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Empi Sportster Plans and Specifications VW Dune Buggy For Sale

Empi Sportster Plans and Specifications VW Dune Buggy

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Empi Sportster Plans and Specifications VW Dune Buggy :

Complete, detailed step-by-step plans to build the most versatile sports car ever. building a sportster from scratch has been done successfully by many craftsman and mechanics, in various countries all over the world. Of course, it requires considerable mechanical know-how and experience with sheet metal construction, plus access to the right tools an equipment. The step-by-step instructions tell you how to plan your work... give complete details and dimensions of each part, and should be followed carefully. 11" x 17", 18 pagedigital copy onlysent to your email. $9.95 total. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required. Adobe Reader is a free download. Does not include spiral bound book. Additional cost to print and have spiral bound is approximately $15 at your local printer.
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