to answer a lot of questions.

Keep checking back. I add options every time someone suggests a new idea. If you have anything that you'd like done to it, message me and we can get a transaction set up your way.

(x)Base Stampede - $55

Internal Modifications:

() Remove Air Restrictor - $6

() Stretch Spring (60'+)- $5

() Aftermarket Spring (75'+) - $19

() Seal O-Ring in plunger for better fit - $4

() Plug pressure release holes in barrel - $4

() Cushion plunger from impact - $8

() All of the above Internal Mods - $ 42

Power Modifications:

() 9.6 volt battery pack and charger (3 rounds per second)– $45

() 12 volt battery pack and charger (4 rounds per second) - $52

() 14.4 volt battery pack and charger (5 rounds per second)- $57

*I have seen voltages of up to 22 volts run in a stampede. If you are interested in getting a more powerful battery, I can supply them.

External Modifications:

() Remove plastic brace from battery area to trigger handle – $8

- Makes picking up and holding the gun more comfortable

()Remove carrying handle on top of gun – $7

() Trim off barrel - $8

-Makes shipping charges to large flat rate box if not purchasing too many extras.
I’ll determine if the package will fit in a large flat rate box.

- Shorter gun provides mobility with no sacrifice to accuracy

() Quick release battery sled – $10

-for quick changes during battle without a screwdriver

() Attach points for sling attachments - $7

() Laser pointer/flashlight integration in foregrip - $13

- powered by switch located by thumb

() All of the above External Modifications - $46

() SMG mod package - $60

includes a 14.8v rechargeable battery pack,
All of the trimming of the barrel, stock, tactical rails and other areas,
One tactical rail added to the top of the blaster ,
The stock of the blaster is trimmed to provide a smoother looking stock.

Clan Tag:

()1 1.5" x 1.5" (3.8 x 3.8 cm) Self adhesive clan tag affixed to the blaster - $20

I need a photograph, logo, or website that I can base the logo on.

Anything original can be done.

I create the logo in Adobe Illustrator and print on a high quality self adhesive vinyl.

It is affixed Call of Duty: Black Ops style to the Stampede above the magazine area on the left side of the gun.


Due to weather, I can no longer offer paint. If you must have your blaster painted, it will be by hand and the cost will be derived from my time spend hand painting the blaster. Contact me with any questions.


() Stampede Shield, painted to match blaster - $6

() Lanard Scatter Blast (Nerf Grenade) - $30

() 6 round clip and darts - $5

() 18 round stick clip and darts - $16

() 18 round drum magazine and darts -$20

() 35 round drum magazine and darts - $32

() Longshot scope painted to match- $30

() Modified ACOG scope painted to match - $40

() 9.6v rechargeable battery pack - $30

() 12v rechargeable battery pack - $35

() 14.4v rechargeable battery pack - $40

() United States to Australia Electrical Outlet Plug converter - $7

Check out my blog to see a portfolio of my past work and to see what others have purchased!

If you have a Stampede or other blasters and are looking for further modifications, contact me and I'll do them. you would ship the gun to me and when I'm done, I would ship it back to you. the charge is everything less the $50 base cost, as you already have a gun. Cosplay? I build video game blasters too.
I have built a Warhammer Bolter and I have parts for a M5AC halo blaster.

If you have any other ideas, shoot me with the idea and I'll make it work. My ingenuity and integrity will make this the coolest Nerf gun you have ever held.

After you have decided what will go into your blaster, purchase a listing. Copy the order form from the description with the ‘x’ placed into them and send it to me in a message after you purchase an sale. You can delete the options from the message that won't be included with the sale. DO NOT PAY FOR THE sale AT THIS TIME.

To select an option, place an ‘x’ in the parenthesis. Further down in the accessories, if wishing to order more than one, place the amount you want, then an ‘x’ to order multiples. To order 5 items; place a ‘5x’ in the parenthesis.

I will send you an invoice for the amount that the order form totals to. Payment is expected within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. No returns, as these are fully customized to your liking.

We will discuss specific questions at this time.

You pay for the item.

I will test all of my guns with battle like conditions. If they are given a passing rating at that time, I will ship it to you. If not, I will spend the extra time to disassemble the gun and make it right. After you receive the gun, it is yours.

Since the whole purpose here is to supply modified Stampedes, purchases of the base gun are not allowed.

Those buyers who do not send me a modification list within 48 hours of purchasing the listing will have their transaction canceled. I have had a too many people waste our time with this step.

There is a 10 business day waiting period on the modified gun. I need time to build it. Usually though, it goes out early.

Please use caution when playing with this blaster. It is more powerful and may cause minor injury if shot directly in the eyes at close range. Use your safety glasses and do not aim at the head.

Thanks for looking and I look forward to making some super awesome blasters for you and your friends.

I combine shipping!

Buy Now


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