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PLEASE READ ALL INFO AND VIEW ALL PICTURES AND COMPARE TO OTHER'S ON . Please take the extra time, this listing explains the how's the why's and the answers to all the functionsof a tilting skillet/braising pan.


I have primarily wholesaled Bakery and Restaurant equipment to local used equipment dealers for about 18 years plus. I am retired from the Government with 25 years of which was equipment repairs and purchasing of GSA equipment. Enough about me! Please allow me to letyou know, what I know about thisGroen Tilt Skillet/Braising Pan.

Up for sale isa Groen Eclipse Ergonomic Tilting30 GallonBraising panwith120 Volt Controls, Manual Crank for Tilting,Stamped Natural Gas ( But this unit has already been converted to LP ).This machine is Absoultely a Number10+ on a scale of 1-10 for used equipment.

ThisGroen Tilt Skillet/Braising Pancame from local highschool. When we picked this unit up we spoke with the maintenece tech and he said it was used only 6 times and thats it, trust me it shows that. The school had to get rid of all of their fryers and all equipment that was used to make fried food, the county the school is in got a school grant to buy all new equipment that is used to cook better healther foods. I do agree with this, I do believe schools should be much more healther than what they are now, much better for our kids and their wellbeing. All the school countyshere in Florida are having to do the same thing.

This Groen Braising pan still has the Orange Sticker on the front of the unit it says " This unit was tested by: B. Alexander and this unit was inspected by: it appears to say Skip and a last name that is hard to read " it also says Remove this label with soap and water. This goes to show you this unit has very little use or thid would have came off or would have been taken off during normal use.

Thistilting skillet/braising panwould be best displayed in the view of the customer and not hidden in some back room kitchen.

Please See: picture with tape measure showing the special ordered 2" draw valve.

Please note: There are no heat signs on the back of the stainless steel flue, this just shows the little use this brasing pan has and trust me when you see this brasing pan in person you would agree! This braising pan looks much better in person than it does in pictures.

Groenis well known for the top of the line skillets on the market, all stainless steel tank, lid, legs, sides and top.

Groen is #1 leader in skillets and kettles, this unit is the state of the art for frying anything from sea food to chicken to eggs and it also is subperb for boiling stews and lobsters and shrimp almost anything you can desire.This is the NEWEST and LATEST Groen skillet that we have EVER had with a 2" draw valve. When we got this skillet home we took the time to call groen and to find some info on this unit and the rep. told us this skillet was Manufactored in 2006, also, when we spoke with the rep. they also told us this unit was designed for up to a high capacity 30 gallon with a deep cooking compartment and narrow sides for a valuable space saver.

Groen Eclipse Ergonomic Tilting Braising Pan is a multi-tasking, hard-working, high-performance braising pan–so versatile it can braise, grill, hold, steam, or cook just about anything you can dish up.

You know this skillet is built to last 50-75 years when it is bult by American's in Jackson, Mississippi.

Thistilt skilletWAS not used commercially.

Please see pictures showing tilt skillet/braising pan boiling water. We had the temp up to 200.3 degrees, we did not think it was necessary to go all the way up to 450 degress. This skillet is capable going from 100 degrees to 450 degrees.

This is not the worn out filthytilt skilletthat you might normally find on . As I am hoping you can see from the pictures the condition of this machine is above excellent. If your in the market for a new commericaltilt skillet/braising panand you'd like to pay a used price then you've found your machine. I can not emphasize enough about the newness of this machine and it's beauty.

This tilt skilletis used in Outback steakhouse, Red lobster's, Long horn steakhouse, Maccoroni grill. If this tilt skillet is good enoughand meets the demands of " Hell'sKitchen " Tv show, then you know you are buying the top of the linefor allof your foodprep and cooking needs.

Why a Braising Pan? You won’t find a more versatile piece of equipment in any kitchen. Braising Pans, also known as Tilt Skillets can do it all, from grilling and braising meats to steaming vegetables and rice, simmering soups and sauces to frying chicken. You can cook almost any menu item in this one type of equipment, instead of needing, three, four or more different kinds of kitchen appliances. What makes the Braising Pan special is its combination of large griddle surface and liquid capacity along with the easy to tilt pan body with a spring assisted vented cover. Braising Pans can perform the same functions as a stock pot, range, kettle, steamers and ovens.

