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smooth transaction Buyer: madmax_49er ( 9 ) 09-Aug-08 21:10

  • Follow-up by madmax_49er (09-Aug-08 21:15):even included second spell very satisfied and wrapped with treatmant A++++++++++

Felt energy. Nice detail. Can't wait to experience. Buyer: bdfhome200 ( 11) 17-Oct-08 15:17

Thanks great spell!waiting on full moon!Already knows it works though! Buyer: chipz408 ( 3 ) Jun-09-08 17:36

Interesting Information. I can't wait to put it to use. Buyer: elktheelf ( 481) 05-Mar-08 00:15 -- -- Private

It works!I am very satisfied with that!Super genies have come to me!!!Mantefin.


prompt delivery and this spell really works, and very cooperative person


Great transaction & really feel like it worked! Buyer: herasgirl ( 61) Sep-29-07 20:21 -- (#220148016297)

Fast delivery work great Buyer: bigbob-123 ( 16)

Sep-05-07 16:06

-- (#220138881441) --

excellent seller, great product, fast delivery, Highly recommended AAAAA++++++


Repeat Buyer in and out! Seller send everything lightening quick! Thank you A+++ Buyer: sd_treasures ( 746) 22-Sep-07 14:58



Djinn/Jinn Are Made Of Smokeless Fire.Djinn have five types or classes according to their power

The Most Powerful Are the "Marids" and the Weakest Are "Jann"

As a beginner you should start with lower class of djinn like "jann" as they are easy to control & quick to communicate

The More Powerful The Djinn Will Be, More Time And Effort Will Be Needed To Control & communicate....


Djinn powers grows as they grow older & expert in different types of magic...

Djinns Are Experts In DifferentTypes Of Magic Like White Magic, Black Magic, and Grey Magic Etc

Djinn Can Very Easily Twist Your Wishes,so be careful when you wish for some thing...

Djinn can bring treasures from beneath the earth for their Master..

Djinn can transport you any part of the world with blink of an eye..

You want to be invisible from others ..... command your djinn & he will make you invisible from every one!

Do you have enemies which are constantly making your life miserable, just command your djiin .....they will be TAKEN CARE OF!

You want to find the lost one , just command your djinn & he will tell you the where about of the person...

Your djinn can give you the correct winning lottery numbers....

Djinn will protect you from enemies ..... He will creat a protective shield around you against all kind of black magic,hex,Curse & any physical harm!

Your enemies will be defeated & humiliated...All their efforts to harm you will be turn back to them!

Treat your djinn with respect, love dignity & he will make you most powerful person on the universe....


The Djinn Summoning/Invocation Spell I Am Offering Is Very Simple Yet Very Powerful

It Does Not Need Any Animal Sacrifice Or Black Magic

Most Sacred Djinn Summoning Spell. Please Take It Seriously

This Is By Far The Most Easy & Short Jinn Summoning Spell Ever Offered No The Internet

Now You Don't Need To Be Psychic or Witchcraft Practioner to Summon Djinn

The Ritual Is Very Short & 100% Safe

Summon & Control Unlimited Djinn

This Spell Is Very Simple and Quick To Perform (No Previous Spell-Casting Experience Required)


Uses No Hard To Find or Expensive Items (Most Items Can Easily Be Found In Any Grocery Store)

Uses Absolutely No Animal Sacrifices and Is the Only Djinn Summoning Spell Ever Created That Will Allow You To

Summon Specific Types of Djinn, Of Your Choosing (Choose To Summon Either Male Or Female,

And Also Choose Which Class of Djinn You Want To Summon: Marid, Ifrit, Ghul, or Sila)

No Other Djinn Summoning Spell Will Allow You To Choose The Type Of Djinn You Wish To Summon

Jinn You Will Summon Will Under Your Command

Results Are Guaranteed If You Are An Optimistic And Positive Person

There Are Unlimited Opportunities Waiting For You!

You Might Not Get This Easiest & Guaranteed Jinn Summoning Formula Again


It Just Takes About Maximum 1 Hour To Complete

Do not let this life change opportunity to pass by... TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.


Please Note that this is a Digitla Delivery item anddoes no require Physical shippingt . If you need to ship on Disk please contact me before Buying

As per policy this item is for only entertainment purpose.

you must be at least 18 years of age or more to offer in this sale.

We will not be held responsible for any Paranormal activity that might occure due to this item.

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    On 12-Dec-07 at 14:53:29 EST, seller added the following information:

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