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Up for offer is a neat item - it's a fossilized whalevertebrae. This vertebrae is particularlycool because it's thefirst vertebrae, or"ATLAS" vertebrae. This is the vertebrae that forms partof the joint that connects the skull to the spine.So not only is this an amazing fossil, it's also a more rare thanother vertebrae because each animal has only one of this type of vertebrae andnumerous regular verts. If you have other vertebrae in your collection, thiswould be acool item to display with your other vertebrae to show how the sizes compare - this piece is huge!I am so confident that you’ll love this fossil that I offer a 100% money back guarantee – if you’re not happy for any reason, send the fossil back and I’ll refund your money and pay for the returnted shipping. WE WILL COMBINE SHIPPING ON ANY ITEM WE CAN. I am happy to sell to international buyers! We request that international customers have signature confirmation tracking on their packages. Let us know when you make a purchase if you would like to add this or insurance to your order! Packages may still be shipped internationally without signature confirmation or insurance, but the buyer would assume responsibility if the package was lost or stolen.Put us on your favorite sellers list and watch our sales that end each Saturday. Thanks for looking!ATLASFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bone: Atlas (anatomy)First cervical vertebra, or AtlasPosterior atlantoöccipital membrane and atlantoaxial ligament. (Atlas visible at center.)Gray'ssubject #21 99

In anatomy, the atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine.

It is named for the Atlas of mythology, because it supports the globe of the head.

The atlas is the topmost vertebra, and – along with the Axis – forms the joint connecting the skull and spine. The atlas and axis are specialized to allow a greater range of motion than normal vertebrae. They are responsible for the nodding and rotation movements of the head.

The atlanto-occipital joint allows the head to nod up and down on the vertebral column. The dens acts as a pivot that allows the atlas and attached head to rotate on the axis, side to side.

The Atlas' chief peculiarity is that it has no body, it is ring-like, and consists of an anterior and a posterior arch and two lateral masses.

The Atlas and Axis are important neurologically because the brain stem extends down to the Axis.

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