Ideal for small and large volume cooking: Griddle cook foods such as bacon, eggs, hamburgers, chops and grilled cheese or use for backing up your existing griddle. You can simmer and boil soups, stocks and sauces or you can shallow frying chicken, fish and other meats.

Saves Time and Labor: Reduce cooking and preparation time in half or more by preparing one large batch instead of multiple smaller batches compared to range top cooking.

Improves Worker Safety: The easy to use tilting pan design allows you to pour directly into serving and cafeteria pans, thus eliminating lifting heavy pots and pans.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: No lifting or transferring, no pots and pans to wash.

Construction: All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning Temperature Controls: Adjustable temperature from 100°F to 450°F Heating System: High Efficiency Heating System with even heat distribution Cover: Adjustable Vent and Full Width Handle Controls: On/Off Switch, Thermostat Knob.

The 30 gallon skillet is the highest sought skillet on the market for restraunts, consession trailers. Here is where this tilt skillet/braising panwill make you money, thisGroen tilting skillet/braising pancan make this amount of each product. ( These numbers are only good for this tilt skillet ( 30 gallon). These are just some of the things you can do, there are many more.

This item is perfect for grilling, braising, simmering, steaming, poaching, and for stir-frying variety of different foods from pancakes to vegetables to stews. Ideal for large restaurants, cafeterias, and military facilities because of its flexibility inside the restaurant kitchen.

  • 70lb. of ground beef.
  • 40(4 oz )hamburgers.
  • 55lb. of Beef stew meat.
  • 110hot dogs.
  • 35Bacon slices.
  • 110Sausage Patties ( 2.5" )
  • 25Chicken Breasts ( 8 oz )
  • 15lb of Chicken Nuggets
  • 25Fish Fillets ( 4 oz )
  • 6Gallon Scrambled Eggs
  • 15Pancakes ( 5" )

ThisGroen Tilting Skillet Braising PanTested 100%

  • Model Number:M-30G
  • 120 Volt Controls
  • ManualLift ( Better then electric, because if you ever loose power then you will not be able to lower or raise this unit, this unit has a manual turn handle. )
  • Special Ordered 2" Draw Valve ( This was a special order, anormalskillet like this comes with a 1" draw valve ) ( $2700.00 upgrade. )
  • Stainless Steel Stirrer
  • Stamped NaturalGas (This unit has already been converted to LP gas)

Please offer high and often as times are hard and lean in Florida as it is all over the country.

I did some research and found the new replacement cost for this tilt skillet/braising pan.

  • Retail Today's Replacement Cost: $ 27,059.00
  • Whole sale price today is: $12,841.00
  • 2" Draw Valve - $ 2700.00

Someone will be getting a $15,541.00 value at a fraction of the new cost. We will start this sale at $200.00 it will sell for $200.00 or $2,000.00 what ever it brings, please offer with confidence. Please offer high and often.

Although I tested this machine 100%, I am selling it AS-IS.

I am charging $200.00 to pallitise and totally enclose this machine in roofing plywood to protect it in shipment. This protects you so your item arrives alive not D.O.A ( dead on arrival ) or destroyed and smashed.

Shipping is $250.00

Total Cost to the buyer: $ 450.00 that includes shipping, crating and Shipping Insurance and lift gate service. ( Which is a really great dealthat protects the buyers investment.)

We only ship within the continental US.

If there are any questions please feel free to call me at House 863-701-0369 or Cell 813-363-5757

Groen30Gallon Tilting Skillet/Braising Panis being sold AS-IS

One thing I would like to explain beforeu offer on this BeautifulTilting Skillet/Braising Pan, is the reason we sell every single item we have for sale"As Is" is because it'slike when you buy a used car orlawn mowerit is subject to failure or break downat any given time maybe a year from when you buy it or maybe even never, you really never know also it is like when you take your spouse you takethem for better or worse through sickness and health. So we thought we would just take some time out to let you know why we sell as is. If i state i have tested it 100% then that means that i have, I have no reason to scam anybody. I get a retirement check every month even though i have not reported to work or called in sick in 18 years. If i was selling this at usedretail costi would be more then happy to offer a warranty. I am gambeling this piece of equipment may sell for the starting offer or a shade above it.I have lost money a timeor two.I can not control the sale amount, how can I warranty an item when it is sold at a tenth to a quarter of new cost. Thank you very much. We will be as honest as we can possibly be.


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