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Dance board for Flat-Footing, Buck Dancing, Clogging For Sale

Dance board for Flat-Footing, Buck Dancing, Clogging

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Dance board for Flat-Footing, Buck Dancing, Clogging:

Note: States CA, AZ, OR, WA, NV, ID, UT, AK, and HI states have a $13 shipping surcharge. Please check the section: “INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC SURCHARGES” for more information.

This listing is for the Exterior grade. This portable raised dance board measures 24in x 32in x 3in high and are normally used for clogging, tap dancing, flat-footing, or buck dancing. They come fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. You can pay three times as much for a board and not find half these features that include:


Raised Height – you want a dance board raised off the ground a little bit for several reasons. One reason is to give the board a little more of the deeper base sound that makes you sound good. Another reason is to keep the board dry if you dance outside on in a grassy area like many people do when they go to fiddle conventions or festivals. You don’t want the back side of your board getting muddy or wet as it will warp and make the board sound dull.

Handle / Sound Hole – Fully integrated handle does not protrude in a way which will dent or scuff your other items you might be carrying in your car. This also doubles as a sound release hole that lets some of the natural resonating sound out. This make the board more of an instrument making the sounds you make more apart of the overall sound of the band you are dancing too.

Modular – This board is designed to work with others just like it. No other dance board has sold so many copies, and when you go to a festival or event the boards people are most likely to have is the ASPS dance board like yours which makes for opportunities to put them together to make a larger dance surface. See Bulk Order information and pricing below.

Upgradeable / Repairable –This board is constructed with high grade rust free epoxy coated screws. Many boards are glued together which has some advantages but can be a disaster if the board gets wet or needs to be repaired. This system allows the board to have any part replaced or repaired without damaging the other parts. Another big advantage of this system is if you wear the board out you can flip it over and use the other side. This system also makes it much cheaper to upgrade to the Interconnect option. (see below)

Soft Step Center Flex – Some boards are built very ridged. This board has a soft center that gives you a little bounce to your step. This keeps you dancing longer and is easier on the feet, ankles, and knees. I have tested this with a 250 lb professional clogger and he did some massive stomps without any damage. I weigh about 200lbs and done lots of massive stomping and never had one break.

Light Weight – For it’s size this board weights much less than other boards. This makes it easier to carry around to your favorite band at the far end of the field.

Non-Surface Finish – Most dance boards come with some kind of surface finish and they charge you big bucks. I found it’s best not to have any kind of finish on a dance board because the natural drag coefficient of unfinished wood provides the best all around performance. Dancers that use a lot of stepping motions need a board less slick, dancers who use a lot of buck step need a board that is more slick. The use of corn meal is highly recommended as this lets you ‘tune’ your board to the perfect amount of slip. Corn meal allows the board to be adjusted perfect to the dancer.

Green Environmental Friendly – over 99% of these boards are made from wood which is 10 times more environmental friendly that boards that contain plastics or metals which are energy intensive to process and fabricate. Also we have nearly perfected our manufacturing process so we used 99% or better of the raw materials leaving virtually no waste to be thrown away in a landfill.

American Appalachian Made and Sourced – All of these boards are manufactured by caring craftsmen of the Appalachian Mountain Range of the USA. And all our raw materials are manufactured in the USA eliminating any possibility of child foreign labor being used.

Different Grades:

Exterior: This board comes with high grade four or five layer plywood that is designed for exterior use. If it gets rained on, it generally hold ups pretty good. Much better than the Interior grades. The sound quality is very good. Most of the dance boards we sell are of this type and we ship this by default. It does not look as good as Interior and may have patches to make the board completely smooth, but most shipped are patch free.

Interior: This board comes with high grade five layer plywood that is defect and knot free surface. It looks better than the Exterior grades, but it will separate and fall apart if it gets wet or exposed to a lot of dew or rain. It produces a more uniform sound and has slightly higher sound quality. Should generally be used indoors or only in dry conditions. If you want this option please add $10 to your order. The check out process will not give you this option and you must contact us and we will provide you instructions for making the final payment.

Professional: The best performing option with the best appearance. Has all the same features as the interior grade, but manufactured higher standards and more features that include:

If you want this option please add $25 to your order. The check out process will not give you this option and you must contact us and we will provide you instructions for making the payment.

Upgrade Options: All of the following features can be added to our Standard, Interior, or Professional grades which can include:

10. +$30, High strength frame for better sound quality

11. +$100, Ultra high strength joint-less wood strip laminate wood frame for ultimate sound quality

For options that have price ranges please call us for your specific customization needs (678-200-0862). Options with fixed prices can be noted in the notes section of your payment and we will send you a Paypal invoice for the balance. 80% of customizations are usually completed within one day.

Interconnect Option– These boards can be connected together by several different methods. One way is wrapping a luggage strap around the outside. More sophisticated methods range from a bungee cord option to using my magnetic interconnect system. Interconnect option allows the boards to be assembled into large area in minutes to almost any shape such as squares, rectangles, L-shapes, almost anything you can imagine. Interconnect option is usually done for lots of 6 more but can be done for as little as two boards. The Interconnect option is available offline only. Call for more information. (678-200-0862)

Other Uses and Applications – As you might expect there are lots of other uses for these boards besides dancing. Kids loving having six or more love using their creative ideas in putting them together differently. These boards can also be used for:

Bulk Orders – These boards can be order in bulk for considerable price savings to make a large dance floor almost anywhere that is flat. I have an interconnect option that cost a little more but is highly convenient for putting together a dance floor quickly. Some dance communities each member purchases a board and brings it with them to the dance to make up the dance floor. Bulk orders normally run in lots of six with prices starting lower than most people expect including delivery. Prices go up from there depending on shipping location and how fast you need them.

