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*HBN* Reborn Baby prototype LULU by Jen Printy ***SPECIAL Charity Auction*** For Sale

*HBN* Reborn Baby prototype LULU by Jen Printy  ***SPECIAL Charity Auction***

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*HBN* Reborn Baby prototype LULU by Jen Printy ***SPECIAL Charity Auction***:

As most of you may already know, I am currently a full time nursing student at Butte College graduating in December of this year (Yay)! As a class leadership project, we create multiple student teams and select a charity of our choice to represent & raise funds for. Operation Smile is a charity near & dear to my heart, so with little convincing my team of students agreed to work together to raise enough money to pay for the palate repair surgery for a child, approximately $240.00.
We hope to raise enough money to pay for TWO SURGERIES!
I have tastefully & lovingly crafted my second "Cleft Palate" (repaired) baby for sale, and will donate at least 15% of this sale to our cause; Operation Smile. :)
For more information on Operation Smile, please visit the website at welcome a PROTOTYPE sculpt, precious baby LULU by the talented Jen Printy!
~ Thank you Bountiful Baby, Denise Pratt, & Jen Printy for allowing me the opportunity to be the first to reborn this darling sculpt! ~
~ This isa private listing to protect buyer identity, ALL are welcome to offer! ~
Please be patient while the numerousphotos load, all of which were taken under natural lighting through several days / times of the day(s) to bring out all of baby'selements ofcolor & depth.
NONE of my photos have been edited to alter thevalue of theimage in ANY way.
I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a class on hair painting techniques next Summer at the "Down East Doll Show and conference"! For more information, or to book your class please visit the website:
style="color: rgb(0, 66, 154);">"LIKE" My Facebook page for details on current listings and projects! VISIT ME style="color: rgb(0, 66, 154);"> ~ About the Artist ~
I'm Evon Lynn Nather, I have been a reborn artist for about 5 years. Having bloomed from spectator to artist, I have studied the work of other artist's on for countless hours, invested a lot of time, and quite a bit of money to stumble my way through learning the art of creating life-like dolls. The learning never ends, the sculpts always changing, new ideas & techniquesbeing explored, while other techniquesbecome perfected ~ always such a delicate balance.
Creating these dolls is about producing the ultimate in realism through a variety ofapplications and a particular attention to the finer details that separate one doll from another, makingevery doll a Unique & One of A Kind Creation!SIDE BY SIDE;
A closer look at a cleft repair... (Baby Luke on the LEFT, A REAL BABY cleft repair scar on the RIGHT)

~ About Baby ~
6 Lbs 4 Oz (approx.) 21 Inches length (approx. knees slightlybent)
ULTRA Micro-PAINTED hair & fine brows, micro-rooted lashes
~ Sweet Baby Scent ~
~ ULTIMATE INFANT NUANCES of AGE; To include detailed veining & capillaries, accidental scratches, "mooned" nails, as well as textured & sealed nails, and very fine hair wisps near the hairline & ears. ~
~ 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs ~ ~ Genesis heat set paints applied in multiple layers.~ ~ Delicate "just below the surface" veining, capillaries and otherinfant subtleties ~ Baby's nostrils have not been opened to guarantee the integrity of the vinyl. Rather, they have been shaded to add depth and character, a more realistic look ~~ Baby's translucent skin tone was applied in several layers over the course of several days, slightly mottled areas applied for that sweetinfant skin tone. ~ Delicate, realistic manicure w/ sealednail tips~ ~ Custom magnetic pacifier ~ Weighted and filled with the highest qualitypremium poly-fill &XTRA fine glass beads ~
~Weighted for a very convincing hold , slightly "floppy" body for optimal posing ~
I NEVER USE SAND IN MY BABIES An incredibly versatile sculpt by Jen Printy, originally sculpted as a girl (Lulu)... doesn't the real baby girl shown below look like Lulu? (Luke?) SO SWEET!
The MIRACLE of Operation Smile;
"Be the change that you want to see in the world"

Baby will come home with;

~ ALL clothing items shown in the listing - Carters, Osh Kosh B'gosh & his little "monkey" suit

~ Magnetic Pacifier, turquoise waffle blanket (shown)

~ OOAK Artist (Evon Lynn)SIGNATURE on baby's bottom

Please note: This reborn baby is best suited for collectors,baby is not to be considered a toy, nor is baby suited for children's play.

Please pay within 2 days of sale end, unless payment is arranged otherwise.

Please contact me if you have less than 5 response, before offerding ~ or your offer may be removed without notice.

Baby will travel (within US) via USPS priority mail, tracking and insurance included. $30.00


~ Please use the payment calculator or contact me for a shipping quote.

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