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Ginger Plant- UNIQUE EDIBLE THAI GINGER 'Galanga' -(SP) For Sale

Ginger Plant- UNIQUE EDIBLE THAI GINGER 'Galanga' -(SP)

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Ginger Plant- UNIQUE EDIBLE THAI GINGER 'Galanga' -(SP):

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GINGER PLANT, Greater Galangale, Siamese Ginger- Alpinia galanga

Top 10 Reasons to have this plant:


Beautiful flowers that resemble orchids.


Exquisitely fragrant leaves.


Lush tropical effect foliage.


Very easy-to-grow.


Few pests.


Well-established multiple stemmed plants.


Reproduce quickly.


Ginger-like root needs no peeling.


Unique lemon-pepper / ginger taste.


Plant appeals to sight, smell, and palate.

This is thespice 'Galangal' a type of edible Ginger which is related to the traditional Ginger also used in cooking. Has fragrant foliage and a spicy lemon / pepper / ginger tasting rhizome.

A popular spice in Asia andoften used in Thai dishes, it is an easy to grow plant that will reach 5 to 6 feet. It does best in part shade. Multiple small white flowers that resemble orchids appear regularly even in cooler climates. Light green attractive foliage. Alpinia galanga also has qualities as a a medicinal plant. USDA zone: 8 and higher.

Each offer is for one 3 inch deep cell pot with a well established plant. Most gingers are 5-6 inches in height at shipping.They are shipped in the pot with their soil.

Shipping Chart

1 Item = $6.99

2 Items = $6.99

3 Items = $6.99

4 Items = $6.99

5 Items = $7.49

6 Items = $7.99

7 Items = $8.49

8 Items = $8.99

9 Items = $9.49

10 Items = $9.99

11 Items = $10.49

12 Items = $10.99

13 Items = $11.49

14 Items = $11.99

Each add’l add .50

Reduced Shipping

When you purchase One Item from our “Starter Plant” (SP) sales

Get FREE Shipping on the Next 3 Items

Purchased from our (SP) sales.

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Save Even More!

Shipping on each additional item (5 on up) is just 50 cents

for each additional plant. To qualify all purchases must be

made within 7 days and paid for in the same transaction.

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Shipping / Payment / Guarantee


We have two general sizes of plants that we sell. Size is indicated in the title of each ad.

(SP) = Starter Plants, an excellent value. Combine any of these for the (SP) discount.

(LP) = Large Plants, usually collections, heavier, larger, or rare plants requiring more labor and postage to ship. These qualify for the (LP) discount.


(SP) Discount

Starter Plants

1 Plant - $6.99

2 Plants - $6.99

3 Plants - $6.99

4 Plants - $6.99

5 Plants - $7.49

6 Plants - $7.99

7 Plants - $8.49

8 Plants - $8.99

9 Plants - $9.49

10 Plants - $9.99

(LP) Discount

Large Plants

1 Plant - $6.99

2 Plants - $9.98

3 Plants - $12.97

4 Plants - $15.96

5 Plants - $18.95

6 Plants - $21.94

7 Plants - $24.93

8 Plants - $27.92

9 Plants - $30.91

10 Plants - $33.90

In some instances when both (SP) and (LP) plants are ordered in the same transaction they may be shipped together. We don’t make money from shipping. You’ll notice the extra thought and care we take in packaging your plants. This constitutes the handling portion of the “Shipping & Handling” fee.

SHIPPING & HANDLING:Weusually ship 10 - 17 days after payment is received. Before offerding, please understand: our plants are sensitive to the cold. We consult weather reports before shipping. If the weather enroute to your destination is unfavorable, shipping will be delayed until we can be reasonably assured of safe delivery. Delivery confirmation is included in the price of shipping.We do not ship to Hawaii, Canada, or International.

PAYMENT: We accept Paypal. Payments must be received within 10 days of close of sale.

AT CLOSE OF sale I will send an invoice with the total, and my mailing address. Item will be shipped when the correct amount of money is received.

WE GUARANTEE that our plants will arrive to you safely. Let us know immediately upon arrival if the plants are in poor condition. We cannot guarantee plants that are no longer in our care. Many of our plants require warm temperatures. Shipping to areas that are cold will be at buyer's risk. We offer quality plants that are inspected and approved for shipment.

Please Read Before offerding

We specialize in unusual and obscure varieties of plants not offered at most garden centers.

The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How big are the plants?

A. (SP) Starter Plant. These can be identified by the (SP) in the title. They are usually shipped in 6 oz. pots. In order to give you the most value for your money we try to keep these plants under 8 inches high because they will grow rapidly to full size after you receive them. This affords you the greatest value for your money and keeps your shipping costs to a minimum. Sizes vary by variety and are usually indicated in the ad. In order to get your plants to you in a timely fashion we will in rare cases ship plants that are smaller than indicated. These plants are an exceptional value and willsoon grow to the size indicated and beyond.

A. (LP) Large Plants. Usually larger than our (SP) plants or they areextremely difficult-to-find plants. They are usually shipped in 24 oz. pots. For approximate sizes please see the individual sale.

Q. How long will it take to receive my plants?

A. Plants. Our goal is to ship plants within 10 – 17 days after we receive payment (or check clears.) 95% of shipments are within that time frame with over half being less than 10 days. (If your plants don’t arrive in this time period please email us if we haven’t emailed you first.)

A. Plant Supplies. Usually ship in less than 10 days. If it will be longer we’ll contact you.

Q. How can I know when they will arrive?

A. You will be emailed the day they are shipped. The email will contain a confirmation number with instructions for tracking and confirming at USPS.com.

Q. I emailed but you didn’t respond.

A. If you don’t receive a prompt answer, please check that our emails are not being blocked or deleted at your end. If you don’t receive a reply, 9 times out of 10 that’s why.

Q. What if I’m not pleased?

A. If you’ve read this far we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased but sometimes we make mistakes, plants/weather don’t cooperate, or a package is damaged in transit. For whatever reason, if you are not pleased we ask that you contact us before leaving response. (® says to do this: [response Instructions] “If you have a dispute, contact your trading partner to try and resolve the dispute before leaving response.)” We work very hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and that you have success with your plants.

Have other questions? Please see my Frequently Asked QuestionsPage.

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