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Elmo TransVideo TRV-16


On offer is ONE (1) used Elmo TransVideo TRV-16 film-to-video conversion machine, as shown in the photos (actual unit.)

This unit is basically functional; however, we are listing it as "non-working" in since it requires service and is not peforming to manufacturer's specs. Known issues:

  • The CCD video module is producing a mediocre image with somewhat weak coloration.
  • The plastic spindle hub on the rear reel arm is cracked (the spindle is still rock-solid at this time but may eventually become unstable if the crack progresses.)
  • The belts require replacement.
The chassis, motor, and general mechanicals all seem very good. Film feeds smoothly in both directions. The controls work as they should. The lens and film gate on this unit appear to be stock, unmodified, and in excellent condition.The optical audio is clear and bright (we could not test the magnetic.) Cosmetically there is a bit of superficial surface wear -- mainly on the decorative metallic plating on the front panels -- but no cracks, fractures, or other significant damage. There are no asset ID engravings or markings.

It may be fine as-is for basic applications such as running non-archival conversions of black and white footage, we suggest the buyer would want to have this machine overhauled & upgraded to hi-res video, which -- though not cheap -- is still a very cost-effective way to end up with the kind of video output that only a fully integrated telecine unit can deliver. One company that advertises professional TransVideo upgrade services on its website is Urbanski Film, located near Chicago.

The screenshots above are unenhanced digital photos of the analog video signal from this machine as displayed on a large-screen HDTV, with all picture adjustments set at neutral/default.

Sold as-is and configured exactly as you see it in the photos, along with a copy of the basic instruction manual. Nothing else is included. Both the film-illumination and exciter lamps are functioning at this time, however we cannot guarantee the filaments will be intact upon arrival. Note that this machine is permanently hardwired for 120VAC power only.

Please read the important information below before offerding. This sale may end at any time, so don't plan on waiting til the last minute!

CANADA & U.S.A. RESIDENTS ONLY We only ever ship to other countries via FedEx, and on this large and heavy item that's just too expensive to be feasible ($450+). Payment & Shipping

  • Payment methods - PayPal payment is preferred. If you wish to use an alternate form of payment please contact us to discuss before attempting to place a offer or offer.
  • First-party transaction policy - We will accept payment only from the Buyer as identified by , in his/her own name, and we will ship only to that same person at their own Confirmed address as per the PayPal transaction record. We must refuse any orders involving third-party payment or shipping, as well as payments designated by PayPal as ineligible for Seller Protection.
  • Shipping methods - Canada Post Expedited is ground parcel service (Canada only) while Xpresspost is basic airmail. Both include insurance and limited online tracking.
  • Rate basis - The rates shown consist of the actual post office charges only . . . .we do not add any packing or handling fees.
  • Packaging - We take pride in excellent packing to protect your purchase in transit. We use overstrength cartons and plenty of air-cushion padding.
  • Delivery & Forwarding - Signature will be required on delivery. We do not allow carriers to forward our shipments.
  • Refused/unclaimed deliveries - If you refuse or fail to take delivery of your shipment when it is made available to you by Canada Post, you agree to compensate us for all costs of having the parcel returned to us and any subsequent reshipment to you.
  • Special Information for Canada Residents:
    • Payment on goods being shipped within Canada will be accepted in Canadian Dollars only. We will e-invoice you in CAN$ through /PayPal immediately upon the conclusion of the sale. We will convert currencies using the (very fair) exchange rate shown on xe.com at that time.
    • Applicable GST/HST for your province will be added to the total invoice amount including shipping.
  • Special Information for USA Residents:
    • Delivery stateside will be made by the US Postal Service.
    • You are responsible for any importation costs, such as duties, taxes, and brokerage/processing fees. These are not included in either the Item Price or our shipping charge. You will have to settle these import charges directly with USPS or US Customs before the shipment will be released to you. As a rule-of-thumb these charges generally total 5-10% of the sale price of the goods; we recommend you contact your nearest Customs office for information prior to offerding/buying.
    • Under no circumstances will we undervalue a shipment or otherwise falsify any information on the shipping or customs documents, as doing so is a federal offense in Canada and would also make it impossible to properly insure the shipment.
    • Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. The vast majority of our US shipments arrive in about one week; however delays with the postal system and US Customs can occur and are beyond our control.
    • We will need your daytime/message phone number as is a standard requirement on any international merchandise shipment with any carrier.
Buyer-Seller Communication
  • Please use the Message Centre for all communication with us. For everyone's security we will neither send nor respond to any direct e-mail messages sent outside of the /PayPal member communication systems.
  • Please ensure your current e-mail address is registered with your and PayPal accounts to avoid missed messages.

Your offer signals your unconditional agreement with the foregoing.
Thanks for looking!
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