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Ford 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit + Oil Cooler For Sale

Ford 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit + Oil Cooler

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Ford 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Cooler Delete Kit + Oil Cooler:

03-07 Powerstroke Basic 6.0 EGR Delete Kit With Ford Oil Cooler

As a real repair and performance shop, we get to install all brands and styles of egr delete kits. After using all the different brands, we finally decided to improve on the design that everyone has settled on for the past few years. We actually built these kits over 6 years ago for our customers who needed to delete the egr, but kits were not available. Then when kits were available, the price was insane. The very first kit we built over 6 years ago is still on our 04 F350 shop truck that has over 300,000 miles on it. That kit and countless others have proved themself has 100% reliable, affordable, and easy to install.

Included in this kit:

Genuine Ford Oil Cooler Rebuild Kit

Oil Cooler Gaskets and Screen

EGR Cooler Block Off Plate

Clamp In ExhaustBlock Off Puck

Heavy Duty Bypass Hose

Oring, Hose, and Clamps needed for bypass

Detailed Instructions

(oil cooler has 1 year Ford warranty only)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Replace the Oil Cooler?

The egr coolers on the 6.0 Powerstroke engines will break down the coolant causing a goo to start coating the entire coolant system. The oil cooler has very small openings and becomes clogged with this substance. The next place the coolant heads after leaving the oil cooler is the egr cooler. One of the number one causes of egr cooler failure is a restricted oil cooler. If you egr cooler is blown, it would probably be a good idea to change the oil cooler at the same time you install the egr delete kit and be done with the problems in that are once and for all.

Will deleting this egr cooler hurt my truck?

Absolutely not. In fact leaving it in there may. Please take a look at the picture of a factory egr cooler we removed from a customer's truck the other day. Not only is the rest of the intake caked with soot like the back of the cooler, but that cooler is letting extreme heat build up. When some of the cores plug up, the cooler loses it's ability to cool the exhaust gases which can reach temperatures of 1500+ degrees. This extreme heat will split the cooler and cause the exhaust system to pressure the coolant system. The pressure at best will cause coolant to blow out of the reservoir and ruin the oil cooler and/or head gaskets at worst.

Will my truck set a check engine light once the cooler is deleted?

In our experience, usually not on the 03-05 trucks.06-07trucks are known tolikely set a light. We have deleted or blocked many egr coolers and have never seen a check engine light. By leaving the EGR valve in the manifold and functioning, the pcm believes everything is still working properly. Many other kits include an egr valve block off plate, this is not needed with our kit. The valve will still open when the computer tells it to, but since the exhaust flow will be blocked off, we have eliminated the source of all the black sooty slime in the intake manifold. If you truck does set a light, we offer programmers that will shut the egr system down and eliminate the light.

How long does this kit take to install?

Typically an egr delete on the 6.0's take us3-5 hours. A person with average mechanical skills should be able to complete this task in a similar time frame. Since the turbo will have to be removed for this project, this is a perfect time to clean the turbo veins which may be coked up with soot.

Will this modification void my engine warranty?

To be perfectly honest, yes. The manufacturer engine warranty needs all original equipment systems in place to satisfy qualification guidelines. Some dealers who are aware of the constant egr cooler problems may work with you on this issue since this modification will only improve the reliability of the vehicle.

Why does your kit have a hose instead of the welded J-Tube?

To be honest, because that J-tube sort of sucks. First problem with it is the extra time to align the tube with the oil cooler coolant outlet. You must install the J-tube first then slide the intake manifold into position. If it is not lined up, you have to pull the manifold back up and adjust it. Secondly, if for any reason the hose ruptures that is included with the J-tube style kits, you must remove the intake manifold to change it. You cannot slide the tube in any direction with the manifold in place far enough to remove the connector hose. (double for the really cheap kits that reuse the factory slip connector) With our kityou can slide the blocker plate under the intake manifold, bolt it all up, then connect the hose easily.

Is the hose less reliable than the metal J-Tube in the other kits?

Absolutely not! The hose is made from temperature resistant material designed for hot engine compartments. This is not a hose that has been adapted for this particular application. It was spec'd for this application by us knowing full well the extreme heat the valley of the engine sees. The orginal one of these hoses we had made for us over six years ago is still on the vehicle with absolutely no sign of deterioration.

Need Help? We are here for you!!!

As with all of our other products, we are here for you if you happen to run into a problem when installing this product. We are not just a internet business selling parts, but we actually do this very procedure several times a month. If you have any questions at all about installion, application, or anything else, please feel free to give our toll free number below a call. We would be glad to help.

Little Power Shop

We are a full service performance shop located in northern Pennsylvania. Not only do we sell performance products, but also install these parts every day for our ever growing list of satisfied customers. Many of the retailers on are nothing more than internet parts brokers. It is doubtful that many have even seen the products they sell let alone ever installed them.

We will ship products practically any where. By using the vast network of warehouses belonging to the dozen or so distributors we work with, we can not only save you money by not having to double ship items, but also can usually have most items to your door no more than 2-3 days from when you ordered them.

If you have any questions at all about application, installation, or pricing, please feel free to call us toll free:


We are eager to answer any and all questions you have.

Our regular business hours:

Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM (ET)

Saturday 8AM - 12PM (ET)

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