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Introducing The Gulfstream Hookah diving system the latest innovation in diving technology,
We make it easier to experience underwater recreational adventure with surface supplied air.
We've combined advances in hookah compressor technology
with the same breathing characteristics found in scuba diving.
The result is a hookah diving experience that goes way beyond
what traditional hookah compressors provide.

We make hookah diving almost as easy as snorkeling.

Gulfstream's Hookah Diving System's has many practical advantages .
easy in and out while making routine inspections or maintenance under your boat.
freeing a fouled propeller.
un snagging anchors.
and many more applications while being safely tethered to your boat or dock.

Remember that you are using hookah and only knowledgeable,trained persons should use the same.
ALWAYS be certain to have a colleague caring to your surface needs.

Avoid spending thousands in scuba diving equipment .
Avoid the high costs of tank refills .
Avoid the yearly tank inspection fees.
Avoid expensive hydro testing .
Extend bottom time Lesson the weight of your diving gear .
Explore diving using surface supplied air.


The Gulfstream Hookah-Diving regulator is very important, as you cannot just connect a second stage
from a SCUBA demand valve,SCUBA equipment is designed around a
completely different set of parameters. The Hookah unit will not be able to supply the diver with enough
volume of air through a SCUBA second stage.


Gulfstream Hookah air hose is made of a
special vinyl plastic construction, is resistant to the effects of oil, gasoline and sunlight that
exists in the environment.Gulfstream Hookah hose is constructed of an inner liner vinyl wrapped with a nylon webbing reinforcement and covered with a heavy
duty PVC abrasion resistant wall. Gulfstream Hookah hose is designed to prevent kinking and collapsing that could prevent
the flow of air being shut off,Gulfstream Hookah hose is colored a bright yellow, for a high degree of visibility.
It also float's, so that any excess hose not actually being used will float on the surface, completely away from the diver,
reducing the possibility of entanglements on the bottom. For example, if you are diving in ten feet of water but are using a
thirty foot length of air hose, the excess twenty feet will float on the surface, completely away from you.Gulfstream Hookah
air will not impart any "flavoring" to the air, and meets “FDA and OSHA” requirements.


Gulfstream Hookah-Diving compressors are small, lightweight, and simple in design.
Gulfstream use’s a normal "piston" arrangement to compress air.
These types deliver more air at higher pressures than the diaphragm models.
The air that is delivered by Gulfstream Hookah compressor's
is pure, oil free air. A 5 micron filter is included in the supply line after the compressor
to remove any solid particles that naturally occur.Gulfstream Hookah-Diving compressors contain
sealed bearings,Gulfstream hookah compressor's are oilless!!

Gulfstream Hookah Dive system for 1 diver!!!

set up for 2 divers also available (add a diver kit) 2 Divers 25 feet.

This set up is a hookah system Dive as deep as 60 feet.
This system runs off an oil-less, surface air compressor(electric 120 volt 10 amps 1000 watts), which gives you class D
compressed surface air. You can run this off a 2000 watt power inverter or shore power or a generator.

You must receive open water diver certification from an approved dive school to safely use this system.

Included are: 1 Gulfstream/Thomas (one) Dive Compressor,130 psi 115V , 60 cycle AC, which runs on 10 amps,
and supplies surface air at 3.7 cfm. (NEW)

Supports 1 diver to 60 feet .75 hp motor (10 amp, 115vac, 60 cycle single phase) Easy clean in-line 5 micron particle filter foot down line with Quick Release fitting in-line pressure relief Adjustable Hookah specific regulator RUN TIME: Unlimited dive duration while AC powered SIZE: 16" x 16" x 20" WEIGHT: 38lbs. handle and wheels for easy NO Dive instructions are included.

YOU MUST HAVE dive training!!

Hey, know what you are doing before going underwater

All Gulfstream/Thomas Hookah's are TESTED IN OCEAN WATER!!!!!!

Please check out specific response on these units. People love these units and the price is by far better than the competition.

Better unit, better price!

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