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AquaBuckets Original Hydro West DWC Kit Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System For Sale

AquaBuckets Original Hydro West  DWC Kit  Deep Water  Culture Hydroponic System

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AquaBuckets Original Hydro West DWC Kit Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System :

RECIRCULATING DWC Kit "AquaBuckets" User-friendly, high-performance gardening!!

For people with no time or space to garden: no more tilling, weeding, hand-watering or feeding. AquaBuckets equals big yields/less work. Grow your own heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, chard, Chinese vegetables, and more.Based on the same principles as professional hydroponic greenhouses,DeepWater Culturetechnology produces astounding yields of heirloom quality vegetables by circulating an oxygen-rich nutrient solution to the planters 24 hr aday.AquaBuckets is constructed of the finest quality materials: food-grade reservoirs and planters.

Now anyone can experience the explosive growth rates and tremendous yields of hydroponic vegetable gardening in an ultra low-maintenance, consumer-friendly package. Turn your porch, deck,or spareroominto a garden area. If your looking for a DWC system, you probably already know of it potential to grow massive plants.


Included: everything needed to start growing hydroponically minus plant food.
-Heart (mixing cell) With 200 mesh filter.
-6, 12 or 24 plant sites. Please specify above. (All black buckets to ensure a complete and healthy root system)
-3.5, 5 or 6 gallon plant sites. Please specify above.
-All needed parts and fittings. Tubing, connectors, etc.
-Water Pump. Elemenal brand water pump. Note: the size of the pump will increase with larger systems. Example: 6 site system uses a 171 gph pump. A 12 site system uses a 370 gph pump. 24 site system uses a 793 gph pump.
-Air Pump and air stones. 1.7" Elemental air stones are included, 1 for each cell. Note: 6 site systems will include an Elemental 571 gph air pump. 12 site systems will include an Elemental 1157 gph air pump. 24 site systems will include 2 Elemental 1157 gph air pumps.

-Add 3 lb Vita Grow Nutrients for $20. Please specify above.

-Comes with illustrated installation instructions.

System dose Not include PH adjusters or Plant Food.

We recommend Vita Grow as an inexpensive Base Nutrient. We currently used this product, and have been doing so with exceptional results for over 10 years.

AquaBucketsin a nutshell: It is a modular recirculating hydroponic design consisting of a nutrient"Heart" and a series of 6, 12, or 24 planters. You lay out the system as you would potted plants....from a small balcony to an entire garden area. This system is gravity fed. Simply add Water and Nutrient to the "Heart". Transplant your seedlings orclones and let it grow for you. You will add and adjust your nutrient every 1-5 days. Need to go out of town with no one to water your plants for you? AquaBuckets can be retro fitted with a 55 gallon reservoir for automated watering up to 2 weeks. AquaBuckets can be modified to add or remove plant sites up to 24 cells. Keep in mind that Deep Water Culture may require a Water Chiller to maintain adequate root zone temperatures. Water Chillers easily attach to existing AquaBucket systems. AquaBuckets is a Deep Water Culture Kit and is intended to be modified and perfected by you, the hobby grower.

AquaBuckets is a recirculating direct water culture systems (also known as RDWC) use a reservoir to provide water for multiple buckets.Outdated methods using unconnected buckets require individual testing for PH and PPM. This has led to innovations that combine use of air stones and connecting multiple buckets together and recirculating the water (AquaBuckets). Constant recirculating oxygenates the water and ensures a good mix of nutrients CF and stabilizes PH throughout the entire system so testing is required only at one point, which would be at the 'HEART'.Compare AquaBuckets vs. "Current Culture"
Direct Water Chill Capable (Maintains consistant water temperatures in each cell, not possible with "Current Culture")
Less growing medium to clean or throw away ("AquaBuckets" 6" net pot vs. "Current Culture" 8" net pot)
Less Flashing (Toxic Salt Build Up) Smaller net pots equals less flashing. Remember DWC is all about the water, not the growing medium.
Tethered Cell Technology (non fixed plant sites)
Less expensive
Lower shipping cost
Free Technical Support with purchaseVersatile grow configuration allows for plant sites to be moved around up to two feet in any direction, even in the middle of a grow cycle. Save energy by using a 400 watt while plants are small, and then switch to 600 or 1000 watts during flowering.

6 site system fits in as little as 3' x 4', 4' x 4' (600 watt), and as large as 5' x 5' (1000 watt) grow spaces.

12 site system fits in as little as 4' x 9', 8' x 8' and as large as 8' x 10' grow spaces.

24 site system fits in as little as 9' x 9' or as large as 12' x 12' grow spaces.

200 mesh filter attaches inside the "Heart" to keep drip lines free and clear of all sludge and debris. Use Organic plant food without the fear of clogged lines.Afraid of Hydroponics? Think it will be too technical for you? This will be the easiest gardening you've ever done. The whole idea behind AquaBuckets is to make high-performance, hydroponic gardening simple and available for anyone. Our automated systems do the job for you day in and day out, 365 days-a-year: no watering, no weeding, no worrying about what will happen if you go on a two-week vacation. Keep your water temp, PH, and PPM in the appropriate range and this system will preform
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