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ETHNIC AA BIRACIAL Solid Silicone Mini art BABY DOLL no polymer clay ooak reborn For Sale

ETHNIC AA BIRACIAL Solid Silicone Mini art BABY DOLL no polymer clay ooak reborn

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ETHNIC AA BIRACIAL Solid Silicone Mini art BABY DOLL no polymer clay ooak reborn:

BowdenBabies Nursery

PLEASE NOTE: my template is rather long...so please scroll all the way down the page to see all the photos/details!


Welcoming baby





0 Pound 9 Ounces


8.5" with legs slightly bent (9.5" if straight)

Up for your consideration..... SUPER SOFT and squishy...Solid Platinum silicone mini baby FAITH. She is a limited edition baby new for 2011 and is edition #4! She is limited to only 20 silicone babies world wide!

Up for "adoption" today is a unique One-Of-a-Kind (OOAK) special edition Faith! This baby is my one and only ethnic, AA, hispanic or bi-racial Faith! She has been poured in a deeper ethnic "skintone" of silicone. She will be my only ethnic baby in this edition so you are getting essentially a OOAK baby from her edition! I have added another Caucasian baby pic just so you can compare the skin colorings (other Caucasian babies in this edition remain available for anyone interested.) Baby is approx. 9" long (would be a bit longer if her legs were straight).

Faith was an original hand sculpted polymer clay baby (by me). She was just too cute to keep her a OOAK! Faith was hand made... so just like any handmade/OOAK piece of art...she is not perfect, although she is sweet/cute as a button.... with her chubby cheeks and pudgy fat rolls! Very lifelife and realistic in detail! So in order to share her with a select few...I then molded and cast her. This bald silicone baby has also been completed entirely painted and assembled by me the original artist..Sherry Bowden. I gave her darker realistic intrinsic skintone coloring within the silicone itself... and also have highlighted, blushed and given her wonder details...down to her sweetly curled french tipped toes with premium silicone paints that will never wash/rub off! This little sleeping angel has hand rooted dark brown eyelashes. Her head is bald however,...you could easily root her some sparse, wispy hair!

Faith has full legs and 3/4 arms. She comes assembled a white doe suede, fully JOINTED handmade body for easier posing. She has been slightly under-stuffed so she remains "floppy" like a newborn. She is weighted with polyfill and poly pellets. Her tiny lips have a slight, just barely moist sheen look for realism! No detail overlooked!

Baby Faith would make a special edition to your nursery, or a special/unique gift for a loved one in your life! Unlike hand sculpted clay babies...Faith is durable and will not break with normal handling. Although I do not recommend this doll for small children as Faith does have small parts inside that could pose a hazard for younger children.



Baby Faith will arrive to her new mommy/family with her 4pc cotton fabric print handmade onesie set that I have embellished with pink flower appliques. It will also include a pair of white socks and small blankie (not shown). Faith will come with a signed and number Certificate of Authenticity. All other items shown are used as props and are not part of the sale.

PLEASE make payment within 24 hours of the winning offer. Due to a rash of non-paying buyers I must ask that if you have less than 10 recent response...please contact me prior to offerding. Baby will be shipped (within USA) within 24 business hours of payment receipt via USPS Priority mail. International offers are welcomed, but please note that I ONLY ship via USPS EXPRESS mail and the shipping rates are quiet expensive so please review the charges BEFORE offerding. Also, I do not reduce the actual sells purchase price on any shipping documents.


On Dec-05-11 at 21:23:28 PST, seller added the following information:

PLEASE NOTE..there was an error in the SUBTITLE which is INCORRECT. There is a reserve price for this sale. I am unable to change the subtitle to reflect this without deleting the entire sale. Thank you for your understanding.

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