Questions and Answers –

Q. Is there a delay for a customized order?

A. If you are purchasing a Exterior, Interior, or Professional board in standard configuration there usually is no delay. Any kind of customized feature is subject to delay, however 90% of customized orders ship within 3 days or less of receiving the order.

Q. I am a woodworker and your design looks simple enough. Can I just make one myself?

A. Duplication of our design is prohibited however you can purchase the blueprint and build them yourself for a $10 licensing fee per board. The ASPS Dance Company owns the property rights of these boards which is defined as:

Q. I am interested in the professional grade board. Is it the exterior grade board with a birch layer on the surface for better sound? Also, would the total be plus $25 for the professional board? Do you sell the professional board in the smaller size? Thanks!! Laura

A. Yes, definitely better for sound. The birch is lighter weight and combined with stronger sealed frame it makes much higher strength to weight ratio which gives higher frequency range. You can produce sounds and tones not possible with the cheaper versions. It also feels better to dance on if you dance a lot. I found this myself and confirmed with other professional performers. I can custom make the 1/2 sized board in birch, but its the same price because its a non-stock item. And it can not produce the deep rich beautiful sounds that the full size makes. To upgrade to Professional its $25 additional

Q. I would use this for tap dancing and I have very bad knees and need a more "springie" board. How much give is there to absorb the impact? I am about 135 pounds. Thanks for the info!

A. These boards were designed from the very beginning to have ‘Soft Step Center Flex’ feature. I noticed when studying different designs that people who danced all night long did so on wood that flexes. We got lots of reports from people that say how much better they feel afterwards when dancing on flexible wood vs. other surfaces. There are no center braces in any of my designs. The harder you dance the more it will flex to absorb the impact. I have optimized the thickness of the wood to allow for the most impact absorption while still having the necessary rigid-ness necessary to perform its function. Some people also place yoga mats under the boards to further absorb impact.

Related Products – We sell smaller and other unique dance boards which can be found in the "Dance Boards" category and instructional videos. If you do not see the links on this page to the left, click on the ‘curtisriver’ store icon at the top of this page:


All CA, AZ, OR, WA, NV, ID, UT, AK, and HI states please add $10 surcharge for shipping. This option does not show up in the checkout process and we will send you a Paypal invoice for the remainder of the shipping charges after you place your order to your email listed on your Paypal account.

We can ship international, please inquire on availability and rates before placing an order.


Special additional handling and shipping charges for all international orders. Most people pay through the Paypal.com website. Please pay immediately after purchasing as this simplifies the payment tracking process and will result in you receiving your item several days sooner. We handle some orders, such as bulk or distributor orders over the phone. There is a processing fee to place an order over the phone as a private party using a credit card.


Same day

Next Day

2nd Day

3rd Day





90% of our orders are shipped the same day if placed by 3pm Eastern time unless noted otherwise. We are hit about 97% in getting our shipments out by next business day. There however are exceptions because we travel a lot in our work and don’t always have access to a shipping center or other factors outside our control. If your delivery date is critical please contact us before ordering.

Most items over $20 have shipping numbers, but not all our shipping centers have upload ability for our shipping numbers. We have multiple shipping centers and will ship from the closest one whenever possible. We often cannot leave positive response for your prompt payment as we often receive our order by cell phones and do not have access to computers with internet connections. We cannot cancel an order once it has shipped and must be processed through return and refund process.

Surcharges and International Orders – Some states may have surcharge shipping rates. These states may include AK, HI, CA, WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, NM, and TX. If there is a surcharge you will be notified after the order with the amount and additional instructions will be sent by email for making the payment to the email listed in your Paypal account. If you feel the surcharge is too high we will refund the order. Smaller items that ship by letter rates, such as a singe DVD, usually do not have surcharge. We can ship almost all items internationally, but please inquire with us before purchasing to get a price quote on the shipping costs.

We use recycled packaging materials in packing our items for shipment. We will use a bicycle when possible to bring the items to the nearest shipping center to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.


The fastest and best way to resolve an issue is to contact us directly by email or phone (six, seven, eight,)-(two, zero, zero)-(zero, eight, six, two). Do not open an or Paypal case as it creates extra labor for us and can delay the resolution process by up to 30 days. Once a case is opened they draft the full purchase price of the item from our account and do not restore it for up to 30 days after the case is closed. This increases our product costs and lowers our customer service to you and future customers. Only open a case if you can-not resolve the issue by contacting us first.


ASPS standing for Appalachian Step Percussion Services is small North Carolina based company that started in 2008 that provides educational services, products, and programs through out the USA in areas related to traditional Appalachian dance know as Flat-footing or Buck Dancing. In 2013 it came out with “ASPS Learn” stamp which is a stamp that recognizes instructors, programs, and products for having a standardized system that has been found to improve the learning experiences for students. High customer service, high value products, and innovative product and program development has been core to the company’s growing success.


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