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Fibonacci Gauge, Golden Ratio, Golden Mean Design Tool For Sale

Fibonacci Gauge, Golden Ratio, Golden Mean Design Tool

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Fibonacci Gauge, Golden Ratio, Golden Mean Design Tool:

The Golden Ratio

1.618 to 1.000


1.000 to 0.618


Design your projects like the great builders did,with the Golden Ratio of design at your fingertips.The Golden Ratio (known also as the Golden Mean or Golden Section),occursalmost everywherein natureand was used by the ancients to create the most pleasing arrangementsin architecture and design. The timeless design of the Parthenon in Athens reflects the intrinsic beauty inherent in the use of the Golden Ratio. If you were toinspect a photograph of the Parthenon with the Fibonacci Gauge, youcould observe theoccurrence of the Golden Ratio throughout the entire range of elements inits structure.This Fibonacci Gaugeis madeto help youhold your owndesign elements within the golden ratio of 1 to 1.618 (or, 0.618 to 1).Sized to fit into a pencil case or breast pocket, it is7 inches long,1/4 inch thick; and spans from 1.5 inches to about11 inches while accuratelyholding the golden ratio constant, with a margin of error ofless than two percent.

Use the Fibonacci Gauge tohold the design elements of your projects...Length, Width, Height, Spacing, etc.in pleasing proportion with each other and the project as a whole. It's not a dimensioning tool, but the rough design of your table, cabinet, bookcase... orany piece youwant to build. Start witha component of known dimension and work from that: add theother components toyour sketchaccording to their golden proportions to the known, as indicated by the gauge. Once you're satisfied with the sketch, you can then add dimensions, using the actual math ratios (.618 to 1, or 1 to 1.618), to makea working shop drawing.But no need to sweat small fractions...round to the nearest convenient fraction or whole number to makecomponents easy to build. The final resultwill be an appealing piecewith an admirable design.

Made new in my shopwithattractive, resilientapple wood andaluminum hardware, this Fibonacci Gaugeholds the golden ratio constant across its span, no matter how wide thepoints of the gauge are spread. Itcan be usedon almost any drawing in any scale... (Or use itwith a photograph of a piece of fine furniture youadmire to determine its golden design elements... If you want to copy it,just sketch it, dimension it, and go ahead and build it!)

Using this instrument is not limited to woodworking. It isuseful in virtually all Arts and Crafts. It is a must-have when you wantto create andeasily sketch out a pleasingly proportionedcraft design.Use it with pencil and paper, in any scale,to turn your craft idea into a sketch to provide anaccurate preview of your project and howyou canmake it look just right.Eachgauge is carefully crafted, finished, andprecisely adjusted for accuracy. Usingthis instrumentallows youto quickly and accuratelysketch out a well proportioned based on the Golden Ratio.

If you have any questions about this item, please ask; thanks for looking.